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1931 Death in the Sub-district of Chelsea in the County of London
No. 271
Twenty First November 1931, 28 Cheyne Court.
Blanche WANSEY / Female / 88 yrs
Occupation, Widow of Arthur Henry WANSEY a Solicitor.
Cause of Death, Pneumonia 5 days No P.M. Certified by Randolph R. GROSVENOR MRCS
Description of Informant, Margaret R WANSEY, Daughter, Present at death, 28 Cheyne Court.
Registered, Twenty third November 1931.
Registrar, C WRIGHT.
1883 Death in the sub-district of Ramsgate in the County of Kent
No. 200
Thirty First January, 1883, 14, Chandos Place, Broadstairs, U.S.
Alfred Olover WELLSTED / Male / 63 years
Occupation, Rector of Wakes, Colne, Essex
Cause of death, Granular Kidney and Arterial Fibrosis 6 years, Dilatation of Heart Diabetes (Erysipelas) 2 days Certified by Thom F RAVEN L.R.L.P
Description of Informant, Blanche WANSEY, Daughter, Present at the death, Sambourne, Stoke Bishop, Bristol.
Registered, First February 1883
Registrar, Geo. GRIGGS, Registrar.
RG11 / Piece 991 / Folio 5 / Page 3
14, Chandos Place, St Peter, Thanet, Kent

A O WALLSTED / Head / Married / 61 yrs / Occupation, Clergyman, Rector / Born, Paddington, London.
Julia WALLSTED / Wife / Married / 60 yrs / Born, Margate, Kent.
Florence M NEIL / Daughter / Married / 34 yrs / Occupation, Wife Of Revd Neil Vicar / Born, Birmingham, Warwickshire.
Kate BURVILL / Servant / Single / 19 yrs / Occupation, Domestic Servant / Born, Broadstairs, Kent.
Mahala LEE / Servant / Single / 60 yrs / Occupation, Cook (Dom) / Born, Ballingham, Essex.

1881 Census
RG11 : Piece 2504 : Folio 51 : Page 9
Sambourn, Stoke Bishop, Westbury, Gloucestershire.

Arthur H. WANSEY Head : Married : 53 yrs : Occupation, Solicitor Notary Public Regr Tolsey Court & Depy Judge : Born, Warminster, Wiltshire.
Blanch WANSEY : Wife : Married : 37 yrs : Born, Birmingham, Warwickshire.
Blanch W. WANSEY : Daughter : Unmarried : 14 yrs : Occupation, Scholar : Born, S Bishop, Gloucestershire
Hester M. WANSEY : Daughter : 12 yrs : Occupation, Scholar : Born, S Bishop, Gloucestershire.
Florence WANSEY : Daughter : 11 yrs : Occupation, Scholar : Born, S Bishop, Gloucestershire.
Margaret R. WANSEY : Daughter : 9 yrs : Occupation, Scholar : Born, S Bishop, Gloucestershire.
Henry R. WANSEY : Son : 7 yrs : Occupation, Scholar : Born, S Bishop, Gloucestershire.
Elizabeth YULES : 26 yrs : Occupation, Cook (Dom) : Born, Shirehampton, Gloucestershire.
Mary A. GRAHAM : 34 yrs : Occupation, Parlour Maid : Born, Lancaster, Lancashire.
Mary J. NOONES : 18 yrs : Occupation, House Maid : Born, Pensford, Somerset.
Emily SMART : 28 yrs : Occupation, Nurse (Dom) : Born, Bisley, Gloucestershire.
Eleanor AMBLER : 16 yrs : Occupation, Under Nurse (Dom) : Born, K Weston, Gloucestershire.


1873 Birth in the Sub-district of Westbury in the County of Gloucester.
No. 4
When and where, Sixteenth October 1873, Sambourne, Stoke Bishop, Westbury.
Henry Raymond : Boy

Name of father, Arthur Henry WANSEY
Name of mother, Blanche WANSEY formerly WELLSTED
Occupation of father, Solicitor.

Description of informant, Arthur H. WANSEY, Father, Sambourne, Stoke Bishop, Westbury.
When registered, Twenty fourth November 1873
Henry ORWOOD?, Registrar.

1872 Approx [Assuming Arthur to be 45 yrs old]
Arthur Henry WANSEY

The following is copied from: /www.bristollawsociety.com/legal_life/a-h-wansey/
Arthur Henry Wansey was President of Bristol Law Society from 1891-2.
The London Gazette of May 17th 1859 refers to an auction of the Netham chemical works comprising freehold and leasehold property in St George on the banks of the River Avon. The land together with all building, plant and machinery had previously been owned by Stephen Cox (the lease being for the annual rent of £120) was to be auctioned in the Commercial Rooms in Corn Street pursuant to an order from the Chancery Court. The London Gazette reports that particulars of the property could be viewed in the offices of Palmer and Wansey on Corn Street.
Wansey could not have been in practice for very long, being born in 1827 in Warminster. He was to move to Clifton, building a house called Sambourne on the Clifton Downs near to Sea Walls. Wansey was a Non-Conformist, enjoyed hunting and shooting and went on regular fly-fishing holidays to Ireland and Scotland. He came to the Law at an early age, practising from the early 1950s. He first went into partnership with Henry Palmer, who was his brother-in-law, and in 1860 Wansey became Registrar of the Tolzey Court (a position that Palmer had previously held) later becoming a Deputy Judge.

Olive WANSEY Photo   Mary-Joy BARNETT nee WANSEY Photo    

In 1863 A.H. Wansey’s office was at 24 Clare Street, which was also the Tolzey Court Office, while in 1887 his office was in St. Stephens’ Chambers on Baldwin Street. Wansey’s son Arthur Edward joined him in practice following his passing of the Law examinations, but sadly died in 1892. By 1897 A.H. Wansey’s firm was still known under the title of A.H. Wansey and Son, although his only other surviving son had joined the Church. Following the death of his son, Wansey went into partnership with Edward Meade-King and by 1908 the firm was known as Wansey and Meade-King.
Wansey died in October 1902 aged 74 and his obituary in the Bristol Mercury described him as a man of commanding presence and looks with a genial and kindly nature. He had an “old time courtesy which impressed itself on all those who had dealings with him”.

1862 Marriage solemnized at St James Church, in the Parish of Edmonton in the County of Middlesex.
No 70
November 12

Arthur Henry WANSEY : 35 yrs : Bachelor
Occupation, Gentleman.
Residence at time of Marriage, Clifton.
Father's Name, Henry WANSEY.
Profession of Father, Gentleman.

Blanche WELLSTED : 20 yrs : Spinster
Residence at time of Marriage, Edmonton.
Father's Name, Alfred Oliver WELLSTED
Profession of Father, Clergyman.

Married in the Church of St James according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by Licence, by me, ? PHILLIPS.
This Marriage was solemnized between us, Arthur H WANSEY, Blanche WELLSTED in the Presence of us, Julia WELLSTED, Edward WANSEY.

1843 Birth in the Sub-district of St Paul Birmingham in the County of Warwick
No. 382
Born, Seventh of September 1843 at 17 George Street, St Pauls
Name, Blanche / Girl
Name of Father, Alfred Oliver WELLSTED
Name of mother, Julia WELLSTED formerly ANDERSON
Occupation of father, Clerk.
Description of informant, Alfred Oliver WELLSTED B.A. Father, 17 George Street, St Pauls
Registered, Twenty fifth of September 1843.
Registrar, Joseph SMITH.
1839 Marriage solemnized at St John's Church, in the Parish of St John, Thanet in the County of Kent.
No 142
October 16

Alfred Oliver WELLSTED / Of Full Age / Bachelor
Occupation, Gentleman.
Residence at time of Marriage, Clifton Place, Margate.
Father's Name, James WELLSTED
Profession of Father, Manufacturer

Julia ANDERSON / Of Full Age / Spinster
Residence at time of Marriage, Clifton Place, Margate.
Father's Name, George ANDERSON.
Profession of Father, Clerk.

Married in the Church of St John according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by Licence, by me, John FORSYTH Curate.
This Marriage was solemnized between us, Alfred Oliver WELLSTED, Julia ANDERSON in the Presence of us, Eliza SIMMONDS, George DIXON.