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1949 Approx
Photocopy of photo, which got wet in the post, sent anonomously.
Peggy nee MILNES & Burnie ARMISTEAD's daughter Betty.
Marriage of Graham HUTCHISON to Betty ARMISTEAD.
Graham HUTCHISON's daughter, who was a bridesmaid is on the right.

1937 Approx (Presuming Jean ARMISTEAD to be born in 1924 and to be 13 yrs old.)
At Manor House, Asquith.

1934 (Presuming these to be Burnie and Peggy ARMISTEAD's children and that Betty was born soon after they were married.)
Michael and Betty ARMISTEAD.


Marriage of Frederick William DELVES to Dorothy ELLIS
At Keighley Parish Church on 30 June 1932.
Dorothy ELLIS and Jim ARMISTEAD. Jim would be 40 yrs old.
Jim ARMISTEAD 'gave Dorothy away'.


1926 Approx (Presuming Burnie ARMISTEAD to be 35 yrs old.)
This photo is unmarked I am assuming it to be Richard Bernard aka Burnie ARMISTEAD Born 1892. But it could be Jim?
Married Peggy MILNES in the third quarter 1924 in Bradford.
Was a Surveyor and Architect, he was very high ranking in the Territorial Army and in the Home Guard. In the 2WW Sir Donald HORSFALL reported to Burnie. HORSFALL was a big Textiles company.
"The basic organisation of the Home Guard was on County lines split into geographical areas each with companies of men broken up into squads from the various villages and towns.
Colonel Richard Burnie Armistead M.C.,T.D. for Harrogate District, was one of the original four commanders in Yorkshire."

"Colonel Armistead was a qualified architect with practise in Bradford. He became quite an exponent of the Art Deco style and was responsible for several lovely homes in the area, his best known being White Lodge, in Hookstone Road, Harrogate. Both his brothers had served along with him during the First World War. He lived at 22 Park Parade, Harrogate. His area of command was organised into areas for defence around the town using volunteers from each point of the compass."


1925 (Presuming the baby to be first born Betty)
Peggy ARMISTEAD nee MILNES with baby, married to Burnie ARMISTEAD.


1924 Approx (Presuming Jim ARMISTEAD to be 32 yrs.)
James Henry aka Jim ARMISTEAD Born 1892
Married Claire HURRIE in the first quarter 1920 at St Martins, London.
He was a Solicitor and Chairman of the West Riding County Council.

Jim ARMISTEAD was influential in getting FW DELVES job at F+H Foster Ltd as the FOSTER's and ARMISTEAD's were family friends.
Jim ARMISTEAD was chairman of the West Riding Counbty Council, he was a solicitor and one of his clients was W+H FOSTER Ltd. The ARMISTEAD family owned property in Bradford and Uncle Robin believes W+H FOSTERS rented some offices from them which were situated next to the Bradford Wool Exchange.
FW DELVES was an apprentice salesman to Herbert ROBERTSHAW, who died soon after so FW drafted in at age of 23 yrs in 1923 to top salesman.

Sarah Ann Elizabeth Townsend ARMISTEAD, Richard's wife died 11 Aug 1924 at Wells House, Ilkley of Hemiplegia.

1923 Approx (Presuming John ARMISTEAD to be born soon after they were married and to be 2 yrs old.)
John ARMISTEAD who was later to be ER DELVES godfather. Son of Jim & Claire ARMISTEAD.


1921 Approx (Presuming John ARMISTEAD to be born soon after they were married.)
Claire ARMISTEAD nee HURRIE wife of Jim ARMISTEAD with John their son.


1919 Claire HURRIE
Before she married Jim ARMISTEAD

1919 Picture from William ARMISTEAD
The death took place on Monday at Wells House, Ilkley, in his sixty-fifth year, of Mr. Richard Armistead, the well-known civil engineer, of Bradford, and formerly of Bingley.
Born at Long Preston, Mr. Armistead learnt his business with Messrs. Smith & Gotthardt, land agents, surveyors and valuers, of Bradford. At the beginning of 1878, when quite a young man, he was appointed surveyor to the Bingley Improvement Commissioners, and later became clerk also to the authority, and he held the position until 1898, the year when Wilsden and the Bingley outer district were added to Bingley.
The twenty years he occupied the post were an important period in the development of Bingley, witnessing, among other things, the improvement of the Main Street, the provission of the Technical School, the Cottage Hospital, and the new railway station, and the taking over of the Mechanics' Institute in Main Street and its conversion to public uses.
When he retired from the office there was a public presentation of silver plate made to him in appreciation of his services to the town.
For many years before giving up his public office his reputation as a surveyor and civil engineer of ability had been increasing and extending, and he subsequently centered his business activities at Bradford, with offices in Booth Street. He had considerable practise as an expert witness in arbitration cases, and often appeared in such cases in which the Bradford Corporation were concerned.
Mr. Armistead leaves a widow and two sons. There were three sons of the marriage, all of whom have seen service in the war. The youngest son, Second Lieutenant Tom Armistead, was reported missing in 1917, and is presumed to have died, no news of him having since been received. The other two sons have now been demobilised.

The funeral took place at Undercliffe Cemetary yesterday. A service was conducted by the Rev. Dr. F.S. Guy Warman (Vicar of Bradford) at the Parish Church, Mr. H. Coates presiding at the organ.
The principal mourners were Mrs. Armistead (widow), Mr. R.B. Armistead,and Mr. J.H. Armistead (sons), Mrs Delvis (sister), Mr. Delvis (nephew), Miss Delvis (niece), and Mrs. W. Armistead (sister-in-law).
Among those present were Messrs. F. Robinson, B.D. Fairbank, William Illingworth, Wheater Smith, W. Prest, and A.T. Smith, Bradford Society of Architects and Surveyors), and Messrs. J.H. Hanson (Huddersfield), E.J. Silkcock (Leeds), S Shaw (Dewsbury), and J. Young (Bradford), Yorkshire and North of England Surveyors' Association; Mr. W. Pickering, Mr. W. Waud (Ilkley), Mr. R.E. Weatherhead, Mr. J. Dale, and Mr. Sydney Kellett (Ilkley).
Others attending were Mr. W.E. Sharp, Mr J.L. Booth, Mr. J. Greaves, Mr. Charles D. Swale, (representing Mr Robert Feather), Mr. E.A. Wells, Mr. W.W. Ryecroft, Mr. H. Sutcliffe, Mr. R. Brooke, Mr. Cecil Mossman, Mr. Arthur Middleton, Mr. Leonard Middleton, Mr. W. Priestman, Colonel Hastings, Mr. R. Harrison (Shipley), Mr. J.T. Hemingway (Ilkley), Mr. F. Holtzman, Mrs W.T. Butterfield, Mr. G.G. Thompson, Mr. G.A. Jackson, Mr. F.H. Hill, Mr. A.T. Parkinson, Mr. J. Briggs, Mr. E. Priestley, Mr. Charles Platts, Mr. Henry Platts, and Miss Amy Platts (Bingley Brown, Muff & Co., Ltd., were the undertakers.

Lieutenant Tom Elsworth ARMISTEAD MC Obituary - Copied from the 'Lancing College War Memorial' website:

2/6th Battalion (Prince of Wales’ Own) West Yorkshire Regiment (TF)
Date of birth: 12th February 1895
Date of death: 3rd May 1917
Killed in action aged 22
Commemorated on the Arras Memorial Bay 4
Tom Elsworth Armistead was born at Bingley in Yorkshire on the 12th of February 1895 the third son of Richard Armistead, a civil engineer and surveyor, and Sarah "Sally" Ann Eliza Townsend (nee Walker) Armistead of Wells House, Ilkley in Yorkshire.
He was educated at Ripon Grammar School and at Lancing College where he was in News House from January 1909 and Olds House from January 1909 to July 1913.
He was a Sergeant in the Officer Training Corps, was in the Football XI in 1911/12 and was appointed as a House Captain in 1912. He was a member of the Swimming Team in 1913 and was appointed as a Prefect the same year. He played later rugby for Ilkley Rugby Football Club.
He was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the West Yorkshire Regiment on the 10th of September 1914. He was promoted to Temporary Captain while in charge of a Company on the 1st of August 1916.
He was awarded the Military Cross in the King’s New Years Honour List of the 1st of January 1917.
At 2.10 am on the morning of the 3rd of May 1917 the men of the 2/6th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment met the guides who were to lead them into the front line trenches for an attack later that morning.
Their task, in conjunction with other battalions from their Brigade, was the attack on a section of the Hindenburg Line including the capture of the village of Bullecourt, the capture of Hendecourt and the formation of a defensive flank from Hendecourt to the Hindenburg Line.
The 2/6th West Yorks were tasked with entering the German front line and bombing eastwards to link up with the Australians who would be working down the trench from their left. During this period the British artillery would cease fire for 27 minutes to enable the two attacking groups to complete their tasks.
They informed Brigade that they were in position at 3.15 am.
At 3.30 am the German artillery put down a heavy barrage across No Man's Land which gradually spread down the line and at 3.45am the British artillery commenced their bombardment of the line to be attacked with the troops moving forward at the same time.
The West Yorks advanced in four waves but soon lost direction due to the smoke from the barrage and were hampered by the hail of rifle and machine gun bullets which were sweeping No Man's Land. On the right of the attack, A Company attempted to correct their direction but very few of them made the enemy wire and those that that managed to get into the trench were killed or captured by a German counterattack.
B Company suffered a similar fate, most being killed, wounded or captured. As a result no link with the Australians was possible. C Company, on the left, were more successful and occupied a trench in front of Bullecourt but were counterattacked, ran out of bombs, and were forced to withdraw. D Company managed to get as far as the village church but as their path of retreat was cut off, little information is known as to their fate. At the end of the attack the roughly 100 survivors of the battalion fell back to their original positions.
Following his death probate was granted at a hearing in Wakefield on the 9th of October 1919 and he left £1,409 to his mother in his will.

The screen which forms the entrance to the war memorial cloister at Lancing College was given in his memory by his two brothers, Colonel Richard Burnie Armistead MC, 6th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment and Captain James Henry Armistead OL (Heads House 1908-1911), 5th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment.
Olds House

1914 Approx (Presuming Burnie to be 23 yrs, Jim to be 22 yrs and Tom to be 19 yrs old.)
The names were handwritten underneath each photograph in the Green Leather bound book.
I think the first head and shoulders picture titled 'Burnie' looks like Jim.

Tom ARMISTEAD was a Captain in the 1/6th West Yorks Regiment. He died during active military service in France or Belgium 3 May 1917.

Burnie Burnie Tom


1913 (Approx)
The Boat House, Foulbridge, Colne, Lancashire, owned by Richard ARMISTEAD.

(I have no idea when these photos were taken but presume they were before the 1WW. Also I think the figure in the boat with the two dogs and child in picture 5 is Richard ARMISTEAD. He died 21 Apr 1919 just after the end of the war.

Uncle Robin DELVES says that FW DELVES lived at the Boat House for a while and called it "Old Ebbies" possibly as a play on ebb and flow. The ARMISTEAD family sold it to the family of Roger BANNISTER who ran the four minute mile.

1 2
3 4
5 6

1912 Approx (Presuming Burnie to be 21 yrs, Jim to be 20 yrs and Tom to be 17 yrs old.)
Children of Richard and Sallie ARMISTEAD.
The names were handwritten underneath each photograph in the Green Leather bound book. The photos look as if they were taken at the same time.
Burnie Jim Tom

^ Richard & Sallie ARMISTEAD's children and their families - In this section above^

v William & Jane ARMISTEAD's children and their families - In this section below v

1933 (Presuming John Cockshott ARMISTEAD to be 30 yrs old.)
Left to Right:- John Cockshott ARMISTEAD, George FITTON, Hannah Margaret ARMISTEAD, Henry Elsworth ARMISTEAD, ? ?

1933   William ARMISTEAD photo.

1933 (Presuming John Cockshott ARMISTEAD to be 30 yrs old.)

1933   William ARMISTEAD photo.

1918 (Presuming John Cockshott ARMISTEAD to be 15 yrs old.)

1918 William ARMISTEAD photo.

1910 (Presuming Henry to be 6 yrs old)
Children of William & Jane ARMISTEAD
John Cockshott ARMISTEAD, Hannah Margaret, Henry


1907 (Presuming John Cockshott ARMISTEAD to be 5 yrs old.)
Poplar House circa 1908
Left to Right:- Henry Elsworth ARMISTEAD, Jane Elizabeth ARMISTEAD nee DINSDALE, John Cockshott ARMISTEAD, Hannah DINSDALE nee MOORE, Hannah Margaret ARMISTEAD.

1907       William ARMISTEAD photo.

^ William & Jane ARMISTEAD's children and their families - In this section above^

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Cause of Death; Cirrhosis of the Liver, Cardiac failure, Certified by J MACKENZIE L.R.C.S.
Description of Informant; John KILBURN, Brother in Law, Present at the death, Hill Inn, Ingleton.
Monumental Inscription for William ARMISTEAD and his wife Jane Elizabeth at the Long Preston Parish Church.


1904 (Presuming Hannah Margaret to be just over 2 yrs and Burnie to be 13 yrs old)
Hannah Margaret daughter of William ARMISTEAD and Burnie son of Richard ARMISTEAD.
Picture taken by by Burnie's younger brother Jim who would be 12 yrs old.


1901 Jane Elizabeth DINSDALE
William ARMISTEAD thinks this a marriage photo.

1901 William ARMISTEAD photo.
1901 Marriage solemnized at Parish Church, Chapel-le-Dale, in the Parish Chapel-le-Dale in the County of York
No 155
When Married; 17 April 1901

William ARMISTEAD : 49 yrs : Bachelor
Occupation; Gentleman
Residence at time of Marriage; Long Preston
Father's name; Thomas ARMISTEAD
Profession of Father; Yeoman.

Jane Elizabeth DINSDALE : 24 yrs : Spinster
Residence at time of Marriage; Chapel-le-Dale
Fathers name, John Swinbank DINSDALE
Profession of Father; Farmer.

Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns by me, J N WILLIAMS.

This Marriage was solemnized between us, William ARMISTEAD, Jane Elizabeth DINSDALE.
In the presence of us : Mary Ann DELVES, Clement BREWIN, Mary METCALF, Augustus DINSDALE.

RG13 : Piece 4022 : Folio 6 : Page 4
Main St., Long Preston, Yorkshire.

Thomas ARMISTEAD : Head : Widower : 79 yrs : Occupation, Living on own means : Born, Long Preston
William ARMISTEAD : Son : Single: 49 yrs : Occupation, Bacon Merchant, Own Acc : Born, Rathmell, Yorkshire.
Annie BLACKBURN : Housekeeper : Single : 46 yrs :Occupation, Housekeeper (Domestic) : Born, Almondbury, Yorkshire.

Census date 31 Mar 1901
RG13 : Piece 4020 : Folio 96 : Page 2
Hill Inn, Chapel-le-Dale, Nr. Ingleton, Yorkshire.

Tom KILBURN : Head : Married : 33 yrs : Occupation; Innkeeper & Farmer : Employer : Born; Ingleton, Yorkshire.
Isabel E. KILBURN : Wife : Married : 28 yrs : Occupation; Pub : Employer : Born; Horton in Ribbensdale, Yorkshire.
Ethel M. KILBURN : Daughter : Single : 3 yrs : Born; Chapel le Dale, Yorkshire.
John D. KILBURN : Son : Single : 2 Months : Born; Chapel le Dale, Yorkshire.
Jane E. DINSDALE : Servant : Single : 24 yrs : Occupation; Housemaid (Domestic) : Born; Horton in Ribbensdale, Yorkshire.
John AKRIGG : Servant : Single : 16 yrs : Occupation; Ordinary Agricultural Labourer : Worker : Born; Chapel le Dale, Yorkshire.

RG13 : Piece 4071 : Folio 73 : Page 4
Ferndene, Micklethwaite, Bingley, Yorkshire.

Richard ARMISTEAD : Head : 46 yrs
Occupation, Civil Engineer & Surveyor, Employer : Born, Rothwell, Yorkshire.
Sallie ARMISTEAD : Wife : 42 yrs : Born, Bradford, Yorkshire.
Richard Burnie ARMISTEAD : Son : 10 yrs : Born, Bingley, Yorkshire.
James Henry ARMISTEAD : Son : 9 yrs : Born, Bingley, Yorkshire.
John Elsworth ARMISTEAD : Son : 6 yrs : Born, Bingley, Yorkshire.
Ethel Watson : Servant : 13 yrs : Housemaid Domestic : Born, Bingley, Yorkshire.

1900 (Presuming Tom to be 5 yrs, Richard to be 9 yrs, and James to be 8 yrs old)
Three sons of Richard ARMISTEAD and Sarah Ann Elizabeth Townsend ARMISTEAD nee WALKER aka Sally.
From the left:- Tom Elsworth ARMISTEAD Bn 1895, Richard Bernard ARMISTEAD Bn 1891, James Henry ARMISTEAD Bn 1892.


1900 (Presuming FW to be four years old)
Mary, Thomas ARMISTEAD, Mary Ann DELVES nee ARMISTEAD, Frederick.

Thomas Armistead _d 1902
His daughter Mary Ann (DELVES), her children Mary & Fred William
Taken in the front garden by one of the 2 "monkey trees" at Poplar House, Long Preston
where Margaret, John & Henry were born, to William and Jane Armistead.


1897 (Presuming Richard ARMISTEAD to be 42 yrs old.)


1895 (William ARMISTEAD would be 43 yrs old.)


1895 (Presuming Tom Elsworth to be less than one year old)
Park Road, Bingley, Yorkshire.
Richard ARMISTEAD - 40 yrs old
Sallie ARMISTEAD nee WALKER Born 1859 Died 11 Aug 1924 - 65 yrs old
Children, Richard Bernard aka Bernie Born 1891
James Henry aka Jim Born 1892
Tom Elsworth Born 1895 Died 3 May 1917.


1895 (Presuming Bernie to be 4 yrs and Jim to be 3 yrs old.)

Richard Bernard aka Born 1891, James Henry Born 1892.


1895 (Presuming John WRATHALL to be 41 yrs and Richard ARMISTEAD to be 40 yrs old.)
John KILBURN married Isabella Ellen DINSDALE 1st Qtr 1897 in Settle district.

1895   Picture from William ARMISTEAD

1891 (Presuming the baby to be the first born, Richard Bernard ARMISTEAD, Born approx Feb 1890.)

Sallie ARMISTEAD with baby.

Census date 5 Apr 1891
RG12 : Piece 3534 : Folio 60 : Page 11
Ferndene, Micklethwaite, Bingley, Yorkshire.

Richard ARMISTEAD : Head : Married : 36 yrs : Occupation, Architect & Surveyor, Employed : Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Sally ARMISTEAD : Wife : Married : 32 yrs : Born, Bradford, Yorkshire.
Richard B. ARMISTEAD : Son : 10 months : Born, Bingley, Yorkshire.
Elizabeth BURRELL : Servant : Single : 14 yrs : Occupation, Domestic Servant General : Born, Darlington, Durham.
Edith WILD : Servant : Single : 14 yrs : Occupation, Domestic Servant Nurse : Born, Darlington, Durham.

Enumeration District Number 1 : No on Schedule 43
Main Road, Long Preston, Yorkshire.

Thomas ARMISTEAD : Head : 69 yrs : Married : Occupation, Retired Farmer
Margaret ARMISTEAD : Wife : Married : 62 yrs
William ARMISTEAD : Son : Single : 39 yrs : Occupation, Ironmonger : Neither Employer or Employed

RG12 : Piece 3494 : Folio 17 : Page 10
Long Preston, Yorkshire.

John ARMISTEAD : Head : Married : 62 yrs : Occupation, Retired Farmer : Born; Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Jane ARMISTEAD : Wife : Married : 64 yrs : Born; Long Preston, Yorkshire.

[Next door but one]

Richard ARMISTEAD : Head : Single : 72 yrs : Occupation; Retired Butcher : Born; Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Margaret BRENNAND : Sister : Widow : 65 yrs : Occupation; Housekeeper : Born; Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Catherine BRENNAND : Niece : Single : 32 yrs : Occupation; Dressmaker : Employer : Born; Long Preston, Yorkshire.
John KNOWLES : Nephew : 4 yrs : Visitor : Born; Malham, Yorkshire.
[In the 1881 Census Margaret Brennand was Head of House.]


1891 (There is no date on this photo, but Mary Ann ARMISTEAD and Edward DELVES married here 17 Jun 1891)
Long Preston Baptist Chapel
Built by Thomas ARMISTEAD.
Chapel built 1833 - Demolished 1946.

Cause of death, Cirrhosis of Liver 5 Years, Acute Cerebral Hyperaemia 2 days Coma 24 hours. Certified by J.M. LAZEMBY M.R.B.S.
Cause of Death, Acute Obstruction Abdominal Section 4 days, Certified by T.R. Jessop F.R.C.S

Marriage of Richard ARMISTEAD to Sarah Ann Elizabeth Townsend WALKER aka Sally

1885 (Presuming William ARMISTEAD to be to be 33 yrs, Catherine ARMISTEAD to be 24 yrs.)
Annie DELVES nee WRATHALL top left, William ARMISTEAD, Mystery top right
Possibly Catherine WRATHALL nee ELSWORTH the older lady bottom left. Possibly Catherine ARMISTEAD bottom right.


1885 (Presuming Catherine ARMISTEAD to be 24 yrs.)
Catherine is on the right of the picture. She has a walking stick



1884 (Presuming Mary Ann ARMISTEAD to be to be 28 yrs.)
Assuming this is Mary Ann and her mother Margaret ARMISTEAD nee ELSWORTH but is could also easily be Mary-Ann's cousin Annie DELVES nee WRATHALL and her mother Catherine WRATHALL nee ELSWORTH


1884 (Presuming Mary Ann ARMISTEAD to be to be 25 yrs, William ARMISTEAD to be 32 yrs, Richard ARMISTEAD to be 29 yrs.)
(From left : William ARMISTEAD, Mary Ann ARMISTEAD, Unknown woman, Richard ARMISTEAD, Probably Sarah ARMISTEAD nee WALKER


1883 Approx


1883 Approx
Catherine ARMISTEAD with stick, Unknown standing man, William ARMISTEAD, Unknown lady, Mary Ann ARMISTEAD standing, Unknown seated man with beard.

Marriage of Thomas Hirst DELVES to Annie WRATHALL:-
Registration District, Settle
1883 Marriage solemnized in the Parish Church in the Parish of Long Preston in the County of York
No, 348
When and where married, October 10th 1883

Thomas Hirst DELVES Of full age Bachelor Profession, Yeoman Residence, Long Preston
Father's name, George DELVES Profession of father, Yeoman

Anne WRATHALL Of full age Spinster Residence, Bend Yate
Father's name, Thomas WRATHALL Profession of father, Yeoman.

Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by me J E Coulson, Vicar.
This marriage was solemnized between us, Thomas Hirst DELVES, Anne WRATHALL
In the presence of us, Agnes DELVES, John WRATHALL.

1883 (Presuming Annie WRATHALL to be 25 yrs, Thomas Hirst DELVES to be 28 yrs, John WRATHALL to be 29 yrs, Mary Ann ARMISTEAD to be 24 yrs.)
Annie DELVES nee WRATHALL, Thomas Hirst DELVES, a WRATHALL sister (one of Annie's three surviving younger sisters), John WRATHALL, Mary Ann ARMISTEAD
Annie WRATHELL Born 26 Oct 1858 in Long Preston. Died 17 May 1930 in Long Preston. She married Thomas Hirst DELVES 10 Oct 1883 in Long Preston Church.


1883 (Presuming photo taken at same time as pictures above as the 'Monkey Puzzle' tree looks same height.)
Thomas and Margaret ARMISTEAD
Poplar House.


1883 (Presuming photo taken at same time as pictures above)
Thomas and Margaret ARMISTEAD
Poplar House.


1883 (Presuming Catherine to be 22 yrs.)
Poplar House.


1883 (Presuming Mary Ann to be 24 yrs old, Catherine to be 22 yrs.)
Poplar House.

RG11 4299 Folio 8 Page 7
Eagle Hotel, Long Preston, Yorkshire.
[There were over 45 people in the 1881 census at 'The Eagle Hotel']

Thomas ARMISTEAD : Head : 59 yrs : Married : Occupation, Retired Farmer : Born Long Preston
Margaret ARMISTEAD : Wife : Married : 53 yrs : Born Austwick
William ARMISTEAD : Son : Unmarried : 29 yrs : Occupation, Ironmonger : Born Giggleswick
Richard ARMISTEAD : Son : Unmarried : 26 yrs : Occupation, Land Surveyor : Born Giggleswick
Mary A. ARMISTEAD : Daughter : Unmarried : 22 yrs : Born Giggleswick

RG11 : Piece 4299 : Folio 19 : Page 10
Long Preston, Yorkshire.

Margaret BRENNAND : Head : Widowed : 55 yrs : Occupation, Dressmaker : Born, Long Preston
Mary A. BRENNAND : Daughter : Unmarried : 24 yrs : Occupation, Dressmaker : Born, Long Preston
Catherine BRENNAND : Daughter : Unmarried : 22 yrs : Occupation, Dressmaker : Born, Long Preston
Richard ARMISTEAD : Brother : Unmarried : 63 yrs : Occupation, Butcher : Born, Long Preston

[Next door but one]

John ARMISTEAD : Head : Married : 52 yrs : Occupation; Farmer Of 70 Acres : Born; Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Isabell A. ARMISTEAD : Daughter : Unmarried : 20 yrs : Occupation; Farmer Daughter : Born; Kirkby Malham, Yorkshire.
Ann PULMAN : Sister In Law : Unmarried : 56 yrs : Occupation; Annuitant : Born; Long Preston, Yorkshire.

1880 (Presuming Isabella ARMISTEAD to be 19 yrs, Mary Ann to be 21 yrs, William ARMISTEAD to be to be 28 yrs.)


1880 (Presuming Isabella ARMISTEAD to be 19 yrs)
There is no information on this photo. I have no proof of how these people are but I believe them to be:-
Isabella ARMISTEAD Born 13 Jan 1861, mystery woman, Jane ARMISTEAD nee PULMAN (2nd wife of John ARMISTEAD), John ARMISTEAD.
John ARMISTEAD was the Thomas's younger brother by seven years. Bella was Richard, William and Mary-Ann's cousin.


1880 (Presuming Mary Ann ARMISTEAD to be to be 21 yrs)



1877 (Presuming Mary Ann ARMISTEAD to be 18 yrs old)
Mary Ann ARMISTEAD Born 3 Mar 1859 Died 16 Aug 1949

1877 Picture from Ann BANKART

1875 (Presuming William ARMISTEAD to be 23 yrs old)
William ARMISTEAD Born 21 Mar 1852 Died 17 Jun 1905


1875 (Presuming Richard ARMISTEAD to be 20 yrs old)
Richard ARMISTEAD Born 1855 Died 21 Apr 1919


1875 (Presuming Mary Ann ARMISTEAD to be 16 yrs old)
Mary Ann ARMISTEAD Born 3 Mar 1859 Died 16 Aug 1949

RG10 : Piece 4256 : Page 8
Long Preston, Yorkshire.

Thomas ARMISTEAD : Head : Married : 49 yrs : Occupation, Landowner : Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Margaret ARMISTEAD : Wife : Married : 43 yrs : Born, Austwick, Yorkshire.
Richard ARMISTEAD : Son : Unmarried : 16 yrs : Occupation, Scholar : Born, Rathmell, Yorkshire.
Mary A. ARMISTEAD : Daughter : 12 yrs : Born, Rathmell, Yorkshire.
Catherine ARMISTEAD : Daughter : 10 yrs : Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Mary ELSWORTH : Mother-in-Law : 79 yrs : Occupation, Annuitant : Born, Wigglesworth, Yorkshire.
Margaret A. BROWN : Niece : 12 yrs : Occupation, Scholar : Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.

Long Preston, Number on Schedule, 77 .

John ARMISTEAD : Head : Married : 42 yrs : Occupation, Farmer of 60 acres Emp 1 man : Born, Long Preston.
Jane ARMISTEAD : Wife : Married : 44 yrs : Born, Long Preston.
Isabella ARMISTEAD : Daughter : 10 yrs : Occupation, Scholar : Born, Malham, Yorkshire.
William H. READ : Servant : 13 yrs : Occupation, Farm Servant : Born, Hellifield, Yorkshire.

Long Preston, Number on Schedule, 51.

John Armistead : Head : Widower : 79 yrs : Occupation, Retired Farmer : Born, Long Preston.
Margaret Brennand : Daughter : Condition, ? : 45 yrs : Occupation, Housekeeper : Born, Long Preston.
Catherine Brennand : Grand daughter : 12 yrs : Occupation, Scholar : Born, Long Preston.
William Dale : Boarder : 8 yrs : Occupation, Scholar : Born, Malham, Yorkshire.
Catherine Dale : Boarder : 6 yrs : Occupation, Scholar : Born, Malham, Yorkshire.

1868 Tomas ARMISTEAD would be 46 years old
Probably Thomas ARMISTEAD
Painting owned by Daniel FLETCHER
Quote from a letter to John DELVES from Roz TIMPERLY dated 8th Dec 2002
"The tree also let me name a family portrait that brother Dan gave me recently. He got it from our Uncle John who said it was Great Grandfather Armistead. From the date, which is 1888 (or possibly 1868 - it needs cleaning!), I guess this must be Tom Armistead - our mutual ancestor - of the Eagle Hotel, Long Preston, who would be about the right age, and not Richard (my great-grandfather) who looked quite different - I have a photo.
I have asked Arthur to copy the picture for you with his digital camera!"


1864 (Presuming Margaret to be 38 yrs old and Catherine to be 36 years old)
Catherine WRATHALL nee ELSWORTH, born 28 Nov 1828 in Austwick, died 19 Mar 1899 in Long Preston.

RG 9 : Piece 3179 : Page 5
Long Preston, Yorkshire.

Thomas ARMISTEAD : Head : Married : 39 yrs : Occupation, Farmer of 62 Acres : Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Margaret ARMISTEAD : Wife : Married : 33 yrs : Occupation, Farmers Wife : Born, Clapham, Yorkshire.
William ARMISTEAD : Son : 9 yrs : Occupation, Scholar : Born, Giggleswick, Yorkshire.
Richard ARMISTEAD : Son : 6 yrs : Occupation, Scholar : Born, Giggleswick, Yorkshire.
Mary Ann ARMISTEAD : Daughter : 2 yrs : Occupation, Scholar : Born, Giggleswick, Yorkshire.

1861_Death_Certificate_Isabella_ARMISTEAD.pdf - Mother of Isabella born a week before.
Third March 1859 : Ragged Hall, Rathmell
Mary Ann : Girl

Father Thomas Armistead
Mother Margaret Armistead formerly Elsworth
Occupation, Farmer

Description of informant Thomas Armistead Father Ragged Hall, Rathmell
Registered, Eigth March 1859
Signiture of Registrar John Lister

Registration District Settle
1852 Birth in the Sub-District of Settle in the County of York West Riding.
No 10
When and where born; 21 March 1852, Ragged Hall, Rathmell.
Name; William : Boy

Name of father; Thomas ARMISTEAD
Name of mother; Margaret ARMISTEAD formerly ELSWORTH.
Profession of father; Farmer.
Description of Informant; Thos ARMISTEAD, Father, Ragged Hall, Rathmell.
When registered; Thirtieth March 1852
Registrar; John LISTER?

HO107 : Piece : 2277 : Folio 355 : Page 3
Field Gate Farm, Giggleswick, Yorkshire.

Thomas ARMISTEAD : Head : Married : 29 yrs : Occupation, Farmer of 165 acres, Employing 1 Lab : Born, Long Preston, Yorkshire.
Margaret ARMISTEAD : Wife : Married : 23 yrs : Occupation, Farmers wife : Born, Austwick, Yorkshire.
Elizabeth BANK : Servant : Unmarried : 17 yrs : Occupation, House servant : Born, Giggleswick, Yorkshire.
Richard SHEPHERD : Servant : 15 yrs : Occupation, Farm Labourer : Born, Bentham, Yorkshire.

[Field Gate Farm, Ordnance Survey Landranger grid ref:- 796 630]

Their only child John born in 1850 was living with Margaret's sister Catherine ELSWORTH at Bend Yate, Long Preston, which is a farm of 700 acres employing 2 Labourers, owned by their uncle Thomas COCKSHOTT.
[Bend Yate Farm, Ordnance Survey Landranger grid ref:- 840 571]


Thomas and Margaret had six children:-
John was born 1850 / William was born 21 Mar 1852 at Ragged Hall and died 17 Jun 1905
Thomas was born 22 Nov 1853 and died 15 days later at Ragged Hall / Richard was born 18 Mar 1855 at Ragged Hall and died 21 Apr 1919
Mary Ann was born 3 Mar 1859 at Ragged Hall and died Mary Ann DELVES 16 Aug 1949
Catherine was born 1861 and died 7 Nov 1887 aged 26 yrs.

Ragged Hall    

Marriage solemnized at Parish Church, Long Preston, Yorkshire : September 12th 1848

Thomas ARMISTEAD : Of full age : Bachelor : Profession, Farmer
Residence, Field Gate in the Parish of Giggleswick :
Fathers name, John ARMISTEAD : Profession of Father, Farmer.
Margaret ELSWORTH : Of full age : Spinster : Residence, Long Preston
Fathers name, John ELSWORTH : Profession of Father, Butcher.

Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England by Licence by me, Ralph OLDHAM, Curate
This marriage was solemnized between us, Thomas ARMISTEAD, Margaret ELSWORTH.
In the presence of us, Richard TOWLER, Catherine ELSWORTH.

Ho 107 : Piece 1321 : Folio 1 : Page 8
Crakemoor, Airton, Kirkby Malham, Yorkshire.

John ARMISTEAD : 50 yrs : Occupation, Farmer : Born in Yorkshire.
Ann ARMISTEAD : 50 yrs : Born in Yorkshire.
Richard ARMISTEAD : 20 yrs : Born in Yorkshire.
Thomas ARMISTEAD : 19 yrs : Born in Yorkshire.
Ann ARMISTEAD : 17 yrs : Born in Yorkshire.
Margaret ARMISTEAD : 15 yrs : Born in Yorkshire.
John ARMISTEAD : 12 yrs : Born in Yorkshire.

// [Seperately living as a family at Crakemoor]
Henry ARMISTEAD : 23 yrs : Occupation, Sadler : Born in Yorkshire.
Richard ARMISTEAD : 19 yrs : Occupation, Mechanic : Born in Yorkshire.
Jane SAUNDERSON : 20 yrs : Occupation, Cotton Weaver : Born in Yorkshire.

HO107 : Piece 1320 : Folio: 5 : Page 4
Ragged Hall, Rathmell, Yorkshire.

James WOLFENDEN : 45 yrs : Profession; Farmer : Born in Yorkshire.
Bella WOLFENDEN : 45 yrs : Born in Yorkshire.
Thomas WOLFENDEN : 20 yrs : Profession; Farmer : Born in Yorkshire.
James WOLFENDEN : 14 yrs : Born in Yorkshire.
John WOLFENDEN : 12 yrs : Born in Yorkshire.
Mary WOLFENDEN : 9 yrs : Born in Yorkshire.
Thomas WOLFENDEN : 80 yrs : Profession; Agricultural Labourer : Born in Yorkshire.