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3rd Oct 1996 Olive WANSEY passport


WANSEY - On May 20th 1995, quietly. The Reverend John, dearly loved husband of the late Muriel Evelyn and father and grandfather. Funeral Service on Friday May 26th at Guildford Crematorium at 12.30 pm.
Family flowers only but donations, if desired, to The Acorn Healing Trust, Whitehill Chase, Bordon, Hants.



WANSEY.— On Dec. 17, 1992.
CHRISTOPHER, Of Kenilworth, beloved husband of Olive, loving father of Margaret and Michael, loving grandfather of Kate and Liz.
Funeral service at St Nicholas Church, Kenilworth on Wednesday, Dec. 23 at 10 a.m.
Flowers may be sent to The John Taylor Funeral Service, 178 Warwick Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

Registration District, Mid Warwickshire, Sub-district Leamington Spa in the County of Warwickshire
No 42 | Seventeenth December 1992 | Kenilworth Manor Nursing Home, Thickthorn Close, Kenilworth
Name and Surname, Joseph Christopher WANSEY formerly known as Joseph Raymond WANSEY
Sex, Male | Date and place of birth, 1st October 1910, Japan
Occupation and usual address, Clerk in Holy Orders (Retired), 1 Margetts Close, Kenilworth, Warwickshire
Name of informant, Olive Washburn WANSEY | Qualification, Widow of deceased.
Usual address, 6, Margetts Close, Kenilworth, Warwickshire.
Cause of death, 1a Stroke | 11 Carcinoma of prostate | Certified by D SPRAGGETT MB
I certify that the particulars given by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief Olive W WANSEY.
Date of registration, Eighteenth December 1992 | Signature of registrar, B. M. BAKER Registrar


WANSEY. — On July 24, The Rev. Canon PAUL RAYMOND WANSEY M.C., aged 86, dear husband of Renee, much loved father of Katharine and step-father of Nicholas, loving grandfather of eight grandchildren.
Devoted Parish Priest, Chaplain to the 2nd Battalion the Royal Fusiliers and subsequently Honary Chaplain to the Regiment.
Funeral at St Mary's Church, Woodbridge, Suffolk on July 30 at 2.30 p.m. Family flowers only. Donations, if desired, for St Mary's Church, Woodbridge to E B Button & Sons, 24 St Johns Street, Woodbridge, Suffolk.


1988 John & Muriel WANSEY's 55th Wedding Anniversary May 1988 in Chichester
Standing second from the left with dog collar Peter WANSEY | Standing next to him his wife Phyllis WANSEY nee GREENWOOD | Paul Raymond WANSEY with just his face showing | Next to him with dog collar on and hankerchief in breast pocket is John WANSEY | Looking over John's shoulder is Paul's wife Renée WANSEY nee GOLDING | Standing in the centre with a round gold pendant is John's wife Muriel WANSEY nee PETTINGER | Standing at the front with Muriel is Lucy RAWLINS wearing a dark blue jacket and skirt and cobalt blue blouse | Looking over Lucy's shoulder is Olive WANSEY nee BRAMHALL (Mo) | Behind Mo half hidden from view is Denis RAWLINS | Uknown lady wearing a navy blue dress and double string of pearls | looking over her shoulder with dog collar and spectacles at the back and to the right is John WANSEY | On the far right of the photo with a single string of pearls is is Aunty Joyce WANSEY THOMPSON (bn 12 Sep 1909 Dd 27th Nov 1994) | On one knee wearing a grey suit is Joy's husband Bill SIMPSON |
Along the front from the left two unknown ladies | The boy with the blue jumper is Edward SIMPSON | Joy SIMPSON (John WANSEY's daughter) | The girl in a white dress is Harriet SIMPSON.
Joyce WANSEY THOMPSON was daughter of surgeon Arthur Ralph THOMPSON and Florence THOMPSON nee WANSEY.
Olive WANSEY said I met Aunt Florence THOMSON once, her daughter Joyce was always friendly towards Chris, but Aunt Florence made her displeasure known in no uncertain fashion, not that Chris cared.




16 Nov 1985 Geoffrey DAVEY & Vanessa Wedding | Chris WANSEY took the service at St Paul's Cathedral Crypt

Daisy Cottage taken by Kate NORGETT in 1995 which was after Chris & Olive had left and moved to Kenilworth in May 1986
Lizzie writes Mo and Do, as we called them, started a little shop at Daisy Cottage, selling things they had made, originating from Do's woodworking. These were displayed in the right hand bay window as you face the cottage. They featured beautifully hand crafted and decorated dolls, and mice of all shapes and sizes. There were also larger items which had been turned on Do's lathe, such as plates, bowls and even barometer casings

It was a partiucular treat for Kate and I, whenever we came to stay at Daisy Cottage to be allowed to choose one thig from the shop, and I still have some of the beautiful dolls and mice that they had made together



1982 Olive WANSEY, Kate & Lizzie NORGETT, Renée & Paul WANSEY at Woodbridge, Suffolk


Oct 1st 1980 - West Wickham Parish Church | John, Muriel, Mary, Alaric, Olive, Chris, Peter, Phyll, Renée, and Paul WANSEY
On the occasion of Chris WANSEY's 70th birthday. Assembled at Daisy Cottage, West Wickham and at West Wickham Church 1st October 1980

Oct 1st 1980 - West Wickham Parish Church

CHURCH TIMES Oct 10th 1980
The happy band of WANSEY brothers — who take up four inches in Crockford's — with their brother-in-law, when they gathered with their wives at West Wickham, Cambs, to celebrate the seventieth birthday of the youngest, the Rev. Christopher WANSEY (centre).
They are the Revs Paul, 74 (left); John, 73; Canon Peter, 72; and Canon Alaric Rose (right) who is married to their sister, Mary.

CAMBRIDGE EVENING NEWS, Thursday, October 2, 1980
Clerics' celebration . . . (from left) Paul, John, Christopher, Peter and Alaric. Four brothers with almost 250 years service in the Church of England between them got together for a 70th birthday celebration yesterday.
The Rev Christopher WANSEY, who is retired and lives at West Wickham, near Haverhill, celebrated reaching the biblical three-score years and 10 With his older brothers Paul, aged 74, John, 73, and Canon Peter, 72. His sister, Mary Rose, who is herself married to a clergyman, Canon Alaric Rose, was also there.
Religion has always run in the WANSEY family. All the brothers were born in Japan, where their parents were missionaries. They came to England just before the First World War and were educated at Selwyn College and Westcott House, Cambridge.
Christopher returned to Japan and spent four years there as a missionary until the outbreak of the second war.
He retired from his parish at Roydon, Chelmsford, in 1975 and has lived at West Wickham ever since. During his retirement he has written an autobiographical book, 'The Clockwork Church' and his birthday was celebrated yesterday with a service at West Wickham church, followed by a party in the evening. Two of his brothers, Canon Paul WANSEY, recently retired as Rector of Woodbridge in Suffolk, and Peter, presently vicar at High Coniscliffe, County Durham, were both wounded in North Africa in the second war and were awarded the Military Cross. John, who is also retired, was until recently the Vicar of West Lavington, Essex, and now lives in Chichester. Christopher lives with his wife, Olive, at 6 High Street. They have one daughter and two granddaughters.

1979 Olive & Chris WANSEY with Michael, Lizzie & Kate NORGETT

1979 'Daisy Cottege', 6, West, Wickham, Cambridge

Jan-Mar 1979 Chris WANSEY in the garden at 'Daisy Cottege', 6, West, Wickham, Cambridge

1978 Book published by Beckett Publications, A.R. Mowbray & Co Ltd, Saint Thomas House, Beckett Street, Oxford, OX1 1SJ (ISBN 0 7289 005 X)
'The Clockwork Church - Reform in the Church of England at Worm's Eye Level' by Christopher WANSEY
A 140 page description of Chris WANSEY's personal journey as a Church of England vicar. Rev WANSEY firmly believed that baptisms and marriages should be exclusively for those of faith within the church. The book describes his public demonstrations and missionary work within his parishes. Portrait of Chris from the back cover of 'The Clockwork Church'

1978 Chris WANSEY at his church West Wickham, Cambridgeshire

1978 Olive WANSEY proud to pull up an apple tree in her daughter's garden, 23 Selwyn Crescent, Radley

1978 Christopher WANSEY helping his granddaughter, Kate Norgett, to lay paving stones at 23 Selwyn Crescent, Radley

Aug 1977 Heather M WANSEY daughter of Peter & Phyllis WANSEY marriage to Alastair WATSON | At High Coniscliffe, Darlington


Jul 1976 'Daisy Cottege', 6, West, Wickham, Cambridge | Cedric's vist

1976 Olive and Chris WANSEY, with grand-daughters Kate and Lizzie NORGETT

Sep 1975 Written by the photos The demolition of the old back porch, September 1975, Chaos in the backyard! Derelict Vicarages, Derelict Cottages it is all one to us. We need our heads examining! Never mind just keep turning the pages there is a happy ending

1975 Chris & Olive at the village fete

1975 Chris WANSEY and granddaughter Kate with a lump hammer in the garden of Daisy Cottage, West Wickham, Cambridgeshire

Olive WANSEY with granddaughter Lizzie at Daisy Cottage. Margaret writes nice geraniums


1975 Michael, Kate and Lizzie NORGETT with Olive and Chris WANSEY in Cherry Hinton Park, Cambridge. Lizzzie's dress by her mother.

1975 Michael NORGETT, with daughter Lizzie, skirt by Lizzie's mother Margaret

Apr 1975 John and Rachel ROSE'wedding. Picture shows Margaret NORGETT in homemade long pink dress, ?, ?, Rosemary WANSEY cousin to John and Margaret, Michael NORGETT with his daughter Kate.

1974_07_09_Circular_to_Parishioners.pdf - The restrained version
1974_07_09_Letter_to_Michael_&_Margaret_NORGETT.pdf - The unshackled version!

6 Jul 1974 Mary Joy WANSEY & William SIMPSON wedding | West Lavington, Wiltshire | The page boy was Paul Walker, the son of a friend

1974 Chris and Olive WANSEY sold 'The Saddlery' in Steeple Bumpstead and bought 'Daisy Cottage', 6, West, Wickham, Cambridge in 1974. Daisy Cottage was also in need of considerable repairs. Their next door neighbour in Steeple Bumpsted was a builder called Herbert ARGENT. He had helped and advised with work on The Saddlery and was drafted in to assist with Daisy Cottage. The caption by the photo Bringing the apple trees from Roydon

1972 Christopher WANSEY with grand-daughter Kate (Kitty) in dressing gowns. Roydon Vicarage (the upstairs room with the pilgrim mark)
Olive WANSEY with Kitty NORGETT in ROYDON Vicarage kitchen


1 Jan 1972 Rosmary A WANSEY daughter of Peter & Phyllis WANSEY married Rodney M WATSON at Darlington, Yorkshire

1 Jan 1972 | Darlington, St Cuberts Chris WANSEY and three funny ladies at Rosemary WANSEY's Wedding
From left: Mo, Do, Lady Cecilia STARMER (Friend of Peter WANSEY) Lady STARMER's friend

1970 John WANSEY (aged 17 yrs) son of Peter Nottidge WANSEY punting Michael & cousin Margaret NORGETTin Oxford

1968 Chris WANSEY with Martin FORD, John & Joan FORD's son | Xmas at The Saddlery, Steeple Bumpstead | Martin's first shot

1968 Christmas with Joan, John & Martin at the Saddlery

1969 Roydon - taken from the steeple Ariel view with Uncle Jack

Circa 1968 The Saddlery, Steeple Bumpstead | Olive, Bertrum & Gladys OLIVER, Beth IZZARD
Progress on the Patio! and Tea Party on the patio!

1969 Roydon - taken from the steeple


1968 Chris WANSEY Passport

1966 Noddy watching swallows

1966 Peter DAVEY holding their travelling family cat 'Noddy', Michael NORGETT, Geoffrey DAVEY, Olive & Chris WANSEY, Bunty DAVEY nee BRAMHALL at Roydon

30 Nov 1965 Chris WANSEY demonstrating against the Prime Minister’s role in the selection of Church of England bishops.


4 Sep 1965 Marriage of Michael NORGETT and Margaret WANSEY by Rev Joseph Christopher WANSEY

1965 Margaret WANSEY & Michael NORGETT
Photo taken on top of Sadlery Bumpstead Steeple by Chris WANSEY

1965 Michael NORGETT at the Saddlery, Steeple Bumpstead Mains burst! Michael is inspecting the mains stop cock key


1964 Olive WANSEY | Michael LOVEJOY's wedding at St Mary's Woodford. Chris and Olive WANSEY attended

1964 WANSEY family 'Chopping Party' at Roydon

1964 Chris making lamps out of old beams

1964 Chris fishing with Geoffrey & Nicholas etc at Roydon

1964 Chris WANSEY at Roydon Laying the concrete apron around the house

1964 Chris & Olive WANSEY at Roydon


1964 Roydon

1964 The HEWINS family from Flixton, Manchester, visiting Chris and Olive WANSEY at Woodford Rectory. Mrs HEWINS had a daughter, Joy, who married Philip DESA. Mrs HEWINS - 'Shewie' - was a prop and stay to Olive WANSEY in the latter days of the second world war

1964 Michael NORGETT & Margaret WANSEY standing by the sundial at Roydon

1964 Switzerland

Circa 1964 Margaret WANSEY
One of three passport photos contained in a small folder 'Your Passport Photograph 'Ramsey & Muspratt' 23, Cornmarket Street, Oxford
'Ramsey & Muspratt' photographs are in collections and archives

1963 Oxford University, probably the Chemistry Faculty | Margaret WANSEY front row 3rd from right | Written on back 1963 CCU

The back sitting room of The Saddlery

1963 Chris WANSEY on the roof of The Saddlery | Written by the photo The only way to cure those down draughts is with a cowl. So here we are

1963 The Saddelry, Steeple Bumpstead | Chis & Olive WANSEY bought 'The Saddlery', Steeple Bumpstead in spring 1963.
Chris had been involved in a lot of building remedial work at the Roydon Vicarage and was looking to his retirement and a place of their own. He discovered dry rot in the front room floor soon after purchasing The Saddlery and during the process of tearing it up he told Olive that I am sure there is something behind this in reference to the fireplace and let's have the lot out, I am sure there is something behind there!

1963 Margaret's bedroom at 'The Saddlery', Steeple Bumpstead

1962 Margaret WANSEY | First year at Oxford

Circa 1962 Margaret WANSEY
One of three passport photos contained in a small folder 'Your Passport Photograph' | 'Ramsey & Muspratt' 23, Cornmarket Street, Oxford
'Ramsey & Muspratt' photographs are in collections and archives

1962 Katharine WANSEY | Paul & Renée's daughter

1962 WANSEY group at table | From top left around table, Twin David or Jonathan W, Pat ROSE, Margaret W, Phylis W nee GREENWOOD, Peter W, Rosie (Rosemary) W, Mary-Joy W, Renée W, Twin David or Jonathan W, Peter Benedict ROSE, John ROSE, Chris W, John W, Heather W, Libby W, Katherine W, Mary ROSE nee W

1962 Twins David & Jonathan WANSEY | Darlington Vicarage

Circa 1962 John WANSEY, Mary ROSE, Chris WANSEY and Peter WANSEY [Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY Photo]

Circa 1962 Chris & John WANSEY

1962 Mary ROSE, John W, Christopher W, Peter W and 'Tweedles' the dog | West Lavington Vicarage Chopping Party

1962 Olive, Margaret WANSEY & Reiko SAKASHITA | Margaret and Olive WANSEY with visitor Reiko SAKASHITA from Japan. Reiko's father was a colleague of Chris WANSEY when he was working in Japan in the late 1930s. The garden is that of Woodford Rectory. That garden chair for two eventually suffered metal fatigue and gradually lowered the two people then sitting in it to the ground...

1961 Margaret WANSEY at the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire

1961 Margaret WANSEY trying out the (Sub Fusc) kit for her Oxford University matriculation. Black skirt, white blouse, black bow tie, commoners gown and cap

1961 Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford


Spring 1961 Devon Mo, Margaret WANSEY

Spring 1961 Devon Mo and Do WANSEY

1961Pat Rose, Chris WANSEY (standing), John WANSEY, Olive WANSEY and Peter Benedict Rose, Mary Rose and Muriel WANSEY | At Catsfield


1960 WANSEY family reunion at Sutton Coldfield where Alaric ROSE was Rector
Phil WANSEY with daugter Heather, John WANSEY , Joy WANSEY (John's daughter), John and Pat Rose, Muriel WANSEY, Mary Rose, Chris and Olive WANSEY, Peter WANSEY with daughter Libby and dog, Kate WANSEY (Paul's dauughter). David or Jonathan (Peter's twin sons)

1960 Visit by Chris WANSEY and his family to Peter WANSEY's family in Darlington. WANSEY cousins from the left: Twin David/Jonathan, Libby, Heather, twin Jonathan/David, Rosie and Margaret.

1960 Probably near Darlington, County Durham

1960 Mo & Margaret WANSEY in Scotland

1960 Margaret WANSEY wearing her Woodfield County Highschool uniform in Woodford Rectory garden

1960 Woodford County High School for Girls

Woodford County High School. Some of the sixth form in 1960. From left to right: Back row (1 - 5) 4 is Valerie (Fishy) FISH ; Middle row (1 - 5) 4 is Natalie WOOD ; Front row (1 - 3) 3 is Stella BARNES
Sixth form uniform comprises school blazers and plain colour shirt-waister dresses

1960 Chris, Olive and Margaret WANSEY picnicking before watching the Henley regatta rowing. Picture taken by Margaret's friend from Woodford County High School, Carol WEBSTER

Christopher WANSEY has been out shooting, bagging a mallard duck and a hare. Before he had glasses, he accidentally shot a horse, thinking it was a rabbit. The horse was 'gingered up' a bit, but otherwise unharmed

1960 Mary and Alaric Rose with sons John and Peter

Circa 1960 WANSEY brothers larking about. Paul WANSEY, Peter, Chris and John

1960 WANSEY Reunion | Standing at the back, John WANSEY and Phyllis wife of Peter WANSEY | In front of John is his wife Muriel in a deck chair | In front of Phyllis also in a deck chair is Mary ROSE nee WANSEY.
To the right of Mary at the back looking down is Renée wife of Paul and to her right Heather WANSEY second eldest daughter of Peter & Phyllis. From left: Joy | A twin - David or Jonathan | Libby | Margaret | Mo | Do | Crouching boy Peter B | looking over the top of his head the other twin. On the right: The girl beneath Heather is Kate WANSEY daughter of Paul & Renée | The boy to the right of her John ROSE | The man to the far right is Peter WANSEY and in front of him his eldest daughter Rosmary

1960 Darlington Vicarage
WANSEY reunion | Chris WANSEY's NEW CAR, a two-tone grey Austin A55 with RED LEATHER seats, reg number HK6945. This car was bought with the proceeds of the sale of Chris and Olive WANSEY's first cottage: Lilley Cottage in Withersfield, near Haverhill.

1960 Darlington Vicarage | WANSEY Reunion
Back row from the left: John Rose, Chris WANSEY, John WANSEY, Kate WANSEY, Paul WANSEY, Rosemary WANSEY, Heather WANSEY, Peter WANSEY, Libby WANSEY and Pat ROSE
Seated on chairs, from the left: Margaret WANSEY, Joy WANSEY, Phil WANSEY, Olive WANSEY, Muriel WANSEY, Renee WANSEY and Mary ROSE
On the ground: twins David and Jonathan WANSEY seated either side of Peter Benedict ROSE

1960 Darlington Vicarage | WANSEY Reunion
The WANSEY coat of Arms is 'three gloved hands' - with Paul, Peter and John WANSEY, Mary ROSE and Chris WANSEY. The family motto is For Lawful Laws and Liberty

1960 Darlington Village | WANSEY Reunion
Back Row: John ROSE, Chris W, John W, Kate W, Paul W, Rosemary W, Heather W, Peter W, Libby (Elizabeth) W
Middle Row: Margaret W, Joy W, Phyll W, Olive W, Muriel W, Renée W, Mary W
Front Row: David W, Peter ROSE, Jonathan W

1960 Chris WANSEY | Instructions for the day

1960 Darlington David & Jonathan WANSEY & Peter ROSE Family re-union Darlington. Breakfast with Yogi Bear

1959 Woodford Rectory garden | Mr FORSEY, Margaret and Olive WANSEY. To the right in the background are the local council offices, a Georgian building, sometime the Rectory


1959 Beach. Chris and Olive WANSEY and Mary EDMUNDS. Female face down ? ? Standing EDMUNDS (school friend of Margaret WANSEY who was taking the picture), David EDMUNDS and two unknown

1959 Margaret & Olive WANSEY

1959 Olive in Widemouth, Devon

Margaret WANSEY

1959 Olive & Chris WANSEY | Widemouth, Devon

Circa 1959 Margaret WANSEY centre, wearing a wide belt, with school friends from St Monica's School, Clacton-on-Sea

1959 St Monica's School, Clacton-on-Sea, Senior School, Speechday | Margaret with a short fringe behind the churchman's left shoulder

1959 Margaret receiving a prize | St Monica's School, Clacton-on-Sea, Senior School, Speechday

1959 Margaret with her father Chris WANSEY | St Monica's School, Clacton-on-Sea, Senior School, Speechday

1959 St Monica's School, Clacton-on-Sea, Senior School, Speechday | Chris, Olive, Margaret and another lady

Circa 1959 St Monica's School, Clacton-on-Sea, Senior School | Margaret dressed in monk habit on right
Stamped on back of both photos Smerdon Photographer 120, Dudley Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex

1959 Chris WANSEY demontrating against the automatic right for non-practising christians to have a church service

1959 WANSEY Reunion | Alaric ROSE, Kate WANSEY, ?, John WANSEY, Chris and Olive WANSEY, Muriel WANSEY, Joy WANSEY, Renee WANSEY and Paul WANSEY

1958 Witchampton Paul & Renée WANSEY's caravan | John W, Muriel W, Mrs PETTINGER, Phyll W, Renée W, Peter W, Olive W, Chris W, Paul W

1958 John & Muriel's 25th Wedding Anniversary | Witchampton, Dorset | Chris, Paul, John and Peter Wansey | seated wives Olive, Renee, Muriel and Phil Wansey

1958 John & Muriel's 25th Wedding Anniversary | Witchampton, Dorset | John WANSEY, Joy, Peter WANSEY, Phyll , Olive, Chris, Muriel, Mrs PETTINGER (Muriel's mum), Renée, Paul WANSEY

Dec 1958 Xmas Peter & Phyllis WANSEY at Darlington Vicarage | Christmas at Darlington Vicarage. From the left Twin (David/Jonathan), Phyll, Heather, Libby, Rosie, Peter and Twin

1958 St Monica's School, Clacton-on-Sea | Margaret 2nd row from top 17th from left with short hair | The girl with the most attitude in the thumbnail!


1957 Chris & Olive | At Christ's College, Cambridge | Canon Oakley's College

1956 Margaret WANSEY | St Monica's School, Clacton-on-Sea Senior School 1956 | Margaret 2nd row from top 4th from right

1956 St Monica's School, Clacton-on-Sea, Senior School 1956 | Margaret WANSEY sitting on the floor 2nd from left wearing a dark waistcoat Christmas in the Market Place

1956 St Monica's School, Clacton-on-Sea, Senior School | Three other actresses in the play | Written on back of photo: Jennie COOPER, Linda SAINTY, Frances WILMORE, Nativity Play, Christmas in the Market Place

1956 Herbert LONG in front of the 1950s Rectory at Woodford. The Austin A55 features again

Circa 1955 Margaret on right at St Monica's School, Clacton-on-Sea


1954 St Monica's School, Clacton-on-Sea | Margaret back row 12th from right with short light hair

Circa 1954 Margaret on right

Circa 1954 Alaric, Mary, Johnny, Pat and Peter ROSE

1953 On board the first Japanese ship to dock in London Docks after the war. Pity we look so scruffy but the Japanese men didn't give us time to change! Mummy wasn't pleased!

Circa 1953 Olive & Chris WANSEY


Circa 1952 Peter WANSEY and twins David and Jonathan, Libby, Heather and Rosemary at Darlington Vicarage

Circa 1952 Peter WANSEY's induction at St Cuthberts in Darlington
The Bishop is Bishop RAMSEY, Archbishop of York | In the back row towards the right are Chris Wansey and Paul Wansey

1952 Chris and Olive WANSEY at Dartmeet on the river Dart

1952 The Old Rectory, North Curry, Somerset, TA3 6JZ

1952 Margaret feeding 'Midge' the first Bantam I had to work very hard on the parents to get my bantam. But I won in the end.

1952 Olive, Margaret and kitten with Robert the dog

1952 Margaret, Mo & Dorothy on Dartmoor

1952 Brixham, Devon

1952 Dartmoor 'On the moor'

1952 Olive & Margaret WANSEY Above Lustleigh

1952 Margaret's new haircut 'George' in Devon - having won the haircut battle 1952 | Bishopsteignton, Devon

1952 Glastonbury Margaret under the Holy Thorn

1952 Glastonbury Abbey Grandma, Mo & Margaret Granny came with us this holiday. That is Granny looking away from the camera

Between 1951-52
JC WANSEY involved in a court case which was covered by the national press, Concerning his refusal to marry non-churchgoers.

July 13, 1951 | CHURCH TIMES' COMPETITIONS | Results of 'Answers to Correspondents'
Competition set on June 29
The following authentic answers to correspondents have been printed in the 'Church Times' (under different initials) in recent issues.
A.B.C. - The best recipe is deer suet pounded with spirits of wine.
D.E. - The approval of the PCC is necessary for this practise, which we do not recommend.
F.G.H. - He can, but he must obtain the consent of those who appointed him.
J.K. - In the event suggested, the legal owner of the churchyard, ie the incument or rector, would be liable.
L.M. - They seem to have been used in Anglo-Saxon times, and lasted into the early part of nineteenth century.
Competitors are asked to submit the queries which they think might have elicited any three of the above answers.
The competition brought a number of ingenious and amusing entries; but few competitors produced a uniformly excellent trio.
The First Prize goes to the Rev J.C. Wansey, The Rectory, Woodford, E18, who sent these three excellent entries
D.E - 'I have in mind the redistribution of the collection after each service, amoungst the members of the congregation. Is there anything to prevent my going ahead with scheme?
F.G.H - 'Is it correct for a verger to toss his verge in procession?'
L.M. - 'Can you tell me anything of the history of (untasselled) nightcaps as worn by the clergy?'
The secod prize is awarded to Miss Angela Hibbert, Ardlin, Duchal-road, Kilmalcolm, NB

1951 Olive, Margaret, Chris, Muriel, Mary-Joy, John WANSEY

July 1951 Bunty BRAMHALL & Peter DAVEY Wedding | St Marys Church, Woodford
Joan BRAMHALL | Margaret WANSEY (Centre) | Anne DAVEY, Peter DAVEY's sister

1951 Gowan Lea Snaresbrook School, Essex | Margaret standing top row 2nd from right

Circa 1951 Peter & Phyllis WANSEY's Children | Elizabeth, David/ Jonathan, Rosemary, David/ Jonathan, Heather

1951 | Hayling Island, Hampshire
Hand-written notes by Olive WANSEY nee BRAMHALL giving dates of holidays and events between 1943 to 1972
We had the Vicarage beach hut on Hayling Island. We went to Corfe Castle

1951 Hayling Island, Hampshire

1951 Olive and Margaret at at Ilford Bridge

1951 Olive mowing the lawn at Woodford Rectory

1951 Margaret in Woodfoed Rectory garden and Priscila the duck

1950 Gowan Lea Snaresbrook School, Essex | Margaret seated middle row right

1949 Gowan Lea Snaresbrook School, Essex | Margaret front row, 8th from left, with a bow in her hair

1949 Osmington Mills Holiday | Locum at Gussage All Saints. Then one week camping at Osmington Mills, under canvas! Fetching the milk in a glass pitcher we had bought. There was a little girl from Gowan Lea camping nearby. It was a good camp, Daddy fitted us up with all the amenities he made from old orange boxes, he was very clever!

Circa 1949 Chris WANSEY

6 Jan 1949 Appointment as Rural Dean to the deanery of Wanstead & Woodford - Further renewed on the 31st May 1951

1949 Chris WANSEY Taken in the study at Woodford Rectory Chris was 39 yrs


1948 WANSEY Family Reunion, West Wickham, Kent | Johnny ROSE, Pat ROSE, Heather WANSEY, Rosemary WANSEY, Katharine WANSEY, Margaret WANSEY

1948 WANSEY Family Reunion, West Wickham, Kent | Alaric ROSE seated in front of him his wife Mary nee WANSEY holding their children Pat and Johnny | Chris WANSEY seated in front of him his wife Olive nee BRAMHALL holding their daughter Margaret | Paul WANSEY seated in front of him his wife Renee and their daughter Katharine | John WANSEY with his wife Muriel nee PETTINGER | Peter WANSEY seated in front of him his wife Phyllis and their daughters Rosemary and Heather

Sep 1948 Hong Kong | Johnny ROSE | Johnny dressed as a Chinese boy - with a piece of cake in his hand!

Circa 1948 Mary ROSE nee WANSEY opening a Fete with the Governor of Hong Kong

Circa 1948 Mary ROSE nee WANSEY with students in Hong Kong

1948 Hong Kong | Mary & Alaric Johnny & Pat ROSE

1948 Margaret goes to school

1948 Margaret WANSEY The Abbess at Whitby Abbey

1948 399 steps up to Whitby Church

1948 Whitby Holiday Camping in John and Muriel's caravan Holiday at Whiby - on the way! At Sands End which was fun. We could watch the herring fishing fleet go out from Whitby. All their lights on their masts look very pretty. We bought fresh fish early in the day fresh off the boats

1948 Olive & Margaret | Whitby Holiday On the moors

1948 Olive & Margaret | Whitby

1948 Chris, Margaret and Olive in Woodford Rectory garden

1948 Olive & Margaret WANSEY at Pevensey Castle

1948 Margaret WANSEY | Woodford Rectory garden I designed this costume myself! With baby chick!

1948 David John & Richard BRAMHALL Godfrey & Lily BRAMHALL's sons with Margaret WANSEY | At grandma Henrietta BRAMHALL's (nee PIGOTT) house

1947 Baseldon | Written on the back Little Margaret at Ludworth, this is a nice place, Rocks boats and the sea!

1947 Written on back Margaret with the chair Do made, it was made from an old Church chair. This is my parachute silk dress made by Granny

13 Sep 1947 Mary-Joy WANSEY

1947 Written on back Margaret in the woodpile

1947 Margaret WANSEY

1947 Written on back Winter Feb 1947, All dressed up, don't we look respectable, my fur coat is lovely and soft and warm

1946 Chris & Olive WANSEY | Woodford Rectory

Dec 1946 WANSEY Family reunion
Back Row | Paul WANSEY | Renée | Aunt May | Do WANSEY | John WANSEY| Peter WANSEY | Phyllis WANSEY
Front Row: Alaric ROSE | Christopher WANSEY | Aunty Elsie NOTTIDGE | Nicholas EVANS (Ester Renée previously married to Col. EVANS) | Muriel WANSEY

Dec 1946 WANSEY Family reunion [Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY Photos]


1946 Olive WANSEY sitting by the road on the way to Malvern

1946 Written on the back, 1946 Margaret, Malvern, Going up the Malvern Hills!

1946 Written on the back, Woodford Rectory Garden with Aunty Bunty

1946 Written on the back Joan Lee, Margaret & Stephen. Stephen's alright but he is a bit young. I enjoy coaxing him up the stairs at home, of course it's forbidden!

Dec 1945 Peter WANSEY & Phyllis GREENWOOD Wedding | The four brothers from the left are Peter, John, Paul and Chris

Dec 1945 Peter WANSEY & Phyllis GREENWOOD | The bridesmaid is their neice Joy WANSEY

Dec 1945 Taken before Peter & Phyllis' wedding day at Woodford Rectory in the Drawing Room, Phyllis not present.
Top left, John WANSEY | Top right, Joseph Christopher WANSEY aka Do | Middle row, Muriel WANSEY nee PETTINGER married to John | Hilda WANSEY nee THOMPSON second wife to Henry Raymond | Olive WANSEY nee BRAMHALL aka Mo holding her daughter Margaret wearing a wartime 'wasp' jumper | Front left, Joy | Peter WANSEY | Paul WANSEY


- with note at top from Olive WANSEY Bishop ? who lived at 'The Walnuts' by St Mary's Walthamstow when I was a little girl

Circa 1945 From left John & Muriel, Peter WANSEY holding John's children Mary-Joy and Christopher, at Amotherby

Circa 1945 Alaric & Mary ROSE (Assuming Alaric & Mary married, but before children)

1945 Witten on the back Flixton Rectory 1945, 1 yr 4 months, In our working clothes, wartime

1945 Margaret WANSEY | Written on the back I the first one I am doing daddy in the pulpit

1945 Olive & Margaret | Written on the back On the banks of the Mersey! at Flixton

1944 Olive with Margaret in a perambulator

Postal Stamp 23 Dec 1943 | Addressed to The Rev & Mrs C.J. Wansey, Flixton Rectory, W. Manchester Love & all good wishes for Christmas The New Year to you both . . .

Summer 1942 | Joan & Max LEE's Wedding | Olive WANSEY is wearing her wedding dress! | Max was Do's curate
Third from left back row, Chris WANSEY (Do) / Max LEE / Joan LEE / Unknown / In military uniform Joan's father
Seated on the left, Olive WANSEY (Mo) / Unknown holding large bouquet / Wearing dark hat Joan's mother

St Michael Parish Church at Fixton, Greater Manchester.


1942 Chancel St Mary's Walthamstow. Where we were married 27-1-'42

Marriage solemnized at The Parish Church of Walthamstow in the County of Essex
No 494 | When married, January 27th 1942
Joseph Christopher WANSEY | Age 31 yrs | Bachelor | Profession, Clerk in Holy Orders
Residence at time of marriage, The Vicarage, Walthamstow
Father's name, Henry Raymond WANSEY | Profession of father, Deceased
Olive Washburn BRAMHALL | Age 20 yrs | Spinster
Residence at time of marriage, Gidea Park Essex
Father's name, William BRAMHALL | Profession of father, Departmental Manager
Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by or after Banns by me, G.D. OAKLEY
This Marriage was solemnized between us, Joseph Christopher WANSEY, Olive Washburn BRAMHALL
In the presence of William BRAMHALL, Peter Nottidge WANSEY | Registrar, George Douglas OAKLEY

Dear Mr Wansey
Before you go on leave, I should like to express to you my gratitude for the work you have undertaken on behalf of this Government in connexion with torpedoed seamen.
I realise that much of the success which has attended the Grammer School Hostel, the absence of friction in dealing with its inmates, and the efficient organization of the supply of extra clothing and comforts, have been due to your unselfish devotion to the needs of these unfortunate men.
With good wishes for a safe journey to England and for all success in the future,
Yours very sincerely Hubert Stevenson

[Handwritten] When Chris left Japan late 1940 he sailed on an American ship to Cape Town, then changed to an English ship to Freetown.
Freetown, Sierra Leone | 11/4/41 | Dear Padre;
In behalf of the crew of the Former S/S Lehigh.
We are reimburshinging you for the $100.00 that you lost when granting a favor to a member of our crew, the list of names that appear below have donated to make up for this loss.
This is in the form of an IOU For the full amount to be collected from Capt. V.P. Arkins. Richard L. Crice - Ship's Delegate Ex. S/S Lehigh
P.S. In GOD WE TRUST BUT We keep Our money in the safe

1941 Alaric P ROSE married Mary Beatrice WANSEY in Hong Kong in 1941
Back row, Rev. Charles STRONG, Bishop K .O. HALL, Dean T.R.. WILSON | Front row: Rev David ?, Kirk, Alaric ROSE, Mary Beatrice, Elsa, Bishop MOK






Chris's Accounts from Oct 1937 - September 1940 when he left Japan for Freetown, West Africa.
On the back of one sheet are his Insurance payments to Norwich Union which much later became the source of our purchase of Lilley Cottage 1954


1940 With love from Peter Feb 1940

1939-1940 Kushiro Church St Paul's | Written of the back Kushiro Church 1939-40 now demolished and a new one built 1988-9

1939-1940 Chris WANSEY is at the back in the doorway

Paul Raymond Wansey was added to the Royal Army Chaplains dept on 27 April 1939 - source London Gazette 6 June 1939 page 3780 | His Military Cross was cited in the Supplement to the London gazette on 7 December 1944 page 5611

Circa 1938 Summer break for Missionaries at Karuizawa
Written in the album Ronald PARKINSON who became a naval chaplain in the war also Miss ROBINSON a Missionary from Canada, who remained under house arrest for the duration of the War

Circa 1938 Chris WANSEY and two other people in a Japanese Garden

Circa 1938 Chris WANSEY


Circa 1938 Hakodate Southern Hokkaido Conference Diocesan

1938 Missionary Conference Karuizawa | Chris WANSEY is standing second from the right

1937 Hakodate 1937 Bishop WALSH, clergy and laity | Southern, Hokkaido

1937 Bishop WALSH last Western 3 yrs of Hokkaido

1937 Written in the album The occassion Consecration of the Church. Bishop WALSH on discovering these vestiments at the Church in Sapporo said 'Let us dress up for the Camera!' His usual dress as above

1937-38 November | Written of the back Sapporo Nov 1937 On the occasion of Nagasawa's leaving for England


Feb 1937 Chris WANSEY in Tokyo

1937 PRIEST'S LICENCE | GORDON JOHN WALSH, by Divine Providence, Bishop of the Missionary Diocese of HOKKAIDO, to our beloved in Christ, JOSEPH CHRISTOPHER WANSEY, Greeting.
We do by these Presents give and grant to you, in whose learning, Diligence, Sound Doctrine, and Prudence we do fully confide, our Licence and Authority to perform the Office of a Priest, in this our Missionary Diocese of Hokkaido, to preach the Word of God, to administer the Sacraments, and to perform all other spiritual duties belonging to the Office of Priest, you continuing in communion with us, and complying with the rubrics and canons of the Church, and with such lawful directions as you shall at any time receive from us.
In witness whereof we have hereunto affixed our episcopal seal and signature at Sapporo, this twenty-fifth day of March, ion the year of Our Lord nineteen hundred and thirty-even, being the eleventh year of our consecration.
Gordon Walsh Bishop in Hokkaido. Bishop of the Missionary Diocese of Hokkaido in the Church of Japan. (Nippon Seikokwai)

1937 Permission to Officiate in Japan

1937 Peter WANSEY | Written on the back This was taken in Gyor in Hungary by a little boy who was waiter at a hotel

1937 Chris WANSEY son of John & Muriel | Written on the back A very favourite occupation. Aged 3

Jan 1936 | Just before Chris left for Japan

1936 John WANSEY | Written on the back It fell to earth I know not where - but after a terrific hunt I found it in the heart of some grass!

1936 Mary WANSEY's friends

1936 Mary WANSEY at Moorfields

1936 Rottingdean

1936 Rottingdean | Outside The Creamery

1936 Chris WANSEY at camp in England

1936 Peter, Peggy, Bunty, Chris

1936 Chris WANSEY | Austrian Tyrol | The Kandalian run should be done in 3 mins, Chris took 3 hours!

1936 Chris & Peter WANSEY Skiing | Chris & Peter in the back row by the door frame


Circa 1935 Mary WANSEY in Epping Forest

Circa 1935 Chris WANSEY

Circa 1935 Chris WANSEY

1935 Chris WANSEY | Wembury, Dorset

Circa 1934 Lady STANSFIELD who sponsored Chris at Westcott House Cambridge

Circa 1934 St Mary's Walthamstow | Where Chris was a curate October 1934

30 Sep 1934 Ordination Day Chelmsford Cathedral | Chris WANSEY & Mr KELSEY
Mr KELSEY came to Chris's Induction at Woodford in 1945. He came by train with his fixed wheel bicycle, he had a false leg.


1934 Chris WANSEY's ordination retreat at Pleshey, Chelmsford

1934 Chris WANSEY Studio Portrait | 24 years old

Jan 1934 Mrs WANSEY in her car in Okehampton

1934 Written underneath Henley 1934

1934 Written underneath JC WANSEY on a horse Lent Races

JC WANSEY rowing Provisional May Boat

1st May 1933 John WANSEY & Muriel E PETTINGER's wedding in Cheltenham
From left back row, Paul WANSEY | Chris WANSEY | Aunty Elsie (Gerty) NOTTIDGE | Evelyn SERGEANT or Aunty Blanche NOTTIDGE (who married Rev. Willie JAY in 1938) | Peter WANSEY | Lucy PETTINGER | The Groom John WANSEY | Desmond PETTINGER, Gerald WAINWRIGHT, Charles PETTINGER, Margaret SERGEANT, Phoebe PRESTON, Kerrison PRESTON, Evelyn PRESTON
From left front row: Angela PRESTON Cousin of Muriel | Margery SYKES or Phoebe PRESTON Cousin of Muriel | 'Step' Granny WANSEY | Eve DAVEY or Lucy PETTINGER (who later married Denis RAWLINS) Muriel's sister | The bride Muriel WANSEY nee PETTINGER | Dorothy PETTINGER her mother | Mary WANSEY | Marjorie SYKES (friend of Muriel & John) or Evelyn (Mela) PRESTON.
Written on the back of the photo Bridesmaids Marjorie SYKES (friend of Muriel & John), Mary WANSEY, Lucy PRESTON, Celia? RAWLINS, Muriel's sister, Phoebe PRESTON Cousin of Muriel, Angela PRESTON Cousin of Muriel

1 May 1933 Written underneath 1st May Boat 1933 Bumped by Lady Margaret and 1st Trinity


1932 Written on page containing these two photos Light Four October Term 1932 (Boat Seats) 1 BH BROWNE 2 IW GREVILLE 3 JC WANSEY Stroke MJ COLLINS
[Many of the rowing photos are from JC WANSEY's photo album, 'Selwyn College Archives']


1932 Written underneath, Selwyn Clinker IV - 1932 | Bow JW STOW, 2 GLW BIRD, 3 BM BIRD, Stroke AG SIDEBOTTOM, Cox RWD DEWING, Coach JC WANSEY
Winners - Beat: St Catherines, Clare, Pembroke (7.41), Peterhouse

Circa 1932 | No date written on page | Written underneath Light Fours - Beat First Trinity, Clare II, Lost to Christs

1932 Written underneath Henley Crew - 1932 - Lost to New College, Oxford, by 3 feet
JC WANSEY fifth from back including the cox

1932 JC WANSEY in front of regatta marquees

May 1932 Written underneath Rebumping Lady Margaret - 1932. 1st May Boat. 'Lady Margaret' cox acknowledging the bump by raising his hand


May 1932 Written underneath 1st May Boat 1932 - Rebumping Lady Margaret on the Fourth Night
JC WANSEY is fifth from the back in the closest boat.

1932 Written underneath 1st of May Boat 1932

1931 Death in the Sub-district of Chelsea in the County of London
No. 271 | Twenty First November 1931, 28 Cheyne Court.
Blanche WANSEY | Female | 88 yrs
Occupation, Widow of Arthur Henry WANSEY a Solicitor.
Cause of Death, Pneumonia 5 days No P.M. Certified by Randolph R. GROSVENOR MRCS
Description of Informant, Margaret R WANSEY, Daughter, Present at death, 28 Cheyne Court.
Registered, Twenty third November 1931 | Registrar, C WRIGHT

1931 The Morning Post A General View of Henley Royal Regatta, which opened in perfect weather yesterday [JC WANSEY's scrap-book]


1931 Written underneath Light Four - 1931. Beat Peterhouse. Lost to 3rd Trinity (Finalists) by 7 seconds
JC WANSEY - Second from back

1931 Written underneath It's good when you heave off

Circa 1931

May 1931 Written underneath Wednesday Night - Bumping Lady Margaret
JC WANSEY is wearing glasses in the middle of the closest boat

1st May 1931 Written underneath Selwyn 1st May Boat - 1931 - Bumped Lady Margaret - Third on the River
JC WANSEY - Seated on right of photo with glasses

Circa 1931 John, (closest to camera), Paul, Peter & JC WANSEY
Written underneath WANSEY, WANSEY, WANSEY and WANSEY [JC WANSEY's photo album, Selwyn College Archives]

Nov 1930 Written underneath A Day's Outing in a 'Varsity Crock Eight November 1930

Circa 1930 Undated photo without notes. A group of 9 men. Chris WANSEY standing middle left with glasses

1930 Written underneath The Logarithms Society - 1930 | JC WANSEY - Middle row 2nd from left | Peter WANSEY middle of middle row

Spring 1930 Written underneath Selwyn Henley Eight, 1930 Lost to Emmanual

Spring 1930 Written underneath Selwyn Henley Group and 'The Race'

May 1930 Written underneath Bumping First Trinity - May 1930 | JC WANSEY is wearing glasses in the middle of the closest boat. Peter WANSEY is two in front of him and third from the back.

Rules of 'Bumping'
A bumps race is a form of rowing race in which a number of boats chase each other in single file, each crew attempting to catch and 'bump' the boat in front without being caught by the boat behind. The form is mainly used in intercollegiate competitions at the University's of Cambridge and Oxford. It is particularly suitable where the stretch of water available is long but narrow, precluding side-by-side racing

1st May 1930 Written underneath Selwyn 1st May Boat 1930 Bumped First Trinity and Third Trinity
JC WANSEY Seated on right of photo with glasses. Peter WANSEY Standing at the back second from right of photo

Easter 1930 Written underneath The Selwyn Clinker Four, Easter 1930 - Beat Bristol University by two lengths

Lent 1930 Written underneath Selwyn 1st Lent Boat - 1930 Bumped - First Trinty | JC WANSEY Seated on right of photo with glasses

Feb 1930 The Daily Sketch | 1930_The_Daily_Telegraph_The_Trial_Eights_4_Nov.pdf

1930 Mahatma GHANDHI at Selwyn College, Cambridge

1930 WANSEY siblings | From the bottom Mary with family dog Tweedles, Chris, Peter, John and Paul [Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY Photo]

1930 WANSEY siblings

Circa 1929 John WANSEY at Cambridge (Presuming John to be 22 yrs)

1929_Circa_Note_from_Jesus_College_Cambridge.pdf - To JC WANSEY
April 3. As from The Lodge, Jesus College, Cambridge.
Dear Mr Wansey
I had noticed your success at Selwyn College, on which I heartily congratulate and trust that it is the opening of a course honourable to yourself and your College. Many thanks for informing of your decision.
Yours very truly Arthur GRAY

JC WANSEY attended 'Bristol Grammer school'

1928 Chris WANSEY | Studio Portrait | 18 years old

1928 John WANSEY's place setting [Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY Photo]

8 Jul 1927 Cartoon presented to JC WANSEY at Bristol Grammer school [JC WANSEY's scrap-book]

Photos of memorial and grave Bishopstrow Church, Warminster by Roger BARNETT and Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY

Registration District Warminster | Death in the Sub-district of Warminster in the County of Wiltshire
No 193 | When and where died, Twenty Fourth April 1926, The Rectory, Bishopstrow, R.D.
Name, Henry Raymond WANSEY | Male | 52 yrs | Occupation, Work in Holy Orders, Rector of Bishopstrow
Cause of death, Heart failure
Description of informant, Paul R. WANSEY, Son, The Rectory, Bishopstrow
When Registered, Twenty Seventh April 1926 | Registrar, William RANDALL

Circa 1926 Probably drawn at 'The Lord Weymouth Grammer School', Warminster. Portrait of JC WANSEY by P A STEWART [JC WANSEY's scrap-book]

JC WANSEY attended 'The Lord Weymouth Grammer School', Warminster

Bishopstrow Rectory | Warminster
Dear Peter
The other new master came on Monday. His name is Hazel and I think he is rather a 'spike'. Anyhow, he must be some good at cricket since he got me out (on my first appearance) for a duck. The other master also plays - There were nets on Monday and Tuesday four overs of a game on Wednesday - after which it began to pelt, fielding practise on Thursday, and a game yesterday. I don't think there's any more news. With much love from your loving brother

Bishopstrow Rectory | Warminster | June 6th
Dear Peter
Thank you very much for your letter. There hasn't been much doing at school in the last week except a match against the town 2nd yesterday when I wasn't playing. In the first innings we made 20 and Warminster 31 but in the second we made 46 and just skittled them out for 26, before stumps were drawn. Next week we have 3 matches, on Monday against Shaftesbury, Thursday K.E.S. and Saturday against - (sorry! I've forgotten,) but perhaps we won't play any, since 2 kids have got measles. I advertised my gun in the Bazaar a little while ago, and consequently have sold it for 25/-. I am now advertising my P. Bars. I don't think there's any more news. From your loving brother

[Handwritten by Olive WANSEY] Letter to Peter, From Christopher (Joseph) who was at school in Warminster
[Handwritten by Chris]
July 11th | Dear Peter,
Thank you very much for your letter. I couldn't imagine for a long time what you meant by my fall' but then I remembered I tripped up getting into the pavvy via the window, but I didn't hurt myself much. We played S B[?] yesterday. I had the ball from Harris and got 2 off it, but then the other chaps (Harland) was caught and since I was the last man, I retired. I am at present 5th in the average with 4.5, but will most probably go down to 3 after the last 2 matches. I don't think there's any more news. From your loving brother.

1925 Chris (known then as Joe) & his elder brother Peter WANSEY [Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY Photo]

In 1925 Henry Raymond WANSEY of Bishopstrow Rectory, Warminster, Wiltshire wrote a 41 page document titled 'Some Notes on the Ancestors of my Family'
Scans of the original mechanically typed loose leaf pages dated 1925 by Henry Raymond WANSEY

Transcribed copies Feb 2010 from the original using 'optical character recognition'.

1925 Henry Raymond WANSEY
Two page autobiographical account of his early family life, school and university years. Including his ordination and early missionary work. Extracted from 'Some Notes on the Ancestors of my Family'

1917 Marriage solemnized at St Nicholas Church, in the Parish of Blundellsands in the County of Lancaster.
No 36 | July 29th 1924
Henry Raymond WANSEY | 51 yrs | Widower | Occupation, Work in Holy Orders
Residence at time of Marriage, The Rectory, Bishopstow, Wiltshire
Father's Name, Arthur Henry WANSEY (deceased) | Profession of Father, Solicitor
Hilda THOMSON | 39 yrs | Spinster
Residence at time of Marriage, 19, Rossett Road, Blundellsands
Father's Name, John THOMSON (deceased) | Profession of Father, Gentleman
Married in the Parish Church, according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by Banns by me B ? SMITH, Vicar.
This Marriage was solemnized between us, Henry Raymond WANSEY, Hilda THOMPSON | In the Presence of us, John Douglas WOOD, Lilian THOMSON

1924 Death in the Sub-district of North Marylebone in the County of London
No 445 | Where and When died, Twenty Fourth January 1924, Florence Nightingale Hospital, 19 Lisson Grove
Beatrice Margaretta WANSEY | 53 years | Occupation, Of Imber Vicarage Devizes, Wife of Henry Raymond WANSEY, Work in Holy Orders.
Cause of Death, (1) Pernicious Aneamia 8 months (2) Heart Failure. Certified by H.G. JOHNSON M.D.
Description of Informant, E.M. NOTTIDGE, Sister, Present at the death, St Fagans?, Windermere Avenue, Finchley.
When registered, Twenty Fifth January 1924 | Registrar, A.J.W. SINGER?


Circa 1918 Paul WANSEY (Assuming Paul to be 12 yrs old)

Baptism performed in the parish of Sutton Cum Seaford in the County of Sussex | Register entry no 768
Date of birth, October 1st 1910 | Date of baptism, July 21st 1917
Father's Christian names & surname, Henry Raymond WANSEY
Mother's Christian names & surname, Beatrice Margaretta WANSEY
Address, 8, Esplanade, Seaford, Sussex | Father's occupation, Schoolmaster
Godparents, Not recorded | Officiating minister, FD GREMER, Vicar.
Certified to be a true copy of an entry in the register of the said parish, by me Michael R THOMPSON - Vicar of Seaford | Date 20/11/90

Circa 1917 John, Peter, Mary & Chris WANSEY (Presuming Paul to be 10 yrs old)

1914 Henry Raymond WANSEY in Darlington

1914_Darlington_Note.pdf Hand written by HRW 1914 Darlington


Circa 1913 Paul, John, Peter, Mary & Chris WANSEY (Assuming Chris to be 3 yrs and Mary to be 4 yrs old)
Henry Raymond & Beatrice Margaretta's children

1913 Postcards to HR & BM WANSEY from Japan

1913 The WANSEY family back in England


Circa 1912 Henry Raymond WANSEY | Hand written by HRW Outside the Ashio Mission Church


Circa 1912 Henry Raymond WANSEY | Hand written by HRW With Bibles & tracts and two miners taken outside our Mission Church at Ashio Copper Mine

Circa 1912 Henry Raymond WANSEY

THE accompanying photograph [below dated August 1911] is that of a family of Friends (members of Darlington Monthly Meeting) who reside at Nikko, Japan; H. R. Wansey being engaged in mission work in the coal and copper mining districts of the Island of Hondo. He went out to Japan under the auspices of the Church Missionary Society; but as the result of becoming personally acquainted with some members of the Society of Friends and the study of Quaker literature, he was led to adopt Friends' views and to put them into practice in his life and work. He felt that he could not conscientiously remain as a clergyman of the Established Church, and consequently resigned his position under the C.M.S., thereby losing the financial support of that Society.
In 1910, after receiving a visit from Henry Clark, a member of Darlington Monthly Meeting, who was touring in Japan, H. R. Wansey applied to that Monthly Meeting for membership and was accepted, the application being strongly supported by H. Clark and by other Friends in Japan. From all sources good reports have been recieved with respect to H. R. Wansey's work, and Darlington Friends, as well as members of other Monthly Meetings, have interested themselves in his work. Edward Backhouse of White House, Stockton-on-Tees, and Ernest O. D. Sibson, of 36 Elton Parade, Darlington, have been asked to act as correspondents, on behalf of the Monthly Meeting, with these far distant members, and they will be glad to answer any inquiries with respect to our Friends and their work and its support

August 1911 from 'The Friend' dated 5th April 1912. H.R. and B.M. WANSEY and Family in Quakers newspaper 'The Friend'. Nikko, Japan

Circa 1912 Henry Raymond WANSEY
Written on back by Chris WANSEY Great Grandfather Wansey & Great Grandmother. Paul, John, Peter, Mary & Chris with Suzuki San Priest of the Temple in Nikko

Circa 1912 The WANSEY House in Nikko | Written on back by HR WANSEY Our house seen in the distance

A handwritten note next to the newspaper cutting 'Cricket at Karuizawa' When at Clifton College on the occasion of a visit from W.G.Grace, HRW recieved from him a Cricket bat for a best performance at Oxford, he played on occasion for the Oxford University Authentics

Circa 1911 Henry Raymond WANSEY | The Mission Church

Circa 1911 Henry Raymond WANSEY | Mission Church built by myself and adjoining our house in Nikko. Shiken Chs
'A servant of Jesus Christ' Rom I.1. | Henceforth I call you not servants ... but I have called you friends. John XV.15.

Texts given me by my wife as messages for me in my solitary missionary journeys HRW [The Japanese images are stuck to the back of the Mission Church page]

1911 Mary WANSEY Probably at Nikko

1911 Probably at Nikko | Henry Raymond & Beatrice Margaretta's children
Standing, Paul, Joseph (Chris), John, Peter WANSEY | Sitting, Mary [Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY Photos]

1911 Probably at Nikko | Paul John & Peter

1911 Note written to side of photo Grandmother Wansey, Paul, John, Peter, Mary and baby Christopher in the garden at Nikko 1911


1910_Birth_Certificate_Joseph_Raymond_WANSEY.pdf [Later to change his name to Joseph Christopher]
Birth within the District of the British Consulate General at Yokohama
No 712 | When and where, October First 1910, 2251 Shikencho, Nikko
Joseph Raymond | Boy
Name of father, Henry Raymond WANSEY | Occupation of father, Missionary
Name of mother, Beatrice Margaretta NOTTIDGE
Description of informant, Letter from Rev. H. R. WANSEY, Father of child dated April 4th 1911
When registered, April 11th 1911 | Thomas HARRINGTON, Vice Consul

Circa 1910 Henry Raymond WANSEY | Written by Henry on the back Henry Raymond Wansey Ashio Copper Mine Mission House 8 miles from Nikko

Circa 1910 Henry Raymond WANSEY | Written by Henry on the back Two Christians with myself at Utsunomiya

Circa 1910 Henry Raymond WANSEY | Written by Henry on the back The Ashio Copper Mine . . . House 8 miles Nikki

Circa 1910 Henry Raymond WANSEY at Shinto Temple, Nikko | Hand-written on the back of the photo by Chris WANSEY Great-Grandfather Wansey on the steps of the chief Shinto Temple in Nikko, Japan (where Grandfather Wansey was born.)
On his left, the Chief Priest of Shintoism in Japan, and other members of Grandfather Wansey's English Bible Class. Circa 1910 A.D.

1910 Probably at Nikko Henry Raymond & Beatrice Margaretta WANSEY with their children | Beatrice holding Mary, Paul, John, Henry Raymond holding Peter [Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY Photo]

1910 Peter, John & Paul WANSEY




Booklet God Moves in a Mysterious Way 1906-1910_Japanese_Copper_Mining_Mission_Booklet.pdf
Written by David Shillitoe, International Miners Mission, 5 Old Rectory Court, 61 Wood Street, Barnet, EN5 4BL England
Chapters 3 & 4 cover Henry Raymond & Beatrice WANSEY's 1904-1913 missionary work in Japan

Henry Raymond WANSEY and Beatrice Margaretta NOTTIDGE married in Nagasaki on February 25th 1905

July 1904 Written on the back 10 Deskima. Nagasaki July 1904 - HRW
The house where Henry & Beatrice Margaretta lived in after they were married in 1905. The English spelling of this place is now known as 10, Dejima, Nagasaki.

June 2013 Kate KIRKLAND nee WANSEY writes Our middle son, Nick, is currently living in Nagasaki, Dejima is one of the main tourist attractions and has many visitors. Nick often goes to number 10 which remains intact. It was a residence for the Church Missionary Society, so it is interesting that it was where my grandparents started their married life

July 7th 1904 Written on the back Taken about 5a.m. at Himi Toge 'Pass' July 7th 1904. H.R.W.


Arthur Henry WANSEY biography written in 1925 by his son Henry Raymond WANSEY extracted from Wansey Family Tree

RG13 | Piece 2403 | Folio 27 | Page 7 | Sambourne, Westbury upon Trym, Barton Regis, Gloucestershire
Authur H WANSEY | Head | Married | 73 yrs | Occupation, Solicitor Notary Public | Born, Warminster, Wiltshire
Blanche WANSEY | Wife | Married | 57 yrs | Born, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Florence WANSEY | Daughter | Single | 30 yrs | Born, Stoke Bishop, Gloucestershire
Margaret R WANSEY | Daughter | Single | 29 yrs | Born, Stoke Bishop, Gloucestershire
Emily SAUNDER | Servant | Single | 32 yrs | Occupatiopn, Cook Domestic | Born, ?, Devon
Eliza TRICKER | Servant | Single | 28 yrs | Occupation, Housemaid Domestic | Born, Zeals, Wiltshire
Emily HARRIS | Servant | Single | 24 yrs | Occupation, Parlour Maid Domestic | Born, Sandford, Somerset
Bessie WATTS | Servant | Single | 21 yrs | Occupation, Maid Domestic | Born, Paulton, Somerset
Rose CROKER | Servant | Single | 19 yrs | Occupation, Kitchen Maid Domestic | Born, Langford, Somerset

1901 NORTHERN DESPATCH FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 1959 | Picture from the past
This interesting photograph is of members of St. Cuthbert's (Darlington) Bible Class of 1901, taken in the church doorway.
It is contributed to PICTURES OF THE PAST by Canon P.N. Wansey, Vicar of Darlington, and the great point of interest is that in the centre of the back row is his father, the Rev. H. R. Wansey, who was curate at St. Cuthbert's from 1899-1901

Circa 1899 Henry Raymond WANSEY and sisters and possibly his father
There is no record of the people in the photo, with nothing written on the back or on the page. Henry Raymond is seated. The two ladies are probably Henry Raymond's unmarried sisters Margaret & Florence. Margaret would be 27 yrs and Florence would be 29 yrs. Florence married when she was 36 yrs to Arthur Ralph THOPSON in 1906. Margaret remained unmarried and was later an artist who lived in Kensington.
If the standing man is Henry Raymond's father Arthur Henry he would be 72 yrs. He died 18th Oct 1902 [Patricia GOVE nee ROSE Photo]

Circa 1897 (Presuming Henry Raymond is 24 yrs old)
He was ordained as a deacon in the Durham diocese on 19th December 1897, I assume this photograph was taken shortly after. He was ordained as a priest in the Durham diocese on 28 May 1899

Circa 1894 (Assuming Henry Raymond WANSEY is 21 yrs old)
Mary-Joy writes We think it was taken while he was at Oxford, University College [Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY Photo]

Circa 1894 Henry Raymond WANSEY (presuming 20 years old) Patricia GOVE nee ROSE Photo

March 1894 Henry Raymond WANSEY at 20 years old | Hand-written on back Raymond Oxford March 1894

Circa 1893 H E WHATELY, presumably a friend of Henry Raymond | Hand-written on photo Yours in HIM, H.E. Whately, Rom XV 13 [Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY Photo]

Dec 1893 Henry Raymond WANSEY at 20 years | Hand-written on back HRW Dec 1893 [Patricia GOVE nee ROSE Photo]

Sep 1893 Henry Raymond WANSEY | Hand-written on back Ray, as he went to Mrs Albert Brasseys ball at Heythrop Feb 1893
Gillman & Co, Artists & Photographers, 107, St Aldates, Oxford

Sep 1892 Henry Raymond WANSEY Written on back HRW June 1892

Circa 1892 There is no record of the couple in the photo, with nothing written on the back or on the page.
Probably Arthur Henry WANSEY and his wife Blanche WANSEY nee WELLSTED. In 1992 Arthur would be 65 yrs and Blanche would be 48 yrs

28th July 1892 There is no record of the people in the photo. However the three standing ladies all look similar so are possibly HR WANSEY's sisters Margaret, Florence, Hester and the seated lady in black could possibly be his mother Blanche WANSEY nee WELLSTED, she would be 48 years. Also unknown lady in light blouse and unknown bearded man wearing hat. Hand-written on back: Taken Ray 28th July 1892
Printed on back: Villiers & Quick, 42, Park St, Bristol
Henry Raymond had one older brother, Arthur Alfred and five older sisters, Margaret Raymond bn 1872, Florence bn 1870, Hester Marion bn 1869, Blanche Wellsted bn 1867 and Edith Elizabeth bn 1864.
In 1892 Blanche Wellsted and Edith Elizabeth were both already married, Blanche in 1890 to Cecil Henry St. Leger RUSSELL and Edith in 1888 to John William ROSE

Sep 1891 Henry Raymond WANSEY at 18 years old | Written on back Ray Sept 1891

1891 Henry Raymond WANSEY with a cricket team

1891 Henry Raymond WANSEY with a cricket team. Lightly written in pencil on the same page as the photo CC XI 1891

RG12 | Piece 1989 | Folio 45 | Page 15 | Sambourne, Sneyd Park, Westbury on Trym, Barton Regis, Gloucestershire
Arthur Henry WANSEY | Head | Married | 63 yrs | Occupation, Solicitor | Born, Warminster, Wiltshire
Blanch WANSEY | Wife | Married | 47 yrs | Born, Birmingham
Arthur Alfred WANSEY | Son | Single | Male | 25 yrs | Born, Stoke Bishop, Gloucestershire
Hester Marion WANSEY | Daughter | Single | 22 yrs | Born, Stoke Bishop, Gloucestershire
Henry Raymond WANSEY | Son | Single | Male | 17 yrs | Occupation, Scholar | Born, Stoke Bishop, Gloucestershire
Rosa Marice STEVENS | Servant | Single | 26 | Occupation, Housemaid Domestic | Born, Westbury on Trym, Gloucestershire
Elizabeth YEELES | Servant | Single | 38 yrs | Occupation, Cook Domestic | Born, Shirehampton, Gloucestershire
Ellen ROE | Servant | Single | 25 | Occupation, Housemaid Domestic | Born, Bisley, Gloucestershire
Annie ATHERTON | Servant | Single | 20 yrs | Occupation, Kitchenmaid Domestic | Born, Backwell, Somerset

Sep 1888 Henry Raymond WANSEY at 15 years old | Written on back Sept 1888 Taken by a school fellow

Circa 1887 Henry Raymond WANSEY (Presuming HRW to be 14 years old) | W,H. Midwinter & Co, Photographers 48, Park St, Bristol

Circa 1886 Henry Raymond WANSEY (Presuming HRW to be 13 years old)

July 1885 Henry Raymond WANSEY - 12 years old
Written on back Henry Raymond Wansey July 1885 | Photographers Royal Villiers & Quick 52 Park Street, Bristol

1883_Death_Certificate_Alfred_Oliver_WELLSTED.pdf Blanche's Father
1883 Death in the sub-district of Ramsgate in the County of Kent
No. 200 | Thirty First January, 1883, 14, Chandos Place, Broadstairs, U.S.
Alfred Olover WELLSTED | Male | 63 years
Occupation, Rector of Wakes, Colne, Essex
Cause of death, Granular Kidney and Arterial Fibrosis 6 years, Dilatation of Heart Diabetes (Erysipelas) 2 days | Certified by Thom F RAVEN L.R.L.P
Description of Informant, Blanche WANSEY, Daughter, Present at the death, Sambourne, Stoke Bishop, Bristol
Registered, First February 1883 | Registrar, Geo. GRIGGS, Registrar

RG11 | Piece 991 | Folio 5 | Page 3 | 14, Chandos Place, St Peter, Thanet, Kent
A O WALLSTED | Head | Married | 61 yrs | Occupation, Clergyman, Rector | Born, Paddington, London
Julia WALLSTED | Wife | Married | 60 yrs | Born, Margate, Kent
Florence M NEIL | Daughter | Married | 34 yrs | Occupation, Wife Of Revd Neil Vicar | Born, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Kate BURVILL | Servant | Single | 19 yrs | Occupation, Domestic Servant | Born, Broadstairs, Kent
Mahala LEE | Servant | Single | 60 yrs | Occupation, Cook (Dom) | Born, Ballingham, Essex

RG11 | Piece 2504 | Folio 51 | Page 9 | Sambourn, Stoke Bishop, Westbury, Gloucestershire
Arthur H. WANSEY Head | Married | 53 yrs | Occupation, Solicitor Notary Public Regr Tolsey Court & Depy Judge | Born, Warminster, Wiltshire
Blanch WANSEY | Wife | Married | 37 yrs | Born, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Blanch W. WANSEY | Daughter | Unmarried | 14 yrs | Occupation, Scholar | Born, S Bishop, Gloucestershire
Hester M. WANSEY | Daughter | 12 yrs | Occupation, Scholar | Born, S Bishop, Gloucestershire
Florence WANSEY | Daughter | 11 yrs | Occupation, Scholar | Born, S Bishop, Gloucestershire
Margaret R. WANSEY | Daughter | 9 yrs | Occupation, Scholar | Born, S Bishop, Gloucestershire
Henry R. WANSEY | Son | 7 yrs | Occupation, Scholar | Born, S Bishop, Gloucestershire
Elizabeth YULES | 26 yrs | Occupation, Cook (Dom) | Born, Shirehampton, Gloucestershire
Mary A. GRAHAM | 34 yrs | Occupation, Parlour Maid | Born, Lancaster, Lancashire
Mary J. NOONES | 18 yrs | Occupation, House Maid | Born, Pensford, Somerset
Emily SMART | 28 yrs | Occupation, Nurse (Dom) | Born, Bisley, Gloucestershire
Eleanor AMBLER | 16 yrs | Occupation, Under Nurse (Dom) | Born, K Weston, Gloucestershire

May 1880 Florence WANSEY and her brother Henry Raymond | Written on back Floss & Raymond May 1880 | Floss 10 years 1 month Raymond 6 years 9 months
Minture Painters and Photographers 59, White Ladies Road, Clifton

May 1878 Henry Raymond WANSEY 4 years 7 months old | Written on back HRW May 78 4 years 7 months
Two studio photos taken at James FISHER 59, White Ladies Road, Clifton, Bristol

May 1875 Blanche WANSEY nee WELLSTED with her son Henry Raymond WANSEY born 16th Oct 1873 | Written on back Henry Raymond Wansey 19 months taken May 12th / 75
Studio photos taken at James FISHER 59, White Ladies Road, Clifton, Bristol

1873 Birth in the Sub-district of Westbury in the County of Gloucester
No 4 | When and where, Sixteenth October 1873, Sambourne, Stoke Bishop, Westbury
Henry Raymond | Boy
Name of father, Arthur Henry WANSEY | Occupation of father, Solicitor
Name of mother, Blanche WANSEY formerly WELLSTED
Description of informant, Arthur H. WANSEY, Father, Sambourne, Stoke Bishop, Westbury
When registered, Twenty fourth November 1873 | Henry ORWOOD, Registrar

Circa 1872 Arthur Henry WANSEY (Presuming Arthur to be 45 yrs old)

[Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY Photo]

The following is copied from: www.bristollawsociety.com
Arthur Henry Wansey was President of Bristol Law Society from 1891-2.
The London Gazette of May 17th 1859 refers to an auction of the Netham chemical works comprising freehold and leasehold property in St George on the banks of the River Avon. The land together with all building, plant and machinery had previously been owned by Stephen Cox (the lease being for the annual rent of £120) was to be auctioned in the Commercial Rooms in Corn Street pursuant to an order from the Chancery Court. The London Gazette reports that particulars of the property could be viewed in the offices of Palmer and Wansey on Corn Street.
Wansey could not have been in practice for very long, being born in 1827 in Warminster. He was to move to Clifton, building a house called Sambourne on the Clifton Downs near to Sea Walls. Wansey was a Non-Conformist, enjoyed hunting and shooting and went on regular fly-fishing holidays to Ireland and Scotland. He came to the Law at an early age, practising from the early 1950s. He first went into partnership with Henry Palmer, who was his brother-in-law, and in 1860 Wansey became Registrar of the Tolzey Court (a position that Palmer had previously held) later becoming a Deputy Judge.

[Henry Andrews PALMER married Margaret WANSEY (Bn 1808 Dd 1839) on the 25th July 1835 att Saint Denys, Warminster. They had one known child, Emily E. PALMER (Bn 22nd Jan 1837)
Emily E. PALMER married Rev John Meek CLARK in 1865 at Clifton, Gloucestershire. They had three children Margaret, Marian & Basil.]

In 1863 A.H. Wansey’s office was at 24 Clare Street, which was also the Tolzey Court Office, while in 1887 his office was in St. Stephens’ Chambers on Baldwin Street. Wansey’s son Arthur Edward joined him in practice following his passing of the Law examinations, but sadly died in 1892. By 1897 A.H. Wansey’s firm was still known under the title of A.H. Wansey and Son, although his only other surviving son had joined the Church. Following the death of his son, Wansey went into partnership with Edward Meade-King and by 1908 the firm was known as Wansey and Meade-King.
Wansey died in October 1902 aged 74 and his obituary in the Bristol Mercury described him as a man of commanding presence and looks with a genial and kindly nature. He had an 'old time courtesy which impressed itself on all those who had dealings with him'.

RG10 | Piece 2569 | Folio 57 | Page 14 | Sambourne, Westbury on Trym, Clifton, Gloucestershire
Arthur H WANSEY | Head | Married | 43 yrs | Occupation, Attorny at Law Notary Public | Born, Warminster, Wiltshire
Blanche WANSEY | Wife | Married | 27 yrs | Born, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Edith E WANSEY | Daughter | 7 yrs | Born Westbury upon Trym, Gloucestershire
Arthur H WANSEY | Son | 5 yrs | Born Westbury upon Trym, Gloucestershire
Blanche W WANSEY | Daughter | 4 yrs | Born Westbury upon Trym, Gloucestershire
Hester M WANSEY | Daughter | 2 yrs | Born Westbury upon Trym, Gloucestershire
Florence WANSEY | Daughter | 11 Months | Born Westbury upon Trym, Gloucestershire
Eleanor MARSDEN | Visitor | Unmarried | 20 yrs | Born, Tottenham, Middlesex
Sarah LATCHAM | Servant | Unmarried | 32 yrs | Occupation, Cook domestic servant | Born, Blackford, Wedmore, Somerset
Ann HOLCOMBE | Servant | Unmarried | 22 yrs | Occupation, House palour maid | Born, Bickford, Tiverton, Devon
Mary TAPP | Servant | Unmarried | 27 yrs | Occupation, Nurse maid Servant | Born, Martock, Somerset
Emily DICKS | Servant | Unmarried | 19 yrs | Occupation, Nurse maid Servant | Born, Warminster, Wiltshire

RG10 | Piece 5531 | Folio 29 | Page 5 | Tregwynt, Granston, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales
R Llywelyn PURCELL | Head | Unmarried | 30 yrs | Born, Clifton, Gloucestershire
John THOMAS | Servant | Married | 42 yrs | Occupation, Butler | Born, ?, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Mary C CLEMENT | Servant | Unmarried | 61 yrs | Occupation, Cook | Born, Rudbaxton, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Lettice SAUNDERS | Servant | Married | 40 yrs | Occupation, House Maid | Born, Granston, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Martha GRIFFITHS | Servant | Unmarried | 25 yrs | Occupation, Kitchen Maid | Born, St Nicholas, Pembrokeshire, Wales
William ROBERTS | Servant | Unmarried | 17 yrs | Occupation, Groom | Born, Mathry, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Arthur Henry WANSEY | Visitor | Married | 43 yrs | Occupation, Solicitor | Born, Warminster, Wiltshire
Thos Henry Phillip ROBERTS | Cousin | Unmarried | 26 yrs | Occupation, C Engineer | Born, India

Mortgage between Arthur Henry WANSEY & Richard GOSSELETT

1862 Marriage solemnized at St James Church, in the Parish of Edmonton in the County of Middlesex
No 70 | November 12
Arthur Henry WANSEY | 35 yrs | Bachelor | Occupation, Gentleman
Residence at time of Marriage, Clifton
Father's Name, Henry WANSEY. | Profession of Father, Gentleman
Blanche WELLSTED | 20 yrs | Spinster
Residence at time of Marriage, Edmonton
Father's Name, Alfred Oliver WELLSTED | Profession of Father, Clergyman
Married in the Church of St James according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by Licence, by me, PHILLIPS
This Marriage was solemnized between us, Arthur H WANSEY, Blanche WELLSTED | In the Presence of us, Julia WELLSTED, Edward WANSEY

HO107 | Piece 1843 | Folio 232 | Page 29 | Sambourne, Warminster, Wiltshire
Harry WANSEY | Head | Married | 76 yrs | Occupation, Retired Clothier | Born, Warminster, Wiltshire
Elizabeth WANSEY | Wife | Married | 70 yrs | Retired Clothier's Wife | Born, London, Middlesex
Ellen WANSEY | Daughter | Unmarried | 44 yrs | Born, Warminster, Wiltshire
Louisa WANSEY | Daughter | Unmarried | 29 yrs | Born, Warminster, Wiltshire
Anna E WANSEY | Daughter | Unmarried | 28 yrs | Born, Warminster, Wiltshire
Arthur H WANSEY | Son | Unmarried | 23 yrs | Occupation, Solicitor | Born, Warminster, Wiltshire
Jane WHATLEY | Servant | Unmarried | 35 yrs | Occupation, House Servant | Born, Warminster, Wiltshire
Elizabeth CURRIER | Servant | Unmarried | Female | 27 yrs | Occupation, House Servant | Born, Kilmersdon, Somerset

1843 Birth in the Sub-district of St Paul Birmingham in the County of Warwick
No 382 | Born, Seventh of September 1843 at 17 George Street, St Pauls
Name, Blanche | Girl
Name of Father, Alfred Oliver WELLSTED | Occupation of father, Clerk
Name of mother, Julia WELLSTED formerly ANDERSON
Description of informant, Alfred Oliver WELLSTED B.A. Father, 17 George Street, St Pauls
Registered, Twenty fifth of September 1843 | Registrar, Joseph SMITH

Circa 1842 | Fan itemising Ellen & Arthur WANSEY's European tour [Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY Photo]

HO107 | Piece 377 | Book 13 | Folio 8 | Page 11 | St James Place, Kingsdown, St James & St Paul, Clifton, Gloucestershire
John R WREFORD | Male | 35 yrs
Harriet WREFORD | Female | 35 yrs
Charles R WREFORD | Male | 12 yrs
John K R WREFORD | Male | 8 yrs
Richd W PERKINS | Male | 15
Alfred WATERHOUSE | Male | 15
Willm COLFORD | Male | 15
Wm C JOLLY | Male | 14
Thos HOUNSELL | Male | 14
Arthur H WANSEY | Male | 13
Wm James RUSSELL | Male | 11 yrs | Born, Gloucestershire
Hortt HUXHAM | Male | 10 yrs
Ann TUCKER | Female | 25 yrs
Charlotte HATHRILL | Female | 30 yrs
Elizth M WREFORD | Female | 30 yrs | Born, Gloucestershire

1839_Marriage_Certificate_WELLSTED_ANDERSON.pdf Parents of Blanche WELLSTED
1839 Marriage solemnized at St John's Church, in the Parish of St John, Thanet in the County of Kent.
No 142 | October 16
Alfred Oliver WELLSTED | Of Full Age | Bachelor | Occupation, Gentleman.
Residence at time of Marriage, Clifton Place, Margate
Father's Name, James WELLSTED | Profession of Father, Manufacturer
Julia ANDERSON | Of Full Age | Spinster
Residence at time of Marriage, Clifton Place, Margate.
Father's Name, George ANDERSON | Profession of Father, Clerk
Married in the Church of St John according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by Licence, by me, John FORSYTH Curate
This Marriage was solemnized between us, Alfred Oliver WELLSTED, Julia ANDERSON in the Presence of us, Eliza SIMMONDS, George DIXON

Circa 1839 (Presuming Henry to be 65 yrs old) | Henry WANSEY who married his cousin Elizabeth in 1800

Circa 1835 Margaret WANSEY daughter of Henry and Elizabeth WANSEY married Henry Andrews PALMER 25th July 1835 at Saint Denys, Warminster, Wiltshire (Presuming Margaret to be 27 yrs old)

Circa 1827 Ellen WANSEY daughter of Henry and Elizabeth WANSEY (Presuming Margaret to be 21 yrs old) [Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY Painting]

Circa 1812 Jane WANSEY's cup | Note written by Henry Raymond WANSEY Cup that belonged to Jane Wansey, only daughter of John Hubbard (Whose nephew he started in Life and who became Governor of the bank of England and 1st Baron Addlington - John Gillibrand Hubbard). Jane Hubbard when 17 married George Wansey of Warminster, mother of Jessy Wansey wife of Francis Wilson Bayley. John Gellibrand HUBBARD was Governor of the Bank of England 1853 -1855 [Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY Photo]

Circa 1800 Elizabeth WANSEY's FAN AND workbox | Note written by Henry Raymond WANSEY Elizabeth Wansey's fan. She used to keep it at Sambourne in the bureau left by L Colfox to Uncle Crookshank. She had 15 children and allowed them to play with her fans and old lace!!! [Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY Collection]

1800 Sambourne, Near Warminster, which was built by Henry Wansey for his wife Elizabeth in 1800 on the occasion of their marriage [Photo taken by Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY]

1800 Elizabeth WANSEY was 18 yrs old when she married Henry WANSEY on the 3rd of September 1800 in Camberwell, London. This miniature portrait of her before she was married was painted by Sir Thomas LAWRENCE, who lived next door. [Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY Painting]

Circa 1798 John WANSEY 1748 - 1821 (Presuming John to be 50 years old)
Quote from page 30 of 'Some Notes on the Ancestors of my Family' by Henry Raymond WANSEY 1925 John Wansey clothier, went to London, lived at Lothbury and Camberwell and married Sarah Raymond in 1772. His picture is painted by Philips. He and his wife. were well off: He is described as a Factor of Blackwall Hall London. His daughter Elizabeth married Henry Wansey our ancestor (son of William) who was her cousin. John Wansey died in his 72nd year [Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY Painting]

1357 (Quoted from Granpic on Flickr) Originally installed in the East window of West Barsham church, this detail shows the device of the De Waunci family, Lords of the Manor of West Barsham from 1066 to 1357
Quote from page 9 of Henry Raymond WANSEY's 'Chronological History of the family of the Wauncey's from the Conquest'
1066 A.D. Hugo de Waunci came over from Normandy under William Earl Warren his patron, who marrying the Conqueror's daughter gave him lands mentioned in Domesday book - namely, Barsham in Norfolk which was his place of residence.
His arms are painted in glass in the old Church at West Barsham