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This page is unusual to all the other pages. On all other pages I have only put documents and photos which have certainty. Where I am confident and can prove accuracy by linking documents and information together.
I have occasionally followed wrong trails searching through other family lines and also have people and dates which may or may not link up but haven't displayed them on these pages.
I have never found out anything certain about Mary Ann PRESTON. So I am changing the rules on this PRESTON page and displaying what I have.
All certificates and Census are accurate in the top section of this page. Then below are various speculative documents.

There are two main possibilities:

  • That the information on the 1867 marriage Certificate was correct and Mary Ann PRESTON was born in Runcorn and had a father James PRESTON who was a mariner.
  • That Robert married Mary Ann OWEN his servant in the 1861 Census and they lied about her name when they were married.

Her age at death is given as 77yrs which would mean she was born in 1837
Registration District, Ormskirk
Death in the Sub-district of North Meols
No. 400
Fourth August 1914, 50 Leyland Road Soputhport U.D.

Mary Ann Harger | Female | 77 yrs

Occupation, Widow of Robert HARGER Property Owner
Cause of Death, 'Senile Decay' Certified by A.J. POPERT M.R.C.S.

Description of informant, Joseph HARGER, Present at the death. 50 Leyland Road Southport.
When registered Fifth August 1914.
Signiture of registrar J.G. RIPLEY

1891 Census, Mary Ann gives her age as 56 yrs which would mean she was born 1835, she gives place of birth as Runcorn.
RG12 | Piece 2917 | Folio 21 | Page 1
6, The Nook, St. James Mount, Liverpool

Robert HARGER | Head | Married | 65 yrs
Occupation, Living on my own income | Born, Settle, Yorkshire.

Mary HARGER | Wife | Married | 56 yrs | Born, Runcorn, Cheshire.

Nancy HARGER | Daughter | Single | 20 yrs | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.

Mary HARGER | Daughter | Single | 17 yrs | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.

John HARGER | Son | Single | 16 yrs |
Occupation, Student | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.

Elizabeth HARGER | Daughter | Single | 14 yrs | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.

Mary W NALE? | Servant Single | 28 yrs
Occupation, Domestic Servant | Born, Liverpool, Lancashire.

1881 Census, Mary Ann gives her age as 41 yrs which would mean she was born 1840, she gives place of birth as Runcorn.
RG11 | Piece 3591 | Folio 95 | Page 16
Mersey House, Poulton Cum Seacombe, Cheshire.

Robert HARGER | Head | Married | 55 yrs
Occupation, House & Land Owner | Born, Settle, Yorkshire.

Mary Ann HARGER | Wife | Married | 41 yrs | Born, Runcorn, Cheshire.

Nancy Agnes HARGER | Daughter | 10 yrs |
Occupation, Scholar | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.

Mary Ann HARGER | Daughter | 7 yrs |
Occupation, Scholar | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.

John HARGER | Son | 6 yrs
Occupation, Scholar | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.

Elizabeth E. HARGER | Daughter | 4 yrs |
Occupation, Scholar | Born, Seacombe, Cheshire.

Marriage of Robert HARGER to Mary Ann PRESTON. Her age is given as 29 yrs which would mean she was born in 1838.
Her father's name is given as James PRESTON and his profession 'Mariner'.

Registration district, Liverpool.
Marriage solemnized at St Paul's Church in the Parish of Liverpool in the County of Lancaster.
No 31 / April 10th

Robert HARGER | 41 yrs | Bachelor | Profession, Gentleman
Residence at the time of Marriage, Wallasey.
Father's Name, Joseph HARGER
Profession of Father, Farmer.

Mary Anne PRESTON | 29 yrs | Spinster
Residence at the time of Marriage, Duke Street.
Father's Name, James PRESTON
Profession of Father, Mariner.

Married in the Church of St Paul according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, by Banns by me Henry JONES M. A. Cantab
In the Presence of us, Richard BATTERSBY, Susannah BATTERSBY x Her mark.

Marriage and Census information on Richard & Susannah BATTERSBY witnesses to the marriage: 1867_BATTERSBY_Witnesses_to_Marriage.pdf
In the 1861 Census Richard BATTERSBY gives his Ocuupation as 'Tailor & Clerk of St Paul’s Church'. In the 1851 & 1871 Census he gives his occupation as 'Tailor'.
St Paul's Church was completed in1769 and a 'corporation church' with costs covered by the rates. When Robert married his wife Mary Ann there in 1867 it had become overwhelmed by the Exchange Railway Station built right next to it and it become run-down.

In this census Robert is living with Enoch DODD, a barman from Barrow, Cheshire and also a servant Mary Ann OWEN from Runcorn.
RG 9 | Piece 2672 | Page 9
32, Paradise Street, Liverpool, Lancashire

Robert HARGER | Head | Unmarried | 35 yrs
Occupation, Wine and Spirit Dealer | Born, Settle, Yorkshire.

Enoch DODD | Barman | Unmarried | 26 yrs
Occupation, Barman, Born Barrow, Cheshire.

Mary Ann OWEN | Servant | Unmarried | 23 yrs
General Servant | Born, Runcorn, Cheshire.

Above this line all certificates and Census are certain
Below this line I have put all Certificates and Census which are Uncertain.
Below here the PRESTON possibility.
1850_Birth_Certificate_Bridget_PRESTON.pdf - Giving father as Thomas and mother as Julia so not even connected with above 1851 Census.

The Index Register of Seamand Tickets at Kew - With the two seperate possibilities for James PRESTON, Mariner.

Below here the OWEN possibility.

Possible same family as that of below Mary Ann OWEN Birth Certificate, although Mary Ann not born in Runcorn.

Possible birth certificate of Mary Ann OWEN, servant in Robert HARGER household 1861 census.
1838 Birth in the Sub-district of Runcorn in the County of Chester
Twentieth of May 1838, 11:30am at Runcorn.

Mary Ann | Girl
Name of father; James OWEN
Names of mother; Ann OWEN formerly HARRISON.
Profession of father; Flatman.

Description of informant; Ann OWEN her X mark, Mother, Runcorn.
When registered; Thirteenth of June 1838.
Registrar; Edward LYM?