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21,Pages lane, Bexhill-on-Sea, TN39 3RD
1st December 1977
Dear Dorothy, Thank you so much for your two letters and kind gift for flowers. At the moment the house is full of them so I will wait a while, also we are thinking of sending a contribution towards a fund for a 'brain scanner' for the Neurological Hospital Hurstwood Park, Haywards Heathwhich would avoid people having to have the dye injection in the brain that Bill had to have so I know you would be happy for me to use some of it for that purpose. Bill died of a second bleed - a brain stem lesion but there was a Post-Mortem so I shall hear next week from a Doctor more details. We were delighted to see Charles & Felicity who represented you all and are glad that you didn't undertake the difficult journey at that time of the morning. The reason why the funeral was 10am Thursday was because Thursday was the only possible day, Friday being fully booked and 10am The 0only possible time. Please tell Barbara we did not expect her and shall love to see her some other time. At the moment I have the good fortune to have Michael and David with me. Michael will stay until his new term in January when he will return to York. David flies off to Washington to a philosophy convention just before Christmas but will return after about 10 days and continue his thesis at home for a month or two and then return to America if some interviews come up for a job for Autumn 1978. Reg stayed with me for a week and was a great help and we still have my sister-in-law with us until Tuesday. Everyone is being so very kind.??? sent three representatives one of whom conducted the service, Wye School also sent 3, otherwise we were just family and close friends. Thank you for your invitation to come to Derbyshire. I should love to sometime next year. at the moment I am very busy with the business side of things and have a big pussycat that can't be left - Sometime when Cyril is up here it would be easier for me to get away. I hope you are all very well and that the christening is a happy day for you all.
With love Gladys
122, New Dover Road, Canterbury. 7th January I970
I have now reached the point when I must withdraw from the responsibility of accommodating my mother-in-law and I am no longer prepared to allow my wife to carry the entire burden of looking atter her.
She is nervous when left alone, forgetful and often unwell. Help is difficult to obtain and expensive and the strain of doing so much has become quite intolerable.
I regret that it is necessary to declare an ultimatum. in this manner but I want all members of her family to know the position and to agree to some alternative way of looking after her. The old lady herself is not happy and continually asks for the rest of her family,often saying that they shouldbe looking after her.
She is not entirely without money - over £500 of it is in Dorothy's hands, and the solution may be to use this for nursing home fees if no other member of the family is ready to take on the responsibility of looking after her in their own home.
My operation is again postponed but I expect that before very long I shall be in hospital and it is urgent that the new arrangement is made as soon as possible.
I want both your opinion and help and should appreciate a prompt reply.
Yours sincerely, Bill
Sent to: Reg MILLER, Dorothy GIBSON, Cyril PERKINS, Barbara DELVES, Charles GIBSON,
Dudley House, Godmersham, Kent
After writing to you, my glasses came the next day Saturday, I was so pleased as I had looked for them for over a week.
We had a busy day yesterday, we took Michael to school at 9 o'clock, David to follow later by bus as it was speech day at Kent College. G & I had a shampoo & set then coffee and made our way to the College. In the games field there were three or four hundred cars and the huge marquee was packed with people. The guest of honour was the Countess of Guildford who presented the prizes which were very few. Michael received one for English Essay. The Countess made a delightful speech and then opened the new wing a fine building which will house about 40 new boarders.
We all had lunch in Canterbury and when we got home we all went to the Village Hall where there was a bring and buy sale. We bought a brass bowl and a large white teapot etc and I took a fancy to a very pretty little basin 3 1/2 inches wide with a little plate to match, on the bottom it is marked 'The Foley China' then a crown underneath. Will you tell me if you know anything about Foley china? What I wanted to tell you was. I had an envelope in my bag when I came to stay with you that contained a 5 pound note you had given me and I think 3 pound notes. I also had some notes I had saved to pay for a dress or suit that I might buy. You remember I gave you a few notes as part of the cost of suit, but when I got home I find only a few days ago that notes are still there. I don't think I am likely to have got muddle over money, so will you say if you know anything about it?
The boys have their exams next week and break upon the 18th we shall then be off to the Hennessy as the people are coming here on the 20th July.
I have at last got your bottle of ? and paid for it out of your money. Shall you be down or shall I put it away until we return? Or I am told we are all going to Bexhill on sunday a taking a picnic lunch at the bungalow perhaps you would come down if so please let me know I will take the Hennessy with me.
I had a nice letter from Barbara. I think this weekend they are at Yorkshire staying with Mr & Mrs Delves. They seem to be getting about quite a lot and baby is so good. We are in the garden today, quite a treat, quite a treat to have it warm and sunny after the cool windy weather.
I hope you and Charles are well I am feeling much better lately but still have a little pain at times. My love to you both. Mother.

Dudley House, Godmersham, Kent, 5.1.65
My Dear Dorothy
Very many thanks for your second Christmas present. It was such a surprise that tears came into my eyes and I was glad to be alone in my room.
I have put the note with the last one you sent me, and there is no need to worry about me as I live in a very small way and am alright for money. I have never been without money since your Father died and feel now that I ought to have done more for you three, but I seem to live on the edge of a precipice, in case of illness or anything happening I would be able to keep our heads above water, but now as things have worked out I wish I had done more for you. But I often think and am happy to know how wonderful it is that all is so well with us.
Sorry I have not written before but I have been troubled with the irritation which has now eased up and have also had a little of the old trouble which I hope will be put right when I go to hospital again, have also had a cough but am now taking Kays Essence which I hope will soon remedy that.
Gladys had fixed up for a shampoo and set for herself and a perm for me, so yesterday I made an effort and with a rug in the car they took me to Canterbury and at 11 o'clock William called back for Gladys and they went shopping and called for me later. It was very cold and I went straight to bed.
I hope the weather will improve by the 16th. If the roads are bad, I expect the Lumsdens will call at the college 12.45 for the boys and then fast train to London. William gave me your brandy yesterday and I paid him and will give you the change if I come to the wedding.
Please thank Charles for his very nice letter receieved this morning. The carnations are still lovely and the watch is wonderful, I hope Barbara will wear it when I pass on!
My love to you and all best wishes for the new year. From your affectionate Mother

1955 Le Crotoy, North France.
Anne-Marie, Gladys LUMSDEN nee PERKINS, William LUMSDEN, David & Michael, Dominique, Bee GIBSON.
Michael writes: The two French girls in the photo dated 1955 in Le Crotoy were Anne-Marie and Dominique. Anne-Marie returned with us to England for a short visit.



Registration District, Ayelsbury.
Death in the Sub-district of Waddesdon in the County of Buckingham.
No. 419
Fifth October 1946, Lower Cranwell Farm, Waddesdon R.D.

Charlotte PERKINS : Female : 90 yrs
Widow of Andrew PERKINS a Bootmaker.

Cause of Death,
1a. Cardiac failure
b. Chronic myocardial degeneration.
Certified by W.A. Bellamy MRCS., LRCP

Description of Informant, W A PERKINS, Son of the deceased. Present at death, 4 Doves Cottages, Godstone, Surrey.
When Registered, Seventh October 1946.
Registrar, J.P. LINGANE

1945 Approx
Cyril and Wyn PERKINS with son Hugh.

    Hugh PERKINS photo
12, Fernhill Rd., Newquay, Cornwall.
19th July 1944
Dear Mrs Perkins, The letter which I am now sending you should have been written years ago, and were it not for the fact that I have had reason rather than excuse for the delay I should certainly be offering my apologies.
Ever since I made the decision to make Newquay my home I intended to do what I am doing now - send you a wee gift, but at the time of and since leaving you times have not been normal; you had to be living here and there, goods were in peril owing to the bombing, and articles were hard, even if possible to purchase; hence the unfortunate delay. I really did not know what would be most suitable to give to you, but I decided on a serviette ring.
Will you please accept enclosed ring as sincerely an expression of my heartfelt gratitude to you personally for your constant kindness to me since the start of me knowing you and very especially during my happy stay of nine years in your home - I thank you very sincerely and I treasure (and always shall) very deeply my friendship with you as a family. Friends do, and have to separate, but that golden thread of friendship always holds.
Again to you my earnest thanks. I remain, Yours very sincerely Leslie S KING.

1938 (Presuming Dorothy to be 25 yrs old.)


Dorothy GIBSON and James CHAPMAN, he was a director of CH GIBSON Ltd.


1936 (Presuming Dorothy to be 23 yrs and Gladys to be 20 yrs old.)


Cyril PERKINS and Wyn Marriage.
From left to right Gladys (Cyrils' sister), Ethel Beeching PERKINS nee MILLER, Unknown man, Cyril PERKINS, Wyn,

Marriages Dec 1935 / Brentford / 3a / 809
Alfred C PERKINS / Winifred M COUSINS

1935   Hugh PERKINS photo

July 1935 Hoseford House

1835       Dorothy GIBSON photo

July 1935 Hoseford House

1835       Dorothy GIBSON photo

July 1935 Hoseford House

1835       Dorothy GIBSON photo

1July 1935 Hoseford House
This is the back of photograph 4



Cyril PERKINS, Dorothy PERKINS, Ethel Beeching PERKINS nee MILLER, Unknown, Unknown, Gladys PERKINS


1932 (Presuming Cyril to be 24 yrs old.)

1932   Michael LUMSDEN photo.

1930 (Presuming Dorothy to be 17 yrs old.)

1830   Michael LUMSDEN photo.

Mr KING who was their lodger


1930 (Presuming Dorothy to be 17 yrs and Gladys to be14 yrs old.)
When Alfred died in 1923, times became hard. Ethel took Mr KING in as a lodger.

In this photo Mr KING is on the right. He wrote a letter to Ethel in 1944 which is displayed higher up this page.

1826   Michael LUMSDEN photo.

1930 (Presuming Dorothy to be 17 yrs and Gladys to be14 yrs old.)

Gladys in the middle wearing a light dress in the left photo.
Dorothy on the right in the right photo.

1825   Michael LUMSDEN photo.    

1930 (Presuming Gladys to be 14 yrs old.)

1930 Michael LUMSDEN photo.

1927 (Presuming Cyril to be 19 yrs old.)

1927 Michael LUMSDEN photo.

1926 (Presuming Cyril to be 18 yrs old.)

1926 Michael LUMSDEN photo.

1926 (Presuming Dorothy to be 13 yrs and Gladys to be 10 yrs old.)

1926 Michael LUMSDEN photo.

1926 (Presuming Dorothy to be 13 yrs old.)
Ethel Beeching PERKINS nee MILLER and her daughter Dorothy.
Ethel would be 45 yrs old.

1826   Michael LUMSDEN photo.

1925 (Presuming Cyril to be 17 yrs, Dorothy to be 12 yrs and Gladys to be 9 yrs old.)
Ethel Beeching PERKINS nee MILLER and her daughter Dorothy.
1825   Michael LUMSDEN photo.    

Aug 1924
Dorothy is 11 yrs old.

1924   Michael LUMSDEN photo.

1924 (Presuming Dorothy to be 11 yrs and Gladys to be 8 yrs old.)

1924 Michael LUMSDEN photo.
Registration District, Croydon.
Death in the Sub-district of West Croydon in the County of Croydon.
No. 62
When and Where Died, Twenty Fifth October 1923, Croydon Genereal Hospital U.D.

Name, Alfred Ernest Aldridge PERKINS.
Male : 40 yrs.
Occupation, Of Station House, Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon. U.D. Railway Station Master.
Cause of Death, Coma due to air embolism of cerebial blood vessels caused by an operation of artificial pneumothorax for pulmonary tuberculosis. Misadventure (P.M.)

Description of Informant, Certificate received from H.B. JACKSON Coroner for Croydon. Inquest held 30th October 1923.
When Registered, Thirty First October 1923.
Registrar, A.E. PLATTS.

1922 (Presuming Gladys to be 6 yrs old.)
Cladys Muriel PERKINS

1922   Michael LUMSDEN photo.

1920 (Presuming this photo taken before Alfred E A PERKINS died 25 Oct 1923)
Station House, Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon.

1920 Michael LUMSDEN photo.

1919 (Presuming Arch to be 39 yrs)
William Archibald PERKINS born 19 Mar 1880 at 4, Aldis Terrace, Merton Road, Tooting, London
This photo was in Gladys LUMSDEN nee PERKINS album, and had 'Uncle Arch' written underneath.

Michael LUMSDEN wrote by email 31 Aug 2007:-
As for other relatives I heard of: my mother had an Uncle Arch (Perkins) , who would have been a cobbler in Oxted or Westerham.

1919 Michael LUMSDEN photo.

1919 (Presuming Cyril to be 11 yrs old, Gladys 3yrs old and Dorothy to be 6 years old , Alfred would be 37 yrs old.)

Alfred Ernest PERKINS seated with Ethel standing behind
(Ethel cut herself out of the photo according to Dorothy GIBSON)
Cyril, Gladys Muriel and Dorothy Ethel.


1918 (Presuming Gladys to be 2 yrs and Dorothy to be 5 years old.)
Gladys and Dorothy PERKINS.

1918 Michael LUMSDEN photo.
Registration District, Bromley
1913 Birth in the Sub-district of Orpington in the County of Kent
No 85
Twenty Seventh March 1913, Rodwene, Broom Hill Road, Orpington, R.D.

Dorothy Ethel : Girl
Name of father, Alfred Ernest Aldridge PERKINS
Name of mother, Ethel Beeching PERKINS formerly MILLER
Occupation of father, Railway Booking Clerk

Description of informant, Ethel. B. PERKINS, Mother, Rodwene, Broom Hill Road, Orpington.
When registered, Thirtieth April 1913
Regsitrar, Ruth HIGGINS, Deputy Registrar.

Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of St James Hatcham in the County of London.
No 370
When Married, March Twelfth 1907.

Alfred Ernest Aldridge PERKINS : 24 yrs : Bachelor : Profession, Clerk.
Residence at Time of Marriage, 8, Malpas Road
Fathers Name, Andrew PERKINS (deceased) : Profession of Father, Bootmaker.

Ethel Beeching MILLER : 25 yrs : Spinster
Residence at Time of Marriage, Station House, Belvedere
Fathers Name, Alfred Charles MILLER. : Profession of Father, Station-Master.

Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by or after Banns by me, CM HALLAM? (Curate)

This Marriage was solemnized between us, Alfred Ernest Aldridge PERKINS, Ethel Beeching MILLER.
In the Presence of us, Alfred Charles MILLER, Sidney PERKINS.

St James' Church, Hatcham
The church where Alfred Ernest Aldridge PERKINS and Ethel Beeching MILLER married.

1907   Michael LUMSDEN photo.