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10th January 1941 - Nuneaton "Tribune" Newspaper report on Louisa LINNELL's 100th birthday the previous day.

Mrs. Linnell Celebrates 100th Birthday
Mrs. Louisa Linnell, who lives with her daughter, Mrs. Street, at 12, Old Hinckley Road, Nuneaton, yesterday celebrated her 100th birthday.
She was the recipient of a number of congratulatory messages, in letter and telegram form, but the first callers to see her in person were Ald and Mrs. J. Bates (the Mayor and Mayoress of Nuneaton).
Mrs. Bates handed the old lady, who was in bed, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, consisting of orchids, chrysanthemums and primulas, etc., and both she and the Mayor offered her hearty congratulations on her splendid achievement. To the Mayor and Mayoress's congratulations Mrs. Linnell replied "God bless you both, as he has blessed me. At the beginning of this week I did not think I would live to see this day, but God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform."

Faculties Still Very Keen
Mrs. Linnell conversed in bright fashion with Ald. and Mrs. Bates, the "Tribune" reporter and another journalist, who were also present she told the interested little gathering of events which had happened in her lifetime, showing that her faculties are still very keen.

Her only regret was that she could not see the flowers the Mayoress had brought her, for she is blind, but after feeling them she exclaimed "They are beautiful aren't they!" "You are both very kind," she said, when the Mayor and Mayoress made monetary gifts to her.

Birth Verified.
The Mayor told the old lady that he had verified the fact, in conjunction with the Rev. Mark Salisbury, Vicar of Silverstone, near Towcaster where the old lady was born and married - that she was actually one hundred years old. According to the registers, she was born on January 9, 1841 and baptised on February 14 of the same year, her name before she was married being Louise Wait.

He had sent these particulars to H.M. the King and had been assured by His Majesty's private secretary that a letter of congratulation would be sent from the King to Mrs. Linnell.

Amongst the many messages of congratulation sent to Mrs. Linnell yesterday was one from Mr. and Mrs. James Coleman. Mr. Coleman, a cousin, was for many years sexton of Silverstone.

King and Queen's Telegram.
Later in the day she received the following telegram from their Majesties, the King and Queen "Buckingham Palace, - The King and Queen send hearty congratulations and best wishes for your diamond wedding day. - Private Secretary."
It will be observed that an error occurs in the telegram, the congratulations being for "your diamond wedding," instead of for attaining her centenary. The Mayor, it is understood, is writing the King's private secretary on the matter.
As previously reported Mrs. Linnell's eldest son is 76, and her other children are aged 73, 70, 63 and 57. The son 70 is at present with his mother, and the daughter 57is Mrs. Street, with whom she lives.


1904 Marriage solemnized at The Christ Church in the Parish of Christ Church Ealing in the County of Middlesex.
No 28
July 7th 1904

Harry Cordell NORGETT : 27 yrs : Bachelor
Occupation, Met Policeman
Residence at time of Marriage, Leyton
Father's Name, Henry NORGETT.
Profession of Father, Gardener

Florence Elizabeth LINNELL : 27 yrs : Spinster
Residence at time of Marriage, 60, Oxford Road, Ealing.
Father's Name, John LINNELL (deceased)
Profession of Father, Brewer

Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England after Banns, by me, Edward B BRAITHWAITE
This Marriage was solemnized between us, Harry Cordell NORGETT, Florence Elizabeth LINNELL in the Presence of us, John Marshall LINNELL, Alice Mary Ann LINNELL.

Florence Elizabeth LINNELL aged 21 yrs
Born 1876

Photo taken in Ealing W by Wakefield.

From the web
Frank Wakefield (b1844 - d1929) traded from number 1 High Street Ealing from 1902 to at least 1904 (with the end date open as he may have carried on at this address for a period after 1904).

1897   Trix & Don Challen Photo

Approx 1895
Presuming John and Louisa to be respectively 55 yrs and 54 yrs old.


Approx 1895   Trix & Don Challen Photo
1891 Census.
RG12 : Piece 1187 : Folio 96 : Page 11
Church Street, Silverstone, Northampton.

John LINNELL : Head : Married : 51 yrs : Occupation, Brewer : Born, Silverston, Northamptonshire.
Louisa LINNELL : Wife : Married : 50 yrs : Born, Silverston, Northamptonshire.
Alice MA LINNELL : Daughter : 8 yrs : Occupation, Scholar : Born, Silverston, Northamptonshire.


RG12 : Piece 1030 : Folio 19 : Page 32
28, Hastings Road, Ealing, Middlesex.

Thomas N WOODHEAD : Head : 37 yrs : Lieutenant Royal Navy : Born, Paddington, Middlesex.
Jessie L WOODHEAD : Wife : 32 yrs : Born, Kington, Canada.
William D WOODHEAD : Son : 6 yrs : Born, Stoke, Devon.
Robert L WOODHEAD : Son : 5 yrs : Born, Stoke, Devon.
Janetta WEIR : Cousin : 30 yrs : Born, Drainie; Elgin, Scotland
Emily L LINNELL : Servant : 22 yrs : General Servant Domestic : Silverton, Northamptonshire
Florence E LINNELL : Servant : 14 yrs : General Servant Domestic : Silverton, Northamptonshire


RG11 : Piece 1534 : Folio 104 : Page: 7
Paradise Row, Silverston, Northamptonshire.

Louisa Linnell : Wife : 40 yrs : Occupation, Agricultural Labourers wife : Born, Silverstone, Northamptonshire.
Emily Linnell : Daughter : 12 yrs : Occupation, Lace Maker : Born, Silverstone, Northamptonshire.
Herbert Linnell : Son : 10 yrs : Occupation, Scholar : Born, Silverstone, Northamptonshire.
Florence Linnell : Daughter : 4 yrs : Occupation, Scholar : Born, Silverstone, Northamptonshire.


1877 Birth in the Sub-district of Abthorpe in the County of Northampton
No. 144
Florence Elizabeth : Girl

Name of father, John LINNELL
Name of mother, Louisa LINNELL formerly WAITE.
Occupation of father, Farm Labourer.

Description of Informant, Sarah WAITE, Present at the Birth, Silverstone.
When registered, Third January 1877.
William COOK, Registrar.


1864 Marriage solemnized after Banns in the Parish of Silverstone in the County of Northampton.
No 225
August 11th

John LINNELL : Full Age : Bachelor
Occupation, Brewer
Residence at time of Marriage, Silverstone.
Father's Name, John LINNELL
Profession of Father, Brewer.

Louisa WAITE : Full Age : Spinster
Occupation, Lace Maker.
Residence at time of Marriage, Silverstone.
Father's Name, Robert WAITE
Profession of Father, Labourer.

Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church by me, Henry R JOHNSTONE?
This Marriage was solemnized between us, John LINNELL, Louisa WAITE X her mark in the Presence of us, John COLEMAN, Luculia LINNELL.