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FW DELVES administered the HARGER estate after Joe HARGER died, he transferred the legal work to his first cousin once removed John ARMISTEAD.



Registration District, Southport
Death in the Sub-district of Southport in the County Borough of Southport
Twenty First December 1956, 105 Roe Lane, Southport
Joseph HARGER | Male | 84 yrs
Occupation, Property Owner
Cause of Death, 1a, Cerebral Thrombosis 1b, Arterial Sclerosis
Description of informant,Stanley HILEY, Son-in-Law, 28 Durham Crescent, Southport
When registered Twenty Second December 1956
Signiture of registrar CV MELLOR?

Circa 1954
Kitty HARGER with her children John, Kerry, Sheryl, Kathryn, Merrin & Linley
Taken at Christopher Bede Studios at Aukland, New Zealand
Kitty's husband Charles Maurice HARGER was born 1907 in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, UK to John HARGER and Dorothy nee EDWARDS
John was younger brother to Sarah Ellen Rosa HARGER

1954 Kitty HARGER Photo
Joe HARGER administered his father's properties and distributed the trust earnings among his brothers and sisters. His rather messy paperwork was kept by FW DELVES after he died at in 1956 at the age of 84 yrs. 1921-1952_HARGER_Estate_Documents.pdf

Letters from Dorothy's cousin Joe HARGER about HARGER Trust business also including descriptions of bomb damage in Liverpool


In His Majesty's High Court of Justice
The District Probate Registry at Liverpool
of 9 Albert Road, Southport in the County of Lancaster spinster
died on the 19th day of October 1936
at Bracken Hill, Denholme near Bradford in the County of York
AND BE IT FURTHER KNOWN that at the date hereunder written the last Will and Testament with a Codicil thereto
(a copy whereof annexed) of the said deceased was proved and registered in the District Probate Registry of His Majesty's High Court of Justice at Liverpool
and that Administration of all the Estate which by law devolves to and vests in the personal representative of the said deceased was granted by the aforesaid Court to Dorothy Delves of Bracken Hill aforesaid (wife of Frederick William Delves - formerly Ellis spinster) niece of deceased and Joseph Harger of 105 Roe Lane Southport aforesaid of no occupation brother of deceased the Executors named in the said Will.
And it is hereby certified that an Affidavit for Inland Revenue has been delivered wherein it is shown that the gross value of the said Estate in Great Britain (exclusive of what the said deceased may have been possessed of or entitled to as a Trustee and not beneficially) amounts to £44212-6-5
and the net value of the personal estate amounts to £42313-12-9
And it is further certified that it appears by a Receipt signed by an Inland Revenue Officer on the said Affidavit that £5741-13-7 on account of Estate Duty and interest on such duty has been paid.
Dated the 10th day of December 1936

The HARGER Trust had a lot of houses around Southport which Joe HARGER administered. A lot of them became quite derelict and there was one where one of the tenants burnt the stairs. A lot of the houses were bombed during the 2nd WW for which the Corporation paid only £15- as compensation. The HARGER family lost a lot of money during that time. Joe's eyesight became very poor as he became elderly. FW DELVES used to travel to Southport to help with the administration of the estate but he found Joe difficult to deal with.



Robert & Mary Ann HARGER's six children

  • Sarah Ellen Rosa HARGER bn 21st Jun 1869 married John ELLIS 10th Feb 1897 in Settle Parish Church.
    • Dorothy ELLIS bn 26th Mar 1898, married FW DELVES 30th Jun 1932 in Keighley Parish Church, Yorkshire, died 28th Nov 1974. They had three children.
    • Kathleen ELLIS aka Kitty bn 26th Aug 1901, died 28th Nov 1974.
  • Nancy Agnes HARGER bn 5th Oct 1870, she died at Bracken Hill, Denholme in 1936. She had no children.
  • Joseph HARGER bn 23rd Jul 1872, had two daughters with Edith Mary TAPLEY out of wedlock, only marrying much later in 1924 after they were born. Their daughters were Mary A. born in 1913 and Edith born in June 1918. Joe HARGER described himself as a Gentleman and collected rent from properties in Vauxhall Rd., in Liverpool where Tate & Lyle are now (1990's). Joe and his brother John HARGER didn't get on.
    • Mary A. HARGER married Kennath PARKER in 1937 at Southport, Lancashire.
    • Edith HARGER married Stanley HILEY in 1942 at Southport, Lancashire. They had two children Peter & David.
  • Mary Ann HARGER bn 1873, died in 1923, she left a will of £30,000-
  • John HARGER bn 1875 married Dorothy EDWARDS 1899 in Aston, Birmingham. They had five children.
    • Dorothy Mary HARGER aka Mouk who married John HAWORTH 1928 in Watford, Hertfordshire.
    • John Robert HARGER bn 16th Nov 1904 in Market Harborough who emigrated to Canada and had a son called Bruce HARGER. Bruce HARGER married Jean.
    • Alice Beatrice HARGER bn 1905
    • Charles Maurice HARGER bn 1907 who emigrated to New Zealand and married Kitty. They had several daughters. The neighbouring farm oiwned by FIGGINS had all sons and the HARGER's daughters all married a FIGGINS.
    • Vera HARGER bn 1908 died 1909.
  • Elizabeth Edith HARGER bn 12th Mar 1877 married George Henry CLYMO. Marriage registered in the 2nd qtr 1905 in Newton Abbot, Devon.
  • They had no children. She died a widow in 1922.


Registration District, Ormskirk
Death in the Sub-district of North Meols
No. 400
Fourth August 1914, 50 Leyland Road Southport U.D.
Mary Ann HARGER | Female | 77 yrs
Occupation, Widow of Robert HARGER Property Owner
Cause of Death, 'Senile Decay' Certified by A.J. POPERT M.R.C.S.
Description of informant, Joseph HARGER, Present at the death. 50, Leyland Road Southport.
When registered Fifth August 1914.
Signiture of registrar J.G. RIPLEY

Circa 1914 (Assuming that Joseph HARGER is 42 and Edith is 23 yrs old)
Robert HARGER (in hat) & possibly Edith Mary HARGER nee TAPLEY on left, unknown woman and man on right.

1914 Emma-Jane HOWELLS nee HILEY Photo

Circa 1914 (Assuming that the elderly lady in the middle is Mary Ann HARGER and that she is 79 yrs old.)
Mary Ann HARGER died 4th Aug 1914.
Emma-Jane HOWELL is certain that the man in the middle at the back is Joe HARGER. John DELVES says Joe was short and used to win cross country races at Giggleswick.
The lady front left in this photo is standing with the taller man in the photo above.
There is a possibility this photo was taken in the garden of 50, Leyland Road, Southport, Lancashire.

1914 Emma-Jane HOWELLS nee HILEY Photo
RD457 SD6 Enumeration District 6
50, Leyland Road, Southport, Lancashire
Mary Ann HARGER | Head | Widow | 74 yrs | Occupation, Private means | Born, Runcorn, Cheshire.
Nancy Agnes HARGER | Daughter | Single | 40 yrs | Occupation, Private means | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
Joseph HARGER | Son | Single | 38 yrs | Occupation, Private means | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
Mary Ann HARGER | Daughter | Single | 36 yrs | Occupation, Private means | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
Kate MURPHY | Servant | Single | 45 yrs | Occupation, Genreal Servant Domestic | Born, Currigallen Co, Latrum.
RD456 SD2 Enumeration District 1
Grange Hollies, Grange Lane, Gateacre, Lancashire
John HARGER | Head | Married | 36 yrs | Occupation Scientific Chemical Researcher | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
Dorothy HARGER | Wife | Married | 30 yrs | Birmingham, Warickshire
Dorothy Mary HARGER | Daughter | 10 yrs | Occupation, School | Born, Sutton in Holderness, Yorkshire
John Robert HARGER | Son | 7 yrs | Occupation, School | Born, Market Harborough, Leicestershire.
Alice Beatrice HARGER | Daughter | 6 yrs | Occupation, School | Born, Market Harborough, Leicestershire.
Charles Maurice HARGER | Son | 4 yrs | Born, Market Harborough, Leicestershire.
Mary MYERS | Servant | Single | 29 yrs | Occupation Cook Domestic | Born, Eccleston, Lancashire.
Iris Elizabeth TIMSON | Servant | Single | Occupation, Nurse Housemaid Domestic | Born, Dingley, Northamptonshire.

1904 (Assuming Molly to be 3 years old)
Dorothy HARGER nee EDWARDS and her first child Dorothy Mary aka 'Molly' and 'Mouk'

1904 Chris EDWARDS Photo
The Robert HARGER Trust
A trust was formed when Robert HARGER died in 1904. It had a large porfolio of properties situated around Liverpool docks.
The original administrators of the HARGER trust were Liverpool solicitors W + J VENMORE. [In Robert HARGER's Will the Solicitors are W. Rudd]. The administration of HARGER Trust was transferred to John ARMISTEAD in approx 1960.
Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
Sometime between 1901-1904 the HARGER's house 6, The Nook, St. James Mount, was demolished to make way for the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. The Cathederal was started in 1904 and took over 70 years to complete.
After that he lived in Gattacher House for which the Duke of Westminster is now the main trustee.
1901 Census
RG13 | Piece 3419 | Folio 67 | Page 21
6, The Nook, St. James Mount, Liverpool, Lancashire.

Robert HARGER | Head | Married | 75 yrs | Occupation, Property Owner | Born, Settle, Yorkshire.
Mary A HARGER | Wife | Married | 64 yrs | Born, Runcorn, Cheshire.
Nancy A HARGER | Daughter | 30 yrs | Occupation, Living on own means | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
Joseph HARGER | Son | 28 yrs | | Occupation, Living on own means | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
Mary A HARGER | Daughter | 27 yrs | Occupation, Living on own means | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
Elizabeth E HARGER | Daughter | 24 yrs | Occupation, Living on own means | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
Mary BARRY | Servant | 26 yrs | Servant Domestic | Born, Belfast, Ireland.

RG13 | Piece 4468 | Folio 6 | Page 3
Ivy Mount, Sutton Without, Sutton On Hull, Yorkshire.
John HARGER | Head | Married | 26 yrs | Occupation, Analytical Chemist In Starch Works | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire .
Dorothy HARGER | Wife | Married | 20 yrs | Born Birmingham, Warwickshire.
Dorothy M HARGER | Daughter | 4 Months | Born, Hull, Yorkshire.
William M HOOLON | Visitor | Single | 24 yrs | Occupation, Student | Born, Liverpool, Lancashire.
Ruth BOWERS | Servant | Single | 22 yrs | Occupation, General Serv Domestic | Born, Hull, Yorkshire.

Circa 1900

Robert & Mary Ann HARGER had six children, two boys and four girls.
They were:

  • Sarah Ellen Rosa, bn 21st Jun 1869
  • Nancy Agnes, bn 5th Oct 1870
  • Joseph, bn 23rd Jul 1872
  • Mary Ann, bn 1873
  • John, bn 1875
  • Elizabeth Edith, bn 12th Mar 1877

These photo's are some, or all, of the four girls.

Emma-Jane HOWELLS nee HILEY Photo

1900 Emma-Jane HOWELLS nee HILEY Photo

Circa 1899
John HARGER & Dorothy HARGER nee EDWARDS married 1899 in Aston, Birmingham..
John HARGER son of Robert HARGER

1899 Chris EDWARDS Photo

Circa 1895
Unknown group probably including members of the HARGER family.

1895 Emma-Jane HOWELLS nee HILEY Photo

Circa 1895 (This really is a total guess and could be very inaccurate)

1895 Emma-Jane HOWELLS nee HILEY Photo
RG12 | Piece 2917 | Folio 21 | Page 1
6, The Nook, St. James Mount, Liverpool
Robert HARGER | Head | Married | 65 yrs | Occupation, Living on my own income | Born, Settle, Yorkshire.
Mary HARGER | Wife | Married | 56 yrs | Born, Runcorn, Cheshire.
Nancy HARGER | Daughter | Single | 20 yrs | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
Mary HARGER | Daughter | Single | 17 yrs | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
John HARGER | Son | Single | 16 yrs | Occupation, Student | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
Elizabeth HARGER | Daughter | Single | 14 yrs | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
Mary W NALE? | Servant Single | 28 yrs | Occupation, Domestic Servant | Born, Liverpool, Lancashire.

[Sept 2000 Nick DELVES received a letter from the Liverpool Record office that Robert HARGER had lived at house number 6, The Nook. This house number wasn't in the census.]


1881 Census Robert & Mary HARGER
RG11 | Piece 3591 | Folio 95 | Page 16
Mersey House, Poulton Cum Seacombe, Cheshire.

Robert HARGER | Head | Married | 55 yrs | Occupation, House & Land Owner | Born, Settle, Yorkshire.
Mary Ann HARGER | Wife | Married | 41 yrs | Born, Runcorn, Cheshire.
Nancy Agnes HARGER | Daughter | 10 yrs | Occupation, Scholar | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
Mary Ann HARGER | Daughter | 7 yrs | Occupation, Scholar | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
John HARGER | Son | 6 yrs | Occupation, Scholar | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
Elizabeth E. HARGER | Daughter | 4 yrs | Occupation, Scholar | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.

1881 Census Sarah Ellen Rosa HARGER
RG11 | Piece 4298 | Folio 11 | Page 16 | Church Street, Settle, Yorkshire.
Nancy HARGER | Head | Unmarried | Female | 63 yrs | Occupation, Dividends &c | Born, Settle, Yorkshire. [Nancy was Robert's sister and Sarah & Joseph's Aunt.]
Sarah E.R. HARGER | Niece | Female | 11 yrs | Occupation, Scholar | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
Joseph HARGER | Nephew | Male | 8 yrs | Occupation, Scholar | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
Isabella HARRISON | Boarder | Unmarried | Female | 37 yrs | Occupation, Annuity | Born, Clapham, Yorkshire.
Jane E. CARR | Servant | Unmarried | Female | 23 yrs | Occupation, Genl Serv Dom | Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.
1881_Census_Sarah_HARGER.pdf - Sister of Robert HARGER
RG 11 | Piece 3588 | Page 13
16, Rose Mount, Woodchurch, Cheshire.
Sarah HARGER | Head | Unmarried | 59 yrs | Born, Settle, Yorkshire.
Hannah COOK | Servant | Unmarried | 47 yrs | Occupation, General servant | Born, Tosside, Yorkshire.

1879_Stautory_Declaration_Joseph HARGER_Transcript.pdf

Sarah Lister writes 25th Feb 2021:
This week I did a Zoom talk for a group of genealogists in Harrogate. We were talking about solving problems from a variety of sources so I mentioned the statutory declaration.
One of the participants had spent her whole career as a solicitor specialising in property work and she explained this was almost routine for the sale of a property:
On the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer in late 1878, Robert SLINGER entered into a contract to buy the property, but would not complete his purchase until a completion date of probably 4 to 6 weeks later. After the auction the seller’s solicitor would have sent Robert’s solicitor an abstract of title giving details of the title of the land, so as to show that the seller had a good and marketable title. It is possible that there was a flaw in the title which Robert's solicitor required to be removed by means of the statutory declaration which followed in February 1879. So, in conclusion, the statutory declaration was needed to prove that the sellers were entitled to the land and therefore could sell it. It is no more than a coincidence that Robert SLINGER was William HARGER’s son in law.

1871 Census Robert & Mary HARGER
RG10 | Piece 3754 | Folio 91 | Page 20
Catherine Terrace, Poulton Cum Seacombe, Cheshire.

Robert HARGER | Head | Married | 45 yrs | Occupation, House Owner | Born, Settle, Yorkshire.
Mary A HARGER | Wife | Married | 35 yrs | Born, Runcorn, Cheshire.
Sarah E R HARGER | Daughter | 1 yr | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
Nancy A HARGER | Daughter | 6 Months | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.
Elizabeth PRICE | Servant | Unmarried | 13 yrs | Occupation, General Servant | Born, Chester, Cheshire.

Baptised in St Nicholas Church, Liverpool on 10th Oct 1869
Registration District, Birkenhead
Birth in the Sub-district of Wallasey in the County of Chester.
No 438
Twenty First June 1869, Poulton Cum Seacombe.
Sarah Ellen Rosa | Girl
Name of Father, Robert HARGER
Name of Mother, Mary Ann HARGER formerly PRESTON.
Occupation of Father, Proprietor of Houses.
Description of Informant, Robert HARGER, Father, Poulton Cum Seacombe.
When Registered, Tenth July 1869
Registrar, Charles STEWART.

Registration district, Liverpool.
Marriage solemnized at St Paul's Church in the Parish of Liverpool in the County of Lancaster.
No 31 / April 10th

Robert HARGER | 41 yrs | Bachelor | Profession, Gentleman
Residence at the time of Marriage, Wallasey.
Father's Name, Joseph HARGER
Profession of Father, Farmer.

Mary Anne PRESTON | 29 yrs | Spinster
Residence at the time of Marriage, Duke Street.
Father's Name, James PRESTON
Profession of Father, Mariner.

Married in the Church of St Paul according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, by Banns by me Henry JONES M. A. Cantab
In the Presence of us, Richard BATTERSBY, Susannah BATTERSBY x Her mark.

Marriage and Census information on Richard & Susannah BATTERSBY witnesses to the marriage: 1867_BATTERSBY_Witnesses_to_Marriage.pdf
In the 1861 Census Richard BATTERSBY gives his Ocuupation as 'Tailor & Clerk of St Paul’s Church'. In the 1851 & 1871 Census he gives his occupation as 'Tailor'.
St Paul's Church was completed in1769 and a 'corporation church' with costs covered by the rates. When Robert married his wife Mary Ann there in 1867 it had become overwhelmed by the Exchange Railway Station built right next to it and it become run-down.

Daughter of Robert HARGER and Agnes HARGER nee HALPIKE

1863_Death_Certificate_Ellen_HARGER.pdf - Widow of Joseph and mother of Robert
Registration District, Settle.
Death in the Sub-sdistrict of Settle in the County of York, West Riding.
No 366

Ellen HARGER | Female | 78 yrs | Occupation, Widow of Joseph HARGER, Innkeeper.
Cause of death, Bronchitis and Exhaustion, Certified.

Description of Informant, Mrs J ARMISTEAD, Present at the death, Settle.
When registered, Twenty Sixth January 1863
Registrar, John COWBURN.

RG 9 | Piece 2672 | Page 9
32, Paradise Street, Liverpool, Lancashire

Robert HARGER | Head | Unmarried | 35 yrs | Occupation, Wine and Spirit Dealer | Born, Settle, Yorkshire.
Enoch DODD | Barman | Unmarried | 26 yrs | Occupation, Barman, Born Barrow, Cheshire.
Mary Ann OWEN | Servant | Unmarried | 23 yrs | General Servant | Born, Runcorn, Cheshire.


1861 Census | Page 26
Church Street, Settle, Yorkshire.

Ellen HARGER | Head | Widow | 77 yrs | Occupation, Landed Proprietor | Born, Mazongill, Westmoorland.
Nancy HARGER | Daughter | Unmarried | 43 yrs | Occupation, Housekeeper? | Born, Settle, Yorkshire.
John HARGER | Son | 35 yrs | Occupation, Farmer of 15 acres employ 8 labourers? | Born, Settle, Yorkshire
Isabella CARSON? | Servant | 18 yrs | Occupation, Farm Maid? | Born Austwick, Yorkshire.


HO107 | Piece 2277 | Folio 6b | Page 39
Church Street, Settle, Yorkshire.
Ellen HARGER | Head | Widow | 67 yrs | Occupation, Retired Farmer's Wife | Born, Masongill.
Nancy HARGER | Daughter | Unmarried | 34 yrs | Occupation, Daughter | Born, Settle, Yorkshire.
Robert HARGER | Son | Unmarried | 25 yrs | Occupation, Son | Born, Settle, Yorkshire.
Agnes HARGER | Servant | Unmarried | 22 yrs | Occupation, House Maid | Born, Rathmell, Yorkshire.
John BOWMAN | Servant | Married | 53 yrs | Occupation, Occasional Farm Servant | Born, Settle, Yorkshire.
James WALLACK | Servant | Unmarried | 23 yrs | Occupation, Farm Servant | Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.


Location: on right of path, near door; plot C6 Settle Churchyard, Yorkshire

In memory of Joseph Harger of Settle who died 10 June 1848 aged 68 and of Ellen his wife who died 23 Jan 1863 aged 78 years
also their children viz Eli who died 26 May 1834 aged 5 years, William who died 4 Oct 1851 aged 40 years,
Mary who died 24 Oct 1864 aged 50 years, Richard who died 19 Dec 1866 aged 48 years


List of Wills at The Borthwick Institute:

  • William HARGER 1854 Giggleswick (Probably husband of Mary HOLDEN)
  • William HARGER 1852 Liverpool (Son of Joseph & Ellen HARGER)
  • Elizabeth HARGER 1850 Giggleswick
  • Robert HARGER 1849 Giggleswick
  • Joseph HARGER 1848 Giggleswick (Probably husband of Ellen HARGER nee HOLDEN)
  • Eli HARGER 1846 Giggleswick (Husband of Mary HARGER nee JOHNSON) - I have a transcription of this done by DAL Wilson.
  • Isabella HARGER 1843 Giggleswick (Wife of Richard HARGER)
  • Richard HARGER 1834 Settle (Husband of Isabella HARGER nee LISTER)
  • Joseph HARGER 1790 Giggleswick


Registration District, Settle.
Death in the Sub-sdistrict of Settle in the County of York, West Riding.
No 383

Joseph HARGER | Male | 68 yrs | Occupation, Farmer
Cause of Death, Apoplexy 84 hours Certified.

Description of Informant, John Johnson HARTLEY, In attendance, Settle.
When registered, Eleventh June 1848.
Registrar, Thomas ROBINSON.

In which he makes his two nephews Joseph of Settle and Joseph of Liverpool, Executors to his Will along with his wife Mary. Eli & Mary's five children had all died. He shares his estate out to all his nieces and nephews, from his brothers and sister, after his wife's death.

1841 Census | Page 31
Settle, Yorkshire.

William HARGER | 70 yrs | Profession, Farmer | Born in Yorkshire.
Mary HARGER | 55 yrs | Born in Yorkshire.
Ellen HARGER | 20 yrs | Born in Yorkshire.
Agnes HARGER | 10 yrs | Born in Yorkshire.
Robert HAMPSON | 25 yrs | M. S. (Male Servant) | Born in Yorkshire.
Thomas COCKSHOTT | 14 yrs | M. S. (Male Servant) | Born in Yorkshire.

Paradise Street, Liverpool, Lancashire
HO107 | Piece 562 | Book 9 | Folio 43 | Page 6
William HARGER | 30 yrs | Born, 1811 | Occupation, Victualler* | Not Born in Lancashire
Sarah HARGER | 20 yrs | Born, 1821 | Not Born in Lancashire
Robert HARGER | 15 yrs | Born, 1826 | Not Born in Lancashire
Mary JONES | 20 yrs | Born, 1821 | Occupation, Female Servant | Not Born in Lancashire

Victualler* - A tavern keeper, or one who provides an army, navy, or ship with food supplies. A seller of food and drink.

Enumeration District 1 | Page 13.
Royal Oak Inn, Market Place, Settle, Yorkshire.
[Same census page as Naked Man Inn run by Joseph's brother Eli]
Joseph HARGER | 60 yrs | Profession, Publican | Born, Yorkshire.
Ellen HARGER | 55 yrs | Not born in Yorkshire.
(Maybe Masongill was in Lancashire when she was born?)
Joseph HARGER | 30 yrs | Profession, Spirit Merchant | Born, Yorkshire.
Richard HARGER | 25 yrs | Profession, Farmer | Born, Yorkshire.
John HARGER | 15 yrs | Profession, Farmer | Born, Yorkshire.
Nancy HARGER | 20 yrs | Born, Yorkshire.

[There are eight other men, and two women, staying at the Royal Oak:-]
John WILCOCK? | 35 yrs | Profession, Banker | Not born in Yorkshire.
Isabella MANSER? | 25 yrs | Profession, Female Servant | Born, Yorkshire.
Alice SCARFE? | 15 yrs | Profession, Female Servant | Not born in Yorkshire.
Henry FOSTER | 40 yrs | Profession, Male Servant | Born, Yorkshire.
Cuthbert PARKER | 20 yrs | Profession, Male Servant | Born, Yorkshire.
Peter THORNTON | 60 yrs | Profession, Cattle Drover | Not born in Yorkshire.
William PIERPOINT? | 25 yrs | Profession, Serv amoung 1st Drlyn? | Not born in Yorkshire.
William BOWLES | 20 yrs | Profession, Serv amoung 1st Drlyn? | Not born in Yorkshire.
John NALLIS | 30 yrs | Profession, Serv amoung 1st Drlyn? | Not born in Yorkshire.
James DAPLYN? | 25 yrs | Profession, Serv amoung 1st Drlyn? | Not born in Yorkshire.

Marriage | 31 Dec 1836 | St Bride, Toxteth, Lancs.
William Jackson COOPER | Merchant, Liverpool | Fanny FISHER | Spinster, Liverpool
Witness | Anna Maria FISHER | Timothy FISHER | Joseph Harger
Married by Licence by: J. H. STEWART
Register | Marriages 1831-1837 | Page 78 | Entry 233
Source | LDS Film 1546289

Settle Graveyard Project
A project led by Sarah Lister documenting the lives of those buried since 1839 in the Graveyard at Holy Ascension Church, Settle. The HARGER account contibuted to by Allan GOULD.