Nick 'The Flying Brick' Loony Party Candidate and gravitational theorist.

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My political manicfesto for Stoke-on-Trent Central
I am a single issue politician,and have had a long-standing campaign for the abolition of gravity. I am keen to put Stoke-on-Trent on the political map moving the British Parliament to the new Stoke City FC Stadium.
Other policies:

  • Make fishing a spectator sport by introducing piranha to the Trent
  • Stoke-on-Trent Civic Centre will be developed into an intergalactic space port.
  • I will promote Pottermus Hippo to leader of Stoke City Council.
  • All European trains in the future must be fuelled by Gravy.
  • The Loony Party will issue 'looncoin' a crypto currency based on 'bitcoin' but backed by the little gold we have left as a reserve currency in case the £10,000,000,000,000 QE doesn't work.
  • The Conservative Party should be formally issued 'Get out of Jail' cards for their bankers and Company Executive Officers. We are a Britain living within its means.
  • The Loony Party will employ a retiring criminal Judge as CEO of the Financial Conduct Authority, hire a leading criminal barrister as the head of enforcement, and bring in some decent former fraud detectives, to prosecute bank executives.
  • Anybody attending an A&E department more than three times a year will be directed to medical wards for Mercury potions, Electrolysis, Leeching and Lobotomy. The Loonys will balance the humors.
  • The Loony Party will reduce the voting age to 16 and all those under 35yrs will be required to vote by law. Failure to conform will result in denial of all social media and mobile technology.

My reasons for being in the Loony Party
Screaming Lord Sutch and The Official Monster Raving Loony Party were always in the news when I was at school and I was inspired to join after speaking on the phone to Alan 'Howling Laud' Hope in 1994.

Since 1997 I have stood in numerous parliamentary elections campaigning as a Loony Party Shadow Minister for the 'abolition of gravity'.
I was injured in a paragliding accident caused by gravity and have had a vendetta against it ever since.

Abolition of Gravity
Language and human thought are not suited for the subject of gravity. In practical terms I believe that the best place to find its effect abolished is in the centre of the largest inert planet in our solar system. This floating place is also, maybe, the best place to open doors and do a bit of space hopping. A good first experiment would be to tunnel into the centre of the moon, please contact me if you are willing to finance this project.

As I appear to be the first to recognise the gravitationally free nature of the centre of planets and the possible implications in interdimensional (space) travel I feel I am entitled to name this space 'Delves' (or Delvsinian Space).

Treasurer of the Loony Party
In the last few years I have been sucked into the inner machinery of the Loony Party and am the main representative to the UK Electoral Commission and Loony Party Treasurer.

I hope you enjoy this Loony part of my website which my wife Lizzie tells me is an excersise in Narcissism as in "have you been narcississing again?"
Lizzie is in the red dress and wig in the '2010 Derbyshire Dales General Election' photo.

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