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Victory Parade.
Mary HESELTON nee DELVES marching in the Victory Parade in front of the King George 6th & the Queen. Mr Atlee in top hat and Churchill, standing to the left of the royal couple.
Mary is in the middle of the front row, eighth from the left, with the man on the right. She had been invited as she was 4th in command of the YWCA.

1945 Robin & Christine DELVES Print

1945 (Presuming John to be 12 and Robin and Dick to be 11 yrs old)
Standing at the back Mary HESELTON nee DELVES
Middle seated row from left to right:- Kate ELLIS, Dorothy DELVES nee ELLIS (aka Phoebe), Clara DELVES nee WHITTAKER (Victor's wife), Mary Ann DELVES nee ARMISTEAD, FW DELVES.
Front row left to right:- John, Robin, Dick DELVES


Standing Dick DELVES
Robin, Mary Ann DELVES, John in the garden at Bracken Hill.

When they burnt the chicken shed down
During the war John, Robin & Dick used to kick about with four local lads from Denholme, their names were Brian Battersby, George Feather, Morris Metcalf and Hogan. The lads used to steal Dunhill Sunripe fags from behind the counter at the Mrs Holgate's Store by Foster's Mill in Denholme. The old lady, who owned the store, wore wooden clogs. The technique for the skullduggery was to ask her for a dandelion & burdock which she kept cool in the cellar. Her footsteps could clearly be heard as she descended down, and back up out and in that time the cigarettes were raided. Their favourite smoking venue was the chicken shed at Bracken Hill.
Phoebe heard a crackling sound while she was in the sitting room and thought the Germans were invading, looking outside she saw flames coming out of the chicken shed. Denholme fire brigade were called and couldn't find their driver so three of them walked three-quarters of a mile up the hill carrying the hose. Unfortunately, there was only a trickle when they plugged the hose into the back-yard fire hydrant causing one firemen to exclaim "Eee by gum, I could piss better than this!"
As Fred was a Major in the 'Home Guard' five engines eventually turned up to put out the fire. Eight hens survived from the flock of eleven, and the next day the three brothers were lined up in the sitting room by policeman and all was confessed. They were gated for several weeks.
Fred bought a new chicken shed which was taken with them when they moved to Heathfield in 1951. The new chicken shed was later to be the perfect location for Dick to propose to B in 1963!

1945 .

ER DELVES at Bracken Hill

1944 .

ER DELVES Studio Portrait

1942 .

ER DELVES at Bracken Hill, Denholme, Bradford.
LIved there between 1936 - 1951.

Fred & Phoebe did not own Bracken Hill it had previously been Mr Foster's house who was the owner of the Mill. In 1939 Fred bought Ballabooye Farm, St. Germains on the Isle of Man, so if the Germans invaded they would be able to feed themselves. They had family holidays there during the war and saw detainees behind fences. Fred sold the farm in 1964 as none of his sons were interested, he used the money to pay off the mortgage on Heathfield, which cost about £4,000 in 1964. During the war Fred was Major in the Home Guard and frequently defended The Flappit in Denholme. The main concern of the Denholme Home Guard was that the Germans would invade by parachuting onto the moors.

During the war the Fosters and Fred Delves were the only ones in Denholme with cars.

1941 .

1938 Approx (Presuming Mary to be 45 yrs old)
Mary Delves Matron at Cheltenham Ladies College.

John, Robin and dick called Mary HESELTON 'Aunt Bezel'. Aunt Bezel used to hang around Denholme during and after the war much to Phoebe's irritation.
Aunt Mary HESELTON was 4th in command in the YWCA (Young Women Christian Association) at the end of the war.


1938 Approx
Denholme Mill was owned by W+H FOSTER & Sons. By the time this photo was taken FW was probably Managing Director.
Fred's cousin Jim ARMISTEAD was influential in getting FW DELVES job at F+H Foster Ltd as the FOSTER's and ARMISTEAD's were family friends.
Jim ARMISTEAD was chairman of the West Riding County Council, he was a solicitor and one of his clients was W+H FOSTER Ltd. The ARMISTEAD family owned property in Bradford and Uncle Robin believes W+H FOSTERS rented some offices from them which were situated next to the Bradford Wool Exchange.
FW DELVES was an apprentice salesman to Herbert ROBERTSHAW, who died soon after so FW drafted in at age of 23 yrs in 1923 to top salesman.

Wool came in through the furthest distant large door on the left. It was washed and combed and stored in the left building as it worked its way up through the floors. It was taken across the bridge and it was spun as it worked its way down the building on the right. It arrived on the ground floor as 'tops' and then was taken across to the weaving sheds.
In the weaving mill the threads were weaved in differant ways to make 'Wefts' or Warps'. It finally finished as 'Worstead', used to tailor Gabardine.
Dickie thinks the car at the back was Mr COOPERS, the Mills' designer.
The Mill packed up in 1964, the orders had dried up as Gabardine was no longer in fashion.
Mary & Allison Wynham HESELTON Divorce
The petitioner was Mary and she lived at West End, Long Preston. The respondent was Allison he lived at 20, Wood View Terrace, Manningham, Bradford.
The petition of Mary HESELTON for the dissolution of marriage was because the "respondent had frequently committed adultery with Mrs Helen FITZMAURICE."
It was awkward for Fred to meet Allison socially after Mary & Allison were divorced.

17 Dec 1937
Studio Portrait from Walter SCOTT, 26-30, North Parade, Bradford (Date written on back of photo)

1937 .

Dick, John, Robin DELVES at Bracken Hill.


ER DELVES swimming pool, Robin on the right being helped in.
This could be at Douglas in the Isle of Man where they used to go for holidays.


2nd Apr 1936
DELVES Brothers, ER, John, Robin.
Studio Portrait from Walter SCOTT, 26-30, North Parade, Bradford (Date written on back of photo)


1935 (Presuming Robin Ellis & Elsworth Richard DELVES to be just born.)
1. Dorothy aka Phoebe DELVES with Robin Ellis & Elsworth Richard Bn 20 Aug 1934.
They were triplets, the third one was still-born.

2. Mary Ann DELVES and either Elsworth Richard or Robin Ellis.

1. 2.
1933 (Presuming John DELVES to be 1 yrs old.)
Mary Ann DELVES nee ARMISTEAD with her grandson John DELVES.
1933 .

1933 ( Presuming John to be 6 months old)
1. Dorothy DELVES nee ELLIS aka Phoebe with John Delves

2. Her sister Kate ELLIS with John DELVES
Taken at 'The Bungalow', Station Road, Denholme.

1. 2.
1933 (Presuming John DELVES to be just born.)
Dorthy DELVES aka Phoebe with John DELVES Bn 24 May 1933.
Taken at 'The Bungalow', Station Road, Denholme.
1933. .

Marriage Solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of Keighley in the County of York.
No 128
When married; 30 June 1932

Frederick William DELVES Full age Bachelor
Profession; Textile Manager.
Residence; The Residence, Denholme.
Fathers name; Edward DELVES Father's Profession; Civil Servant, Deceased.

Dorothy ELLIS Full age Spinster.
Residence; Laurel Grove.
Fathers name; John Ellis Father's Profession; Solicitor, Deceased.

Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England after Banns by me, ?, Rector.
This Marriage was solemnized between us; Frederick William DELVES, Dorothy ELLIS.
Witnessed by; Sarah ELLIS, Norah ELLIS and Mary DELVES

Marriage of Frederick William DELVES to Dorothy ELLIS
At Keighley Parish Church on 30 June 1932.
Dorothy ELLIS and Jim ARMISTEAD. Jim would be 40 yrs old.
Jim ARMISTEAD 'gave Dorothy away'.


Marriage of Frederick William DELVES to Dorothy ELLIS

1936 Emma Jane HOWELL nee HILEY Photo

Marriage of Frederick William DELVES to Dorothy ELLIS
At Keighley Parish Church on 30 June 1932.
Left to right:- Kathleen ELLIS, FW DELVES, Dorothy, Ralph NORTHROP (Best man)
The two bridesmaids are Joyce & Jean TAYLOR daughters of Stan & Oggy TAYLOR, owners of Timothy Taylors Brewery, Keighley.

Ralph NORTHROP owned Abion Mill in Thornton, which was a weaving mill. He was Robin Ellis DELVES godfather.
John DELVES godfather was Gordon PRATT.

Newspaper Cutting owned by Ann BANKART nee ROCHE / Unknown Newspaper name or date (Could be the Craven Herald):-
The death of Mrs. Delves, widow of Mr. Thomas Hirst Delves, took place at her residence, "Lochinvar" on Saturday evening as the result of a seizure. She passed away without regaining consciousness.
By her death, a familiar figure has been removed from a village in which she was born and lived all her life. Of a genial, quiet disposition, she was very highly respected. She took an interest in the concerns of the village, and was always ready and willing to take her share in promoting any worthy object. She was a devoted mother. Whenever possible, she was among the worshippers at the Parish Church. She was a member of the Mothers' Union and was present at the special meeting in connection with the local branch on Wednesday evening, May 14th; she also belonged to the Women's Unionist Association.
Mrs. Delves is survived by two sons, the eldest of whom is abroad, and four daughters.
The funeral took place at the Parish Church on Tuesday. The mourners were:- Mrs Victor Delves (son), Miss Marie Delves (daughter), Miss Madge Delves (daughter), Dr. and Mrs. Messer (son-in-law and daughter), Mr. and Mrs. Pitt Roche (son-in-law and daughter), Mrs. V. Delves (daughter-in-law), Mrs. Horrocks, Mrs. Ferguson, Miss Wrathall (sisters), Mr. and Mrs. H. Horrocks, Mrs. E. Delves, Mr. James Armistead.
Among others present were Mrs. Archer, Mrs. Clay, Mrs. Preston (Fernhill), Miss Armistead, Miss Jackson, Mrs. Yorke, Misses M. and K. N. Taylor, Miss Wildman, Miss Wood. The Women's Unionist Association was represented by Mrs. H. Throup (honorary secretary), the Mothers' Union by Mrs. Addison and several others. The Rangers and Girl Guides, of which Miss Madge Delves was formerly a Lieutenant, were represented by Mrs. Denton (Captain) and Miss Helen Heaton (Lieutenant).
The bearers were: Mr. Jowett, Mr. A. Jackman, Mr. T. Kayley, Mr. A. Carr, Mr. F. Stork, Mr. J. Dodgson.
The service was conducted by the Rev. G. S. Addison (Vicar) and the Rev. R. L. Wrathall, Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield (nephew of the deceased).
Floral tributes were from the following:-
Victor, Clare and Jimmy, Marie and Madge, Dr. and Mrs. Messer, Mr. and Mrs. Pitt Roche, Mrs. Horrocks, Mrs. Ferguson and Miss Wrathall, Mrs. E. Delves and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Horrocks, Mrs. Wrathall and family, Mr. and Mrs. Roche, senr., Mr. and Mrs. Archer, Mrs. Butt, Mr. and Mrs. Clay, Capt. and Mrs. Denton, Mr. and Mrs. Morphet, Mr. and Mrs. Preston, Misses M. and K. N. Taylor, Miss Wood, members of the Mothers' Union, members of the Women's Unionist Association.
The grave was lined with evergreens.

Mary DELVES sitting middle back row, FW DELVES sitting on the right front row.


Frederick William DELVES photo taken by Dorothy ELLIS


George Edward DELVES and Charlotte Agnes DELVES nee BENNION in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A.
Charlotte is holding Marjorie. George Edward is holding Margaret (Madge). Seated, L-R is Mary and Monica. Standing is Annie.

1923, Marriage Solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of Bolton Abbey in the County of York.
No 51
When married; Nov 14 1923

Allison Wyndham HESELTON 30 yrs Bachelor
Profession; Chartered Accountant.
Residence; 34, Park Drive, Bradford
Fathers name; Robert Thomas HESELTON Father's Profession; Chartered Accountant.

Mary DELVES 29 yrs Spinster.
Residence, The Green, Bolton Abbey.
Fathers name; Edward DELVES (deceased) Father's Profession, Civil Servant

Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns by me, Cecil F. TOMLINSON, Rector.
This Marriage was solemnized between us; Allison Wyndham HESELTON, Mary DELVES.

Witnessed by; R.T. HESELTON, Eveline HESELTON.

Marriage of Allison HESELTON to Mary DELVES at Bolton Abbey Parish Church, Addingham, Skipton on 14 Nov 1923.

From left to right:-
Robert T HESELTON Mrs HESELTON ? Allison HESELTON Mary HESELTON nee DELVES Marcia MOWAT (Bridesmaid, Mary's best friend Mary Anne DELVES nee ARMISTEAD Fred DELVES.

Uncle Robin DELVES says: Wyn HESELTON was Garnett FOSTER's best man at his wedding for his second marriage.
Wyn & Mary HESELTON divorced in 1937.


1923 (Presuming FW to be 27 yrs old)


1919 (Presuming Mary to be 26 yrs old)
Studio portraits of Mary DELVES.


1919 (Presuming Mary Ann to be 60 yrs old)
Studio portraits of Mary Ann DELVES.



Unknown man and older lady - possibly Bernie ARMISTEAD and his grandmother Elizabeth WALKER nee TOWNSEND.


This date is written underneath the photograph probably by FW DELVES

FW is on back camel.


Written by Alan Wakefield, Head of First World War and Early 20th Century Conflict at the Imperial War Museum, courtesy of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

The Salonika Campaign began on 5 October 1915 with the landing of the 10th (Irish) Division and French 156th Division at the port of Salonika in Greece. The rationale for sending troops to the Balkans was to deter Bulgaria from joining Germany and Austria-Hungary in an attack on Serbia. At the time, few Allied military and political leaders believed this would be a long-term commitment. However, lack of British and French military success on the Western Front and at Gallipoli, along with German victories against Russia, made Bulgaria believe victory for the Central Powers was a serious possibility and on 13 October 1915 she declared war on Serbia. Attempts by the Anglo-French force to support the Serbian army ended in failure and by 14 December the troops were back on Greek territory and retreating towards Salonika. By this date and despite British misgivings, Allied war leaders had decided to maintain their military commitment to the Balkans in the hope of bringing Romania into the war and ensuring the maintenance of Greek neutrality.

In terms of military forces engaged, the Salonika Campaign was perhaps the most diverse of the First World War, as shown in the Christmas card produced in 1916 (right). By 1917 the Allies fielded 600,000 men in six national contingents: British, French, Greek, Italian, Russian and Serbian. Within the British and French forces were also found units from India, Indo-China, North and West Africa. At peak strength the British Salonika Force (BSF) under Lieutenant General Sir George Milne numbered 228,355 officers and men. This included six infantry divisions divided evenly between XII and XVI Corps. In support the British also employed volunteer units such as a Mule Corps and the Maltese Labour Corps. Australian, Canadian and New Zealand medical personnel were also part of the BSF, and the volunteer Scottish Women’s Hospital had units attached to the Serbian army. From January 1916 Allied forces were placed under the command of General Maurice Sarrail, reflecting the primacy of French forces in this theatre of war and greater French interests in the Balkans. Although appearing strong on paper, this Allied army lacked sufficient manpower, ammunition, equipment and supplies to fight a sustained campaign along a 250 mile front against an opposing force numbering almost 500,000 men. These troops comprised the Bulgarian army reinforced by varying numbers of Austro-Hungarian, German and Turkish units.

Allied offensives led by French and Serbian troops were launched during late 1916 and spring of 1917. As part of these operations the BSF fought the First Battle of Doiran (24 April – 9 May 1917) suffering 5,024 casualties. Failure by the Allies to break Bulgarian resistance resulted in stalemate along the Salonika Front. Soldiers on both sides faced each other for three years across challenging terrain, through extremes of climate in summer and winter. Accommodation for the front line soldier usually comprised little more than a bivouac tent or dugout. Much effort was expended on improving the local road network and in constructing light railways. Even so, many parts of the front could only be reached by pack mules. Disease, in particular malaria, proved endemic throughout the campaign. The BSF alone suffered 162,517 cases of malaria, the majority occurring in units serving with XVI Corps in the Struma Valley, at the time one of the worst malarial areas in Europe. Rates of infection were such a problem in the valley that both XVI Corps and their Bulgarian opponents withdrew to the hills during summer months.

In 1918 a new Allied commander, General Louis Franchet d’Esperey, planned an ambitious offensive. On 15 September, French and Serbian divisions attacked Bulgarian positions in mountains east of Monastir. Within three days these troops broke through the defences and continued to advance northward. In support of this operation the BSF again attacked the strong Bulgarian defences at Doiran on 18 September. Weakened by malaria, influenza and the withdrawal of units to the Western Front, the BSF was strengthened by the arrival of the Greek ‘Crete’ and ‘Serres’ Divisions. These formations played a lead role in two days of hard fighting at Doiran. Suffering 7,103 casualties, the British and Greek troops failed to dislodge the Bulgarians despite determined efforts and the capture of front line trenches. However, the attack achieved its main objective as not a single Bulgarian soldier left the Doiran sector to assist their comrades west of the River Vardar, against the continuing advance of French and Serbian forces. On 20 September, with their lines of communication threatened, the Bulgarian army was forced into retreat along the entire front. Pursued by Allied troops, and bombed in mountain passes by the Royal Air Force, the retreat became a rout. With foreign troops on Bulgarian soil, peace emissaries were sent to d’Esperey on 26 September. Three days later an armistice was signed, coming into effect on 30 September. After almost three years of stalemate the campaign ended in dramatic fashion in just sixteen days.

Circa 1916
Fred William DELVES


Circa 1916
John DELVES and his brother Elsworth Richard DELVES talk about their father FW DELVES:
Fred was 20 years old in October 1915 at the start of the Selonika campaign. He was sent with his horse. He never said very much about his experience in the war, apart from being in charge of five hundred mules!

During the Selonika campaign FW was in a cavalry charge, his horse was shot and killed from beneath him, and he was wounded in the leg. He could hear the Turks laughing at them from their positions on the other side, he assumed this was due to them being poorly equipped for the job. He found this upsetting as he had a very close bond with his horse. He believed this cavalry charge could have been the last ever performed in war. Army ordnance compounded the insult by replacing his lost horse with a bicycle. He "went with a horse, and returned with a bicycle." During the Selonika campaign he shot and killed a Turk, which haunted him as he latterly considered them to be gentlemen.

FW returned home via Egypt.





This date is written underneath the photograph probably by FW DELVES


This date is written underneath the photograph probably by FW DELVES
Leeds University

Third Supplement to The London Gazette. Of Tuesday, the 6th of July 1915
6th Battalion, The Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire Regiment); Cadet Frederick William Delves, from the Leeds University Contingent, - Senior Division, Officers Training Corps, to be Second Lieutenant.
Dated 24th June, 1915.


1914 (Presuming Fred to be 17 yrs old)
Fred William DELVES

Link to Selonika


1917 (George would be 28 yrs old)
George Edward DELVES Born 7th Jun 1889, Long Preston

Danny DELVES from Jacksonville, Florida, USA writes:-
The 5 button "collar down" tunic in this photo with mustache was British made and issued when the original tunics wore out.
The collar and hat badge show the "Canadian Machine Gun Corps" insignia. The Canadian Machine Gun Corps were formed in France in 1917.
The hat was a unique "campaign hat" made by Stetson, issued to the Canadian 19th Alberta Dragoons and kept by the same regional parts of the Canadian Corps Cavalry Regiment, the style of the 4 pointed "crimp" on the top is called the "Montana crease."

Jeanne INGRAM from Cedar City, Utah, USA writes:
George was sworn into military service on 12 Apr 1915. He was assigned to the Canadian Remount Unit from that date until 13 Oct 1916.
George DELVES service number was R. 561, but was later changed to 49129. He was originally assigned to the 2nd Remount Unit (or depot) of the Canadian Expeditionary Force with a rank of "Tpr.", I think that might mean "trooper".
He arrived in England on 31 July 1915 and was assigned to the French theater. On 13 Oct 1916, following his promotion to Corporal, George was transferred to the No. 3 Canadian Mobile Veterinary Section, which was part of the 3rd Canadian Division. He may have been at the Somme at this time as the 3rd M.V.S. did see action in the Battle of Somme, which ended 18 Nov 1916. If he was at the Somme he would only have been part of that unit for the last month of the battle. The Battle of Vimy Ridge was 9-12 Apr 1917 and the 3rd M.V.S. was there, so it is likely George was also.
He was promoted to Sergeant on 21 July 1917. George became ill with rheumatic fever in Sep 1917 and was in the hospital for some time before being returned to Canada and was medically discharged on 26 Jan 1918.

In the Discharge Papers of 26 Jan 1918 George DELVES was described as being 6' tall with brown eyes and dark hair.
Danny DELVES from Jacksonville, Florida writes about his grandfather George Edward DELVES, born 7th Jun 1889, Long Preston, Yorkshire.

George Edward DELVES born 7th Jun 1889, Long Preston, was the son of Thomas Hirst DELVES and Annie WRATHALL.
My Aunt Mary told me about five years ago this story which Grandmother Charlotte (George Edwards wife) told her many, many years ago.
At Lockinvar, Thomas Hirst Delves had horses, I don't know how many, but one was an Arabian that only he rode and which was used for breeding as they were quite a commodity.
Grandfather George Edward had his own horse, but it was not an expensive Arabian. Thomas Hirst prohibited the boys from riding his Arabian. It was definitely off limits.
Thomas Hirst Delves was away from home for a time on business. While he was gone, George Edward rode the Arabian, jumping over walls, fences, etc. on his way to a friend's (or cousin's?) home. George couldn't get the Arabian to make one of the jumps and the horse broke a leg. George Edward (then between age approx. 19 or 20) had to shoot the horse to put him out of his misery.
When Thomas Hirst came home, he saw that his prized horse was gone and he learned what had happened. An extreme state of rage overtook Thomas Hirst, the level of rage was particularly described as a fit that Great-Grandmother Annie Wrathall Delves had never seen.
Thomas Hirst headed up the stairs toward the room where the guns were kept. Great-grandmother Annie knew (or feared) that Thomas Hirst was so angry that he was going to get a gun to shoot his own son, George Edward. Annie pulled her stash of money from a hiding place downstairs, gave it to Grandfather Delves, and whisked him out the door quickly, telling him to ride as far and as fast as his horse could take him. All of this occurred within a very short span of a few minutes.
He rode all the way to Liverpool to board a ship out of the Country, flipped a coin as to which destination: either America or Australia. He headed for America and made his way to Miles City, Montana where he worked as a rancher/cowboy. He had raised, broken, and trained over 30 horses in the five year span of time that he was in Miles City. He sold several of those horses to the Canadian Cavalry as WWI began and England was drawn into the war.
There you go cousin! Crazy Delves story fit for a movie script. But very close to verbatim as told to me by Aunt Mary Delves Prentiss, who is my father's older sister. When she told me this recently (about 5 years ago), we (my brother and sisters) only knew that Grandfather Delves left England due to a disagreement with his father, but never heard the story. I had always wondered. When she told me this, I was shocked and saddened.
By the way, you know how people can embellish or add to a story over the course of years? Well, this one just rolled out of Aunt Mary's mouth as if she could still hear it being told to her.
I'd rather believe that it isn't true, or that things didn't happen that way, but I don't believe she was weaving a tale either.

1916 (Presuming Marie to be 30 yrs old)

Ann BANKART nee ROCHE writes about her aunt Marion DELVES in her letter to Baroness BOOTHROYD dated 2005
I am therefore writing to tell you about my two quite remarkable aunts, both nurses and both decorated with The Royal Red Cross Medal.
I quote from the obituary:
Miss Marion Delves was born on 28 Mar 1886 and died 28 Nov 1972
The death has occurred of Miss Marion Delves, Moorgate Cottage, Long Preston. North Yorkshire. Held in high regard, Miss Delves was well known in nursing circles, and she served in both World Wars.
She trained as a nurse at Bradford Royal Infirmary, and joined the military nursing service.
First stationed on Salisbury Plain she was engaged in nursing Maoris who were accommodated in huts, the conditions being so bad that she herself fell victim to pneumonia. When convalesced, she nursed at the Millbank Military Hospital in London, and from there went to Aldershot.
Her first appointment abroad was at Delhi Military Hospital from where she moved on to nurse in Tehran. She was stationed also in China, Hong Kong and Shanghai and in Egypt.
She had the rank of Principal Matron, and travelled around supervising all military hospitals and lecturing to orderlies.


1913 (Presuming Madge to be 26 yrs and Marie to be 27 yrs old)
Madge & Marie DELVES
In the 1st World War Marie and Madge (cousins of Fred & Mary DELVES) were in the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service (QAIMNS) based at Malta.
Both were awarded Royal Red Crosses and were in the victory paradein London at the end of the war.


Children of Thomas Hirst DELVES & Annie DELVES nee WRATHALL:-

Ethel Catherine Born 1885 Died 1885
Marion (AKA Marie) Born 23 Apr 1886 Died 28 Nov 1972
Annie Margaret (AKA Madge) Born 12 Jun 1887 Died 1 Mar 1981
George Edward Born 7th Jun 1889, Long Preston / Died 1966 in the USA.
[Danny DELVES writes this photo of George Edward was taken "on leave" and visiting family in England.
The jacket/ tunic: in this photo shows a 7 button "stiff collar" tunic, itwas standard issue for Canadians before shipping to England, then France.]

Marie Madge George

Thomas Hirst Born 1891 Died 7 Sep 1912
John Victor (Known as Victor) Born 1893 Died 5 Aug 1960
Catherine Monica (Known as Monica) Born 1895 Died 1972
Evelyn May Louise (AKA Babs) Born 25 Mar 1897 Died 5 Jul 1989

Approx date of these photos 1913

Victor Monica Babs

1910 (Presuming Mary to be 17 yrs old)
1913 (Presuming Mary to be 20 yrs old)

Studio portraits of Mary DELVES.

1910 1913

Approx 1909 (Presuming Mary to be 16 yrs old and Monica to be 14 yrs old)
Monica DELVES back row 2nd left cousin of Mary DELVES middle row left..
Settle Girls' High School
The school first opened in temporary premises at Undercliffe in Duke Street on 23 January 1907 to prepare pupils for Matriculation, for the Preliminary Examination, for the Elementary School Teacher's Certificate and for the Oxford Local Examinations. It was to serve quite a wide area around Settle and had a Headmistress and staff of four teachers. The fees were two guineas a term. In January 1910 the first Inspection reported that there were 36 girls.



1905 (Presuming Mary to be 12 yrs old)


1903 (Presuming FW to be 7 yrs and Mary to be 10 yrs old)
With Fred's friend Alex WOOD.

Dear Fanny?
How do you like the photograph?
Trust you are all well. We are just middling.
with love to each and all.
Yours affectionately Mary


1903 (Presuming FW to be 7 yrs old)

Dear Belle
How do you like the photograph?
I hope Uncle and you are both well.
I wish you would write to me some time soon.
With love to you both from Mary and Fred and self.
Yours affectionately Mary

1903_Death_Certificate_Agnes_MAXFIELD.pdf [Likely, but uncertain, death of Agnes DELVES, sister to Edward & George Hirst
1903 Death in the Sub-district of Kirkstall in the County of Leeds
No 61
First August 1903, 26 Moor Road, Headingly
Agnes MAXFIELD 41 Years
Occupation, Wife of Robert MAXFIELD, Tobacconist.

Cause of death, Eclampsia of pregnancy, Induction of premature labour
Recurrance of fits/ exhaustion
Certified by J CLARK

Signature of Informant, R MAXFIELD, Widower of deceased, present at death 26 Moor Road, Headingly
When registered, Fifth August 1903 ? SMITH Registrar.

1901_Marriage_Certificate_DELVES_MAXFIELD.pdf [This is a likely, but uncertain, marriage for Agnes DELVES, sister to Edward & George Hirst]
1901 Marriage solumnized at The Parish Church in the Parish of St George's, Leeds in the County of Leeds.
No 170
December 16th 1901

Robert MAXFIELD 44yrs Widower Profession, Tobaconist
Residence, 164 Woodhouse Lane Father, Robert MAXFIELD
Profession of Father, Match Maker.

Agnes DELVES 39 yrs Spinster
Residence, 45 Caledonian Street Father, George DELVES
Profession of Father, Corn Miller.

Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the established Church by Banns by me, A H PETER? Curate of St George's.
This marriage was solemnized between us, Robert MAXFIELD, Agnes DELVES
In the presence of us, Richard H RINNES?, Natson? WHITAKER

RG13 Piece 3406 Folio 167 Page 31 13, Wallesey Rd Wallesey.

Edward DELVES Head Married 43 yrs
Occupation Civil Servant (HM Custom Dept.) Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire
Mary A DELVES Wife Married 42 yrs Born, Settle, Yorkshire
Mary DELVES Daughter 7 yrs Born, Liscard, Cheshire.
Frederick W DELVES Son 4 yrs Born, Liscard, Cheshire.

RG13 Piece 4022 Folio 5 Page 2 Lochinvar House, Long Preston, Yorkshire.

Thomas H DELVES Head 45 yrs
Occupation, Corn & Cattle Dealer, Employer Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Annie DELVES Wife 45 yrs Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Marion DELVES Daughter 15 yrs Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Annie M DELVES Daughter 13 yrs Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.
George DELVES Son 11 yrs Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Thomas H DELVES Son 9 yrs Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.
John V DELVES Son 8 yrs Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Catherine M DELVES Daughter 6 yrs Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Eveline M DELVES Daughter 4 yrs Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Nancy KAYLEY Servant 13 yrs Nurse Girl (Domestic) Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.


1900 (Presuming FW to be four years old)
Mary, Thomas ARMISTEAD, Mary Ann DELVES nee ARMISTEAD, Frederick.

Thomas Armistead _d 1902
His daughter Mary Ann (DELVES), her children Mary & Fred William
Taken in the front garden by one of the 2 "monkey trees" at Poplar House, Long Preston
where Margaret, John & Henry were born, to William and Jane Armistead.


1900 (Presuming FW to be four years old)
Edward DELVES family.
Frederick, Mary Ann DELVES nee ARMISTEAD, Mary


1899 (Presuming Frederick William DELVES to be three years old)
Frederick William DELVES at Claremont High School, Wallsey.
- He is second from the right on the front row.


1898 (Presuming George Edward to be 8 yrs and Babs to be 1 yr.)
Children of Thomas H DELVES and Annie DELVES nee WRATHALL.
Left to Right:- (Probably) Thomas Hirst born 1891, Victor born 1893, Monica born 1895,
Babs born 1897, Hannah HANNAM domestic servant 24 yrs, George Edward born 1890.

1896 Birth in the Sub-district of Wallasey in the County of Chester
No 330
Fifth April 1896, 2 Salisbury Villas, Manor Road, Liscard, U.D.
Name, Frederick William Boy

Name of Father, Edward DELVES
Name of Mother, Mary Ann DELVES formerly ARMISTEAD.
Profession of Father, Customs Officer

Description of Informant, Edward DELVES, Father, 2 Salisbury Villas, Manor Road, Liscard.
When Registered, Twenty First April 1896.
Registrar, Charles Stewart

1891 Marriage solemnized at the Baptist Chapel, Long Preston in the District of Settle in the County of York
No 21
When Married, Seventeenth June 1891

Edward DELVES 33 yrs Bachelor Occupation, Officer H.M. Customs
Residence at time of Marriage, Springfield, Liscard
Father's Name, George DELVES Deceased Profession of Father, Corn Dealer

Mary Ann ARMISTEAD 32 yrs Spinster
Residence at time of Marriage, Poplar House, Long Preston
Father's Name, Thomas ARMISTEAD Profession of Father, Land Owner

Married in the Baptist Chapel according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Baptists by Licence by me, John DAVIS, Minister - Henry KING, Registrar.
This Marriage was solemnized between us, Edward DELVES, Mary Ann ARMISTEAD
In the Presence of us, Cuthbert BOZMAN, Agnes DELVES.
[In the 1881 Census Cuthbert D. BOZMAN is 20 yrs, a 'Customs Officer' living at 51 Fowler St., Everton, Lancashire, he was born in Ireland.]


Newspaper Cutting possessed by Uncle John / Unknown Newspaper name or date (Could be the Craven Herald):-

INTERESTING MARRIAGE. - On Wednesday morning, at the Baptist Chapel; Miss Mary Armistead, daughter of Mr and Mrs Thos. Armistead was married to Mr Edward Delves, Liverpool, Youngest son of the late Mr George Delves, of Longpreston.
The bride was escorted by her brother, Mr Wm. Armistead, and attended by her cousin Miss Isabella Armistead, and Miss Delves, sister of the bridegroom.
Mr Bozmin, of Liverpool, acted as best man.

The chapel was made brighter by flowers and plants, and nearly every young lady in the place was present.
The dresses of the guests were of various shades and patterns, making altogether a very pretty scene. Eight little girls stood near the entrance with baskets of flowers.
The ceremony was performed by the minister, the Rev J. Davis.
The bride's dress was of pearl grey cashmere and silk, with hat of same shade rimmed with feathers to match. She carried a bouquet of orchids and other choice flowers.
Miss J. Armistead's dress was of grey blue cloth, and Miss Delves's of crushed rose cordroy, and each carried bouquets.
At the close of the service Mr John Wrathall played a wedding march on the organ.

The bridal party then left the chapel, and were conveyed by carriages to the house of the bride's parents, where breakfast was served.
During the afternoon the happy pair left for Windermere to spend the honey-moon, after which they are going to reside at Egremont.
Amongst the numerous costly and handsome presents were two solid silver salt cellars and spoons in a case, from the chapel choir, of which Mrs Delves has for twelve years been a member. Her voice and able assistance will be much missed.

The wedding guests were:- Rev J. and Mrs Davis, Mrs Wrathall, Mrs John Armistead, Mr and Mrs T. Delves (Longpreston), Mrs Horrocks, Mrs and Miss Higgins (Manchester), Mr and Mrs R. Armistead (Bingley), Mr and Mrs John Wrathall (Skellands), Mrs R. Knowles (Malham), the Misses Simpson (Settle), Miss Entwhistle (Accrington), Miss Wrathall, Miss Brennand, the Misses E. and K.M. Wrathall, and Miss Cuckson (Longpreston).

1891 (There is no date on this photo,but Mary Ann ARMISTEAD and Edward DELVES married here 17 Jun 1891)
Long Preston Baptist Chapel
Built by Thomas ARMISTEAD.

Enumeration District Number 2 Page 2 or 3
Main Road, Long Preston, Yorkshire.

Thomas Hirst DELVES Head Married 35 yrs Occupation, Corn and Cattle Dealer Employer
Annie DELVES Wife Married 32 yrs
Marion DELVES Daughter Single 5 yrs Occupation, Scholar
Annie Marg DELVES Daughter Single 3 yrs Occupation, Scholar
George Edward DELVES Son Single 1 yrs Occupation, Scholar
Hannah HANNAM Servant Single 18 yrs Occupation, General Servant Domestic Employed

1888 (Presuming Marion 3 yrs and Madge 1 yr)
Annie DELVES nee WRATHALL would be 30 yrs
Madge (Christened Annie Margaret) Born 12 Jun 1887 Died 1 Mar 1981 Marion DELVES born 23 Apr 1886 died 28 Nov 1972

Bend Gate (Yate)
Note the strangly shaped stone on the outside wall in photo 2. These are in the background of some of the early photos.

Anne BANKART writes "I found that the Bendgate farm has the initials T&J.C over the back door, together with a date of 1835. The present owners of the farm did not know to whom the initials belonged but I reckon that they would have been put there by Thomas Cockshott when he moved with his wife Jane form Deepdale Head.

Photos by Anne BANKART in 2005

1886 (Presuming Annie DELVES nee WRATHALL to be 28 yrs, Thomas Hirst DELVES to be 31 yrs.)

I believe this photo may have been taken at Bend Gate


Registration District, Settle.
1886 Death in the Sub-district of Long Preston in the County of York.
No 298
When and where died, First June 1886, Long Preston R.S.D.
Name, George DELVES Male 68 yrs
Occupation, Retired Corn Dealer

Cause of Death, Concussion of the Brain
Certified by James W. EDGAR M.D.& C
Description of informant, Edward Delves, Son, Present at the Death. 19, Egerton Street S., Bedford Street, Liverpool.
When registered, Fourth June 1886
Registrar, Richard Thomas WILDMAN.

1886 (Presuming Marion recently born)
Annie DELVES nee WRATHALL would be 28 yrs
Marion DELVES Born 23 Apr 1886 Died 28 Nov 1972


1883 Bend Yate (Presuming Annie WRATHALL to be 25 yrs, Thomas Hirst DELVES to be 28 yrs, John WRATHALL to be 29 yrs, Mary Ann ARMISTEAD to be 24 yrs.)
Annie DELVES nee WRATHALL, Thomas Hirst DELVES, a WRATHALL sister (one of Annie's three surviving younger sisters), John WRATHALL, Mary Ann ARMISTEAD
Annie WRATHELL Born 26 Oct 1858 in Long Preston. Died 17 May 1930 in Long Preston. She married Thomas Hirst DELVES 10 Oct 1883 in Long Preston Church.


1883 (Presuming Thomas to be 28 yrs old)
Thomas Hirst DELVES in the doorway of the house which was demolished and replaced with Lockinvar, Long Preston.

7th Aug 2014 Email from Anne BANKART nee ROCHE to Jeanne Marie INGRAM nee DELVES:
"Now Lochinvar-my grandfather, whom I never knew, knocked down a cottage beside the road into Long Preston to build a new house, in those days it was only a small country road but it soon became much busier and really the house is not at all well situated. I do not know if space further back was available to him, they certainly had a field behind the house which the children played in, which they called the Croft, perhaps it was only rented to him, it is a bit of a mystery. Certainly the house would have benefited from being further back, as it is it is right on top of the road and really rather ugly. However inside it is much nicer than you would imagine. It got its name from my Grandmother who was very fond of Walter Scott novels and she opened Ivanhoe at random saw the sentence "Now young Lochinvar rides out of the West" and so she chose the name! any -way that is the story I was told! I had never been in the house until about 20 years ago when we were visiting the church and got in conversation with a lady doing the flowers who said that the house had been converted into flats and that her sister lived in the bottom one, this is how I got in. I saw the kitchen and the sitting room of the original house and also a room that Grandfather had used as his office. My Mother had told me how her mother had had the staircase walls painted with a strong leaf green gloss paint in order to mitigate against children's dirty hands. The lady in the flat said that she had had a nightmare trying to get rid of this paint and in fact it was still there in the office now about 100 years old!
I suppose with the attics there may have been 21 rooms but I never heard anything about Arabian horses they certainly had horses to ride and a pony for the trap. My grandfather Delves who, as I understand was a Corn and Cattle Merchant was actually found dead in a barn by my mother, having shot himself (I think they tried to claim it was an accident) however this was at the time of the great depression and his finances were not too healthy indeed the family, including my father his son-in -law, all contributed to keep Grandma Delves in Lochinvar until her death, she died not long before I was born."
Registration District, Settle.
1883 Death in the Sub-district of Long Preston in the County of York.
No 236
When and where died, 13 Nov 1883, Long Preston
Name, Agnes DELVES Female 60 yrs

Occupation, Wife of George DELVES a Farmer and Corn Dealer
Cause Of Death, Constipation, Obstruction of the Bowel
Certified by James W. Edgar, M.D.
Description of informant, George DELVES, Widower of Deceased, Present at Death, Long Preston.

When registered, 15 Nov 1883
Registrar, Richard Thomas WILDMAN.

1883 (Presuming Annie WRATHALL to be 25 yrs old)
Annie WRATHALL was a cousin of Mary Ann ARMISTEAD as their mother's were sisters Catherine and Margaret ELSWORTH.
Annie WRATHALL married Thomas Hirst DELVES on the 10th of October 1883 in Long Preston Parish Church.
Marriage of Thomas Hirst DELVES to Annie WRATHALL:-
Registration District, Settle
1883 Marriage solemnized in the Parish Church in the Parish of Long Preston in the County of York
No, 348
When and where married, October 10th 1883

Thomas Hirst DELVES Of full age Bachelor Profession, Yeoman Residence, Long Preston
Father's name, George DELVES Profession of father, Yeoman

Anne WRATHALL Of full age Spinster Residence, Bend Yate
Father's name, Thomas WRATHALL Profession of father, Yeoman.

Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by me J E Coulson, Vicar.
This marriage was solemnized between us, Thomas Hirst DELVES, Anne WRATHALL
In the presence of us, Agnes DELVES, John WRATHALL.

1878 (Presuming Edward to be twenty one years old)
1877 (Presuming Agnes to be fiftteen years old)
1872 (Presuming Thomas to be seventeen years old)
Thomas Hirst DELVES
RG10 Piece 4256 Page 2
Long Preston, Yorkshire.

George DELVES Head Married 53 yrs Occupation; Farmer 22 Acres, Landed Proprietor + Corn Dealer Born; Draughton, Skipton, Yorkshire.
Agnes DELVES Wife Married 48 yrs Born; Skipton, Yorkshire.
Thomas Son Unmarried 15 yrs Occupation; Farmers Son Born; Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Edward Son 13 yrs Occupation, Scholar Born; Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Agnes Daughter 9 yrs Occupation, Scholar Born; Long Preston, Yorkshire

RG10 : Piece 4256 : Folio 13 : Page 1
Bend Yate, Long Preston, Yorkshire.

Thomas WRATHALL : Head : Married : 49 yrs : Occupation; Farmer of 112 acres : Born; Giggleswick.
Catherine WRATHALL : Wife : Married : 42 yrs : Occupation; Farmers Wife : Born; Austwick.
John WRATHALL : Son : Unmarried : 17 yrs : Occupation; Farmers Son : Born; Long Preston.
Margaret WRATHALL : Daughter : Unmarried : 15 yrs : Occupation; Farmers Daughter : Born; Long Preston.
Ann WRATHALL : Daughter : Unmarried : 12 yrs : Occupation; Scholar : Born; Long Preston.
Mary E WRATHALL : Daughter : 8 yrs : Occupation; Scholar : Born; Long Preston.
Jane WRATHALL : Daughter : 5 yrs : Occupation; Scholar : Born; Long Preston.
Rachel E WRATHALL : Daughter : 2 yrs : Born; Long Preston.
Elizabeth ROBERTS : Servant : Unmarried : 17 yrs : Occupation; Domestic Servant : Born; Grindleton, Yorkshire.

1864 (Presuming Agnes DELVES to be two years old)

Thomas Hirst DELVES (Middle) Born 12 Oct 1855 in Long Preston. Died 10 Mar 1920 in Lockinvar House, Long Preston.
Edward DELVES (Right) Born 27 Sep 1857 in Long Preston. Died 16 Jan 1905 in Morecambe, Lancashire.
Agnes DELVES (Left) Born 1862.


1864 (Presuming these photos taken at same time as the three children next row up.)
Agnes DELVES nee CHIPPINDALE Born 27 Nov 1822 in Skipton. Died 13 Nov 1883 in Long Preston.
She would be 42 yrs in these photos.


1864 (Presuming these photos taken at same time as the three children two rows up.)
There is nothing written on or by these photos but Anne BANKART and I assume this male and female to be the parents of the three children above and the pictures were taken at the same time.

George DELVES Born 22 Nov 1817 in Draughton, Skipton. Died 1 Jun 1886 in Long Preston.
He would be 47 yrs in these photos.


June 21st 1859
St Mary’s Barracks
Dear Uncle
I write these few lines to you hoping to find you well as these leave me at present, hoping you will be good as to write me an answer to this letter and send me all particulars about my father and sister.
I am at present a soldier in the 75th Regiment of foot at Chatham and enlisted on the 6th day of April at York.
I did not mean to enlist but I was very drunk for which I am very sorry. But it can not be helped now. I do not like soldiering very well but I must make myself as comfortable as I can.
So no more at present from your Dear Nephew
George Delves
Please direct to Private George Delves 391, 12 Company 75 Depot, St Mary’s Barracks