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16 Nov 1985 Geoffrey DAVEY & Vanessa Wedding | Chris WANSEY took the service at St Paul's Cathedral Crypt

Spring 1976 | Marriage Rosemary BRAMHALL daughter of Godfrey & Lily BRAMHALL to David KNIGHTS
From the left, Joan FORD nee BRAMHALL, John FORD, Peter DAVEY, Geoffrey DAVEY, Nicholas DAVEY, Bunty (Joyce DAVEY nee BRAMHALL, Bob ELLIS (best man), Angelo MEMOLA with hands on his son's shoulders Paul MEMOLA, Jack SPEECHLEY, Dorothy Victoria SPEECHLEY nee CARRINGTON (sister of Frides mother), Janet MEMOLA (sister to Dave KNIGHTS), Timothy John SPEECHLEY (son of Dorothy & Jack), Dave KNIGHTS, Edmond Prosper BRAMHALL (son of David & Jane), David John BRAMHALL (brother of bride), Rosemary Jeanne KNIGHTS nee BRAMHALL (bride), Jane BRAMHALL nee CLINKARD, Edith Lilian BRAMHALL nee CARRINGTON, Godfrey BRAMHALL with an arm round Susan KNIGHTS (David KNIGHTS' daughter from first marriage), Sarah Christine BRAMHALL nee SHILLITO, Olive WANSEY with hand on Kate NORGETT, Lizzie NORGETT held by Margaret NORGETT nee WANSEY, Chris WANSEY, Michael NORGETT, Richard BRAMHALL

1966 Noddy watching swallows

1966 Peter DAVEY holding their travelling family cat 'Noddy', Michael NORGETT, Geoffrey DAVEY, Olive & Chris WANSEY, Bunty DAVEY nee BRAMHALL at Roydon

1981_The_BRAMHALL_Family_Tree.pdf - Hand drawn family tree by Godfrey BRAMHALL

Transcript of the Family history written and mechanically typed by Godfrey BRAMHALL
My parents were William Bramhall and Henrietta Day Pigott. Shortly before her death in 1971 my mother gave us an old chocolate box containing some old photographs, newspaper cuttings, a number of “In Memorandum'' cards and a simple family tree going beck to her great-grandparents Hugh Pigott and Miriam Buxton. A faded sepia photograph of their tombstone in Faringdon Cemetery revealed that Hugh had been born in Faringdon in 1797 and Miriam at Appleton in Suffolk three years earlier. Thus it was that our interest in family history was goaded into life and a clear indication given as to the area in which our Pigott enquiries had to begin.
But what about my father's family? I knew that my paternal grand-parents had married in Sweden while serving there as 'officers' of the Salvation Army, and my father and his three sisters had all been born there. I had also heard that my grandfather, George Henry, had been 'kicked out' by his father because of his determination to join the Salvation Army, and that great-grandfather John Henry had been a native of Sheffield but had ended his days in Stoke-on-Trent.
We had no supporting documents at all but we did not worry unduly as we were confident that my father and his youngest sister would prove a mine of information. Mother's box of odds and ends included a large photograph of John Henry and his family. This we showed to father. He had no hesitation in identifying his grandfather and went on –
. . . that's grandma Ellen - can't recall her maiden name - and that's aunt Alice who marries Luke Sant. That's uncle Arthur - can't remember much about him. Ah! that's uncle Sidney who lost the sight of one eye. I always liked him best - he was such a gentle man. I remember we stayed with our grandparents at their shop in Stoke after we came home to England - about 1905. We must have been an awful trial to them - we could hardly speak a word of English then!
That was about the sum total of information we obtained. We were amused but unconcerned when father hinted ominously that be were 'certain to find a skeleton in the cupboard' but a trifle apprehensive at his repeated assertion that there had been a change of name somewhere along the line. But no amount of probing, then or later, produced any further details apart from the fact that his mother's maiden name had been Eliza Ann Washburn.
But before describing our enquiries into the affairs of more remote generations it may be sensible to give an account of my father's life.

1959 Three Trees, Felix Drive, West Clandon,Surrey, home to Hetty BRAMHALL, seen here with her daughter Olive

1964 Christmas at Godfrey and Lilly BRAMHALL's house
Standing top left, David ? | Bunty DAVEY nee BRAMHALL | Grandpa William BRAMHALL | Seated at back with specs, Godfrey BRAMHALL | Seated back right Peter DAVEY.
From left seated middle row Lily BRAMHALL | In front of her wearing a black top Joan FORD nee BRAMHALL holding her son Martin FORD | Next to Joan wearing a white top is Rosemary Jean BRAMHALL and in front of her Nicholas DAVEY.
Seated in front of Godfrey in the middle on the right wearing a dog collar is Chris WANSEY in front of him is Olive WANSEY and front right of her is 'sulky' Margaret.
In front of Peter DAVEY on the right is Geoffrey DAVEY and on the far middle right is Grandma Henrietta BRAMHALL nee PIGOTT

1956 Geoffrey DAVEY playing the piano at Woodford Rectory

1956 Richard and Rosemary BRAMHALL in Woodford Rectory garden

1956 Geoffrey DAVEY

1956 Joan FORD nee BRAMHALL with Geoffrey DAVEY son of Peter & Bunty DAVEY nee BRAMHALL

1956 June Olive WANSEY nee BRAMHALL with Geoffrey DAVEY at his baptism | Lilley Cottage garden

1956 June Olive WANSEY nee BRAMHALL with Geoffrey DAVEY at his baptism | Lilley Cottage garden

1954 John FORD & Joan BRAMHALL Wedding at County Hall, Cambridge

28 July 1951 Bunty BRAMHALL & Peter DAVEY Wedding | St Marys Church, Woodford
Bridesmaids, Joan BRAMHALL | Margaret WANSEY (Centre) | Anne DAVEY, Peter DAVEY's sister

Circa 1950 Joyce Megan (Bunty) BRAMHALL

1948 David John & Richard BRAMHALL, Godfrey & Lily BRAMHALL's sons with Margaret WANSEY | At grandma Henrietta BRAMHALL's (nee PIGOTT) house Roslyn Gdns, Gidea Park.
Richard BRAMHALL writes I remember that tree and the bench that encircled it. Godfrey once told me that he'd had to climb the tree, I don't know why - after somebody's ball maybe, and found a nest that robins had made using Lily's blonde hair. When she was staying there she used to put the hair from her brush out of the window.

30 Sep 1941 Olive Washburn BRAMHALL | Olive was 20 years old
Margaret says the white collars detached from the blouse and would be washed every night

1941 Godfrey BRAMHALL & Lily CARRINGTON Wedding at St Peter & St Paul, Chingford
From left, Lily's mother Mrs CARRINGTON | Godfrey BRAMHALL | Lily | Lily's father Mr CARRINGTON | Hatty Day BRAMHALL nee PIGOTT

Circa 1941 Joan BRAMHALL

Summer 1941 Joan and Olive BRAMHALL and two little girls | Taken in the garden at Roslyn Gardens
Olive wrote Just before I was married Summer 1941

1938 Olive BRAMHALL | Photo taken for Comptometer? magazine 18 yrs

1937 Summer Olive BRAMHALL | Olive at Lynmouth aged 16

April 1937 Godfrey & Olive BRAMHALL | At Barbrook | Olive and three other guests at Aunty Emma's house in Devon | Sulking sister and long suffering brother

April 1932 Olive Washbourne BRAMHALL | In our Bruce? Castle Garden No 17

1930 Joan BRAMHALL conducting in the Garden at 71, Greenleaf Rd, Walthamstow, London, E 17

1928 The BRAMHALL Family in their Austin 7 | William, Henrietta Day holding Joyce aged 1 year, in the back Godfrey, Olive and Joan
Richard BRAMHALL writes The Austin 7s were used for William's work as a travelling salesman. He used to sell Dusmo, and no doubt other commodities. It's the Dusmo I remember, though in my head it was spelled 'Dustmo' until I googled it just now. On the way home he used also to stop and collect rocks for Granny's rockery - stuck them in the Austin.

1926 Joan, Olive, Godfrey & Bunty BRAMHALL
Richard BRAMHALL writes I remember that picture well. In a big oval frame, it hung in my parents' house for a long time.

1923 Olive BRAMHALL with her father William and grandfather George Henry

16 July 1923 Olive BRAMHALL Two year old birthday

Circa 1923 Olive & Godfrey BRAMHALL ( Presuming Olive BRAMHALL to be 2 years old)

1922 Olive BRAMHALL aged 1 yr and Godfrey aged 4 1/2 yrs old

1921 Birth in the Sub-district of Walthamstow in the County of Essex
No 478 | When and where, Seventeenth July 1921, 71 Greenleaf Road
Olive Washburn | Girl
Name of father, William Washburn BRAMHALL | Occupation of father, Librarian
Name of mother, Henrietta Day BRAMHALL formerly PIGOTT
Description of informant, William BRAMHALL, father, 71, Greenleaf Road, Walthamstow
When registered, Eighth August 1921 | WE HOBBS, Registrar

A Needlework Box was presented to Mrs W BRAMHALL nee Miss Henrietta D. PIGOTT from ICILMA Company
Presented to Miss Henrietta D. PIGOTT | Mrs W BRAMHALL | By ICILMA Company Limited | In sincere appreciation of | her loyal and devoted services to the company | for a period of over eight years | August 4th 1917
Richard BRAMHALL writes I remember that workbox. In about 1958 David and I were staying with the grandparents in West Clandon. He was chasing me round the sofa and the workbox got knocked over and one of the legs broke. I really don't remember which of us owned the guilty foot; probably me. Granny was mad. John Ford fixed the leg, as I heard later.

1917 Marriage solemnized at The Register Office, in the District of West Ham in the Counties of Essex, East Ham C.B. & West Ham C.B
No 71 | Thirteenth March 1917
William BRAMHALL | 20 yrs | Bachelor | Occupation, 2nd Lieutenant, 4th Battalion Manchester Regiment
Residence at time of Marriage, 45, Howard Road, Walthamstow
Father's Name, George Henry BRAMHALL | Profession of Father, Salvation Army Officer
Henrietta Day PIGOTT | 24 yrs | Spinster
Residence at time of Marriage, 71 Greenleaf Road, Walthamstow
Father's Name, John PIGOTT | Profession of Father, Salvation Army Officer
Married in the Register Office, by Certificate before me, A SAYER? Registrar, Alfred HALL Superintendent Registrar
This Marriage was solemnized between us, William BRAMHALL, Henrietta Day PIGOTT | In the Presence of us, John PIGOTT, George BRAMHALL

1915 Henrietta Day 'Hatty' PIGOTT & William BRAMHALL before they married | Taken the day before William sailed to Egypt in the Great War

Circa 1913 Henrietta Day PIGOTT studio photo | On the back of the photo Olive WANSEY nee BRAMHALL, her daughter has written Great Grandmother (nee PIGOTT), Henrietta Day Born 26th June 1892, Married William BRAMHALL March 13th 1917
Five children, Godfrey Hugh William Dec 5 1917 | Olive Washburn July 16 1921 | John Douglas Born April 20 1924 Died Dec 1924 | Joan Henrietta November 20 1925 | (Bunty) Joyce Megan August 9 1927 | Died December 22 1971

1917 William BRAMHALL | Henrietta Day 'Hatty' PIGOTT | Photos propbably taken before they were married 13 Mar 1917
Godfrey BRAMHALL writes
On leaving school he contemplated a career in librarianship and worked at the Walthamstow Library until, on May 20th 1915, he enlisted in the Third East Anglian Field Ambulance of the Royal Army Medical Corps.
From November 1915 to May 1916 he served in Egypt.
He then returned to England for training as an officer and on 22nd November 1916 he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 2nd Battalion of the Manchester Regiment. (The Battalion is recognised in Manchester Cathedral)
In March 1917 my parents married. Almost immediately afterwards father went to France. He was mentioned in dispatches during the third battle of Ypres but on 20th July 1917 he was wounded in action and invalided home. He was demobilized at Purfleet in May 1919

Autobiography of William Washburn BRAMHALL 1896-1981 written by his son Godfrey Hugh William BRAMHALL

Circa 1904 Eliza Ann BRAMHALL nee WASHBURN and George Henry BRAMHALL in Denmark

Circa 1903 Ellen, William, Katherine, Eva BRAMHALL | Photo taken in Denmark

Autobiographies of George Henry BRAMHALL 1865-1947 and Eliza Ann BRAMHALL nee WASHBURN 1866-1828 written by their grandson Godfrey Hugh William BRAMHALL

The marriage ceremony was recorded by the British Consul in Gothenbur | GRO Consular Marriages (1849-1965) / Volume 9 / Page 875

RG12 | Piece 2837 | Folio 44 | Page 38 | Faraday Road, Winnington, Cheshire
Joseph WASHBOURNE | Head | Married | Male | 68 yrs, Occupation, Alkali Labourer | Born, Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire
Ellen WASHBOURNE | Wife | Married | Female | 50 yrs | Born, Cheshire

1891_Census_Joseph_Zillah_HARTSHORN.pdf Sarah A WASHBURN nee HARTSHORN widowed to Joseph WASHBURN who died 14 May 1889
RG12 | Piece 2276 | Folio 105 | Page 10 | Lloyd Street, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Joseph HARTSHORN | Head | Married | Male | 44 yrs | Occupation, Coach Axle Turner | Born, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Zillah HARTSHORN | Wife | Married | Female | 36 yrs | Born, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Emanuel HARTSHORN | Son | Single | Male | 23 yrs | Occupation, Fitter & Turner | Born, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
George HARTSHORN | Son | Single | Male | 17 yrs | Occupation, Labourer | Born, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Adah HARTSHORN | Daughter | Female | 15 yrs | Occupation, Domestic | Born, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Sarah HARTSHORN | Daughter | Female | 12 yrs | Occupation, Scholar | Botn, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Florance HARTSHORN | Daughter | Female | 9 yrs | Occupation, Scholar | Botn, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Nelly HARTSHORN | Daughter | Female | 7 yrs | Occupation, Scholar | Botn, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Albert HARTSHORN | Son | Male | 6 yrs | Occupation, Scholar | Born, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Sarah A WASHBURN | Daughter | Widow | Female | 24 yrs | Born, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Joseph E WASHBURN | Grandson | Male | 3 yrs | Born, Northwich, Cheshire
William C WASHBURN | Grandson | Male | 2 yrs | Born, Wednesbury, Cheshire

A4 B/W Page compiled by Godfrey Hugh William BRAMHALL of Salvation Army Founders in Sweden including George Henry BRAMHALL

1885 John Henry BRAMHALL and Ellen BRAMHALL nee MARSDEN, with their children George Henry, Alice, John Arthur and Sydney Gardener

Music written by John Henry BRAMHALL (There is no indication when the music was written)

RG11 | Piece 3516 | Folio 19 | Page 33 | 4, Lock Street, Runcorn, Cheshire
Joseph WASHBURN | Head | Married | Male | 56 yrs | Occupation, Labourer General | Born, Aston, Warwickshire
Hannah WASHBURN | Wife | Married | Female | 50 yrs | Born, Longton, Staffordshire
William WASHBURN | Son | Single | Male | 30 yrs | Occupation, Labourer General | Born, Rutland
Joseph WASHBURN | Son | Single | Male | 21 yrs | Occupation, Labourer General | Born, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Edmond WASHBURN | Son | Single | Male | 12 yrs | Born, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Henry ASHCROFT | Boarder | Married | Male | 24 yrs | Occupation, Labourer General | Born, Runcorn, Cheshire
Sarah ASHCROFT | Boarder | Married | Female | 19 yrs | Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Elizabeth Ann ASHCROFT | Boarder | Single | Female | 1 yr | Born, Runcorn, Cheshire

RG10 | Piece 2988 | Folio 33 | Page 16 | Trouse Lane, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Joseph WASHBURN | Head | Male | 47 yrs | Born, Warwickshire
Ann WASHBURN | Wife | Female | 41 yrs | Born, Longton, Staffordshire
William WASHBURN | Son | Male | 19 yrs | Born, Rutland
Thomas WASHBURN | Son | Male | 17 yrs | Born, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Zillah WASHBURN | Daughter | Female | 16 yrs | Born, West Bromwich, Staffordshire
Sarah WASHBURN | Daughter | Female | 9 yrs | Born, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Joseph WASHBURN | Son | Male | 11 yrs | Born, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Eliza WASHBURN | Daughter | Female | 4 yrs | Born, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Edward WASHBURN | Son | Male | 2 yrs | Born, Wednesbury, Staffordshire

1866 Birth in the Sub-district of Wednesbury in the County of Stafford.
No 272 | When and where, Twenty Second October 1866, Trouse Lane
Eliza Ann | Girl
Name of father, Joseph WASHBURN | Occupation of father, Labourer
Name of mother, Ann WASHBURN formerly KEELING
Description of informant, X The Mark of Ann WASHBURN, Mother, Trouse Lane, Wednesbury.
When registered, Seventeenth, November 1866 | Thomas PARKER, Registrar

Autobiographies of John Henry BRAMHALL 1843-1910 and Ellen BRAMHALL nee MARSDEN 1844-1919 written by their great grandson Godfrey Hugh William BRAMHALL

RG09 |Piece number 2032 | Folio number 100 | Page 28 | Ironse Lane, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Joseph WASHBURN | Head | Married | Male | 36 yrs | Occupation, Furnaceman | Birth Place, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Ann WASHBURN | Wife | Married | Female | 30 yrs | Birth Place, Longton, Staffordshire
William WASHBURN | Son | Male | 9 yrs | Birth Place, Royall, Rutland
Thomas WASHBURN | Son | Male | 8 yrs | Birth Place, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Zillah WASHBURN | Daughter | Female | 6 yrs | Birth Place, West Bromwich, Staffordshire
Hannah WASHBURN | Daughter | Female | 4 yrs | Birth Place, Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Joseph WASHBURN | Son | Male | 1 yr | Birth Place, Wednesbury, Staffordshire


HO107 | Piece number 2094 | Folio 625 | Page 14 | Ryhall, Stamford, Lincolnshire
Joseph WASHBURN | Head | Married | Male | 26 yrs | Occupation, Rail Lab | Birth Place, Millincote Stretford, Warwickshire
Ann WASHBURN | Wife | Married | Female | 21 yrs | Birth Place, Langham, Staffordshire
Samuel HOLDING | Lodger | Unmarried | Male | 24 yrs | Occupation, Rail Lab | Birth Place, Helpston, Northamptonshire
James FAIRCLIFF | Lodger | Unmarried | Male | 21 yrs | Birth Place, Birkenhead, Cheshire

1848 Marriage solemnized at St Peter's Church, in the Parish of Stoke upon Trent in the County of Stafford
No 473 | When Married, May 22
Joseph WASHBURN | Of full age | Bachelor | Profession, Excavator
Residence at time of Marriage, Bothin
Father's Name, Richard WASHBURN | Profession of Father, Excavator
Ann KEELING | Minor | Spinster
Residence at time of Marriage, Stoke upon Trent
Father's Name, Ralph KEELING | Profession of Father, Dipper.
Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and ceremonies of the Established Church by Banns by me, Thomas REDALL
This Marriage was solemnized between us, Joseph WASHBURN, Ann KEELING's X Mark | In the Presence of us, John BOUGHEY's X Mark, Lucy Ann BROADHURST's X Mark

Autobiographies of John Gardiner BRAMHALL 1865-1947 and Catherine Bishop BRAMHALL nee GRAHAM written by Godfrey Hugh William BRAMHALL

Mary BRAMMELL Descendant Tree draughted by Godfrey Hugh William BRAMHALL